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  • ronnie h
    Hi Julia Correct, Susan Barber was the interviewer and the article came from the SpiritofMaat.com website, sorry about that deletion. Ronnie Julia Griffin
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      Hi Julia
      Correct, Susan Barber was the interviewer and the article came from the SpiritofMaat.com website, sorry about that deletion.

      Julia Griffin <julia_30527@...> wrote:
      Hi Ronnie,
      There is no byline on this article. I think perhaps Susan Barber (Spirit of Maat0
      is the author.
      I too wrote for Spirit of Maat and know Susan well.  Writers really appreciate
      it when the copyright and their byline is included. There are many other
      articles to peruse at www.spiritofmaat. com
      I know you are sending this for the enlightenment and the good of all.
      I mean no criticism. Just a viewpoint from the other side.
      Julia Griffin

      ronnie h <teamronnie2005@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      From: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/circle2012 dreams/

      Almine Barton has been called "one of the most remarkable mystics of our time" and "one of the best Spiritual Teachers that has surfaced" in the past millennium. She offers ascension information gleaned through her own personal work in this sacred journey of life.

      Speaking with Almine was an incredible experience. I can only hope that even a fraction of her gentleness, compassion, and wisdom shines through in what's written here.

      Susan: Could you define ascension for us please?

      Almine: We group a lot of things under that word.

      For me, true ascension happens when someone manages to vibrate their frequency to what is the God Mind of the planet. That is where the Ascended Masters are, or the Brotherhood of Light. Whatever one wants to call them, they are those who have overcome all things while in the flesh. In true ascension, I believe we vibrate in the upper Sixth Dimension.

      Then there is Cosmic Ascension. That is when the entire Cosmos is moving toward a turning point where the outbreath of God becomes the inbreath of God.

      What most of the New Age community is speaking of now is what could be called Planetary Ascension. This is where a segment of the population vibrates in Fourth Dimensional reality. And it does look to me as though it's going to be only a segment, because I'm being told that there will be a segment left behind.

      I asked a question about this and the answer came in a dream. In this dream, I was walking around in a supermarket where everyone was interacting, but some of the people could not see the others. Some of the shoppers were in their own world and did not realize that others were moving amongst them.

      That dream was not necessarily a vision, but it did indicate to me that the biblical prophecy will be fulfilled, where Jesus said that if two were sleeping in a bed, on that night one would be taken and one would remain.

      For those who are vibrating up into the Fourth Dimension, I think they will simply find that life is changing for the better.

      I find myself that some days I wake up and every object — trees, earth, rocks — is vibrating at a new level, singing a new song. This new song is also mentioned in the bible, in Revelations.

      If we can move up gradually and successfully, we may not even realize that the change has happened.

      Susan: Drunvalo feels that the change has already happened and we can't see it because there's a veil.

      Almine: I think that's partly true, but I don't believe we've made it all the way. It's my belief that we've made the first overtones to get to where the bulk of us will be residing. But when we have fully arrived, light will look different. It will look as though things are lit from within. No shadows.

      One thing that is happening that indicates we have indeed moved up quite a bit is the shorter gap between thought and manifestation. If people just understood how this works, we could really prevent a lot of accidents. When we have this realization, we can create everything more consciously.

      Susan: How can we move more gracefully through the changes that are happening?

      Almine: There are awarenesses we need to work on in order to minimize the effect of the destructuring of life as we know it.

      The first aspect of this awareness has to do with letting go of the need to control things physically. This releases the energy from the left brain into the right brain, where it will be needed.

      You see, all energy that is available to us as human beings is initially sucked up by the left brain. Only excess energy goes to the right brain. And yet the right brain accesses most of what can be known by surface mind.

      Since "consciousness" really refers to how much we can know at once, and since changes are going to be happening very rapidly, if we use the left brain to deal with this, it will take up all the energy that is available. We need to set that energy free so that we can access and be aware with right brain.

      We need right-brain consciousness to navigate through the basic mindfield that lies ahead of us between now and when the planet moves up. Each step of the way was designed by our Higher Self, and moving through the steps requires that we surrender to the process.

      For example, it might be that one day, at the drop of a hat, we are called upon to pack our suitcase and move to Kentucky. We couldn't receive that directive with the left brain, because the left brain deals only with what is known. Right brain deals with that which is unknown, and that includes our inner guidance.

      Resisting reality takes energy from the part that pays attention to our guidance system. Our guidance system will come online only when we cease to resist.

      Secondly, we need to do the hard, inner emotional work.

      There is a dramatic split happening between lightworkers right now. Some of them do not want to do the emotional work. I see people sitting in classes, taking notes, who are going from one teacher to another but not actually taking the time to do the work that would release the constrictions in their energy fields.

      Susan: How is this work done?

      Almine: It has to do with what I call "unyielded perceptions. "

      To explain this, let's say we had an enormously traumatic event that happened when we were ten. Today, we are sweeping it under the carpet, and focusing instead on these wonderful metaphysical concepts.

      But we will find, if we look, that there are echoes of that event throughout our life. These echoes have happened periodically. Seeing them is a little bit like tracking a whale. You can see where the whale is going by noticing the little oil slicks it leaves. These are brighter the closer they are to the whale, but you can follow the tracks back. The echoes get fainter, but the tracks are still there.

      The echoes of "unyielded perceptions" — events that have not yielded to us the gift that is in them — may seem faint the further back we go into the past, but the tracks are there, occurring in a cyclical pattern throughout our lives.

      We have to go back to the original event, following its thread through the labyrinth of experience, seeing it through our eyes and through the eyes of the other person or people who were involved, until we get the insights, the lessons, the mirrors — the gifts. And until we sit down and do the work and cry the tears, the event will not yield up its gifts.

      Unyielded perceptions manifest in the body as emotional, physical, and astral constrictions that block the flow of universal energy. That's what karma is, blockage in the flow of universal energy. When we do the inner work, these blocks are released.

      Susan: Are there other ways to release karma?

      Almine: Other than through the inner work, the main method is the old two-by-four- between-the- eyebrows. The cycles become more insistent as time goes on until we are forced to achieve insight.

      The third means of erasing karma is through what is called "grace."

      Grace can happen by being in the presence of someone who has made the transition from ego identification to God consciousness. I think this has a physical basis. The God-conscious teacher is producing a lot of neutral particles, and these actually absorb illusion. Scientists are beginning to look at these particles. I have "seen" them, and realized that this is what is happening when we speak about grace.

      Susan: What happens when we release the karma?

      Almine: When people do the inner work — the hard stuff, not just sitting in class with the glamorous teachers but sitting at home and working through these things — the more they do it, the greater the silence within.

      And since it is our internal dialogue that maintains our world, when we silence that dialogue through doing inner work, we truly become technicians of the hidden realms. We can go back and forth between different levels of frequency with ease. It's all done through the silencing of the internal dialogue.

      At this stage, we are the observer.

      Susan: What are the following stages of God consciousness?

      Almine: In the next stage, we realize without a shadow of a doubt that there is no other being in the Cosmos except ourself.

      It starts as a kind of lightning flash, where you know in a heartbeat that there is no being outside of yourself. It can be absolutely terrifying. I call it the Gobi Desert. In fact, historically, some people who have done this and gotten stuck there have died of loneliness.

      The terror that we experience at this stage is the terror of expansion and contraction. When that happened to me, either I would be so expanded that I couldn't find my body — like a little girl wanting her bottle — or I'd come back to my body and see this arm lying on my pillow and go, "Oh, my gosh, whose arm is this?" When that happened, the eventual realization that it was my body and that I was in the body could become so claustrophobic that I would start to hyperventilate.

      In this place, the emotions seem to be completely shut down. The voice becomes flatter. I love to sing, but I couldn't sing any more.

      This place is the specific position of what the Toltecs call the assemblage point when it has moved down and is no longer lighting up the reality we are used to assembling. If we do not know what's hapenning and we resist, it can take eleven and a half years for the assemblage point to move back to the right point.

      Until it does, we're not interested in any secular activities. We don't have any emotion. We can feel like a bucket of water that's just been emptied out on the floor. Completely empty.

      But time has changed, and suddenly we find that we can see the purpose for everything. We're no longer on a straight line in time. We are in a place where time lies around us. We can see all the probable futures, and we can see the purpose for everything, which puts us into a state of compassion that is fascinating. We can allow everything, because we can see the complete reason for everything, even all the errors. We see the great value in density.

      If we get through that stage, we begin to feel the emotion of the Infinite. What I did then — every day for a few minutes — was just allow the Cosmic Love to flow through my body. It's so intense, you can't maintain it for long or it will dissolve form. But every day, just for a few minutes, I would allow this Cosmic Love to flow around the Earth, all around the globe.

      In this state, we are no-thing and also we are all things. When that is truly felt, everything moves through us, and the emotion of the Infinite is what follows. It's not a feeling, because feeling is just noncognitive information. And it's not really an emotion, because emotions are based on desire, and at this point all desire has left.

      It is a frequency. It is a place of complete bliss.

      When I went into this stage, there was nothing that could have pried me out of my house. But after a year of that, I realized I had not grown.

      At earlier levels of consciousness, the greatest temptation is power. Here, the greatest temptation is to enter into the bliss and think this means we have arrived!

      There is no point of arrival. There is only the journey. When we realize this, we can start to see that all portions of the journey are equally valuable. We can start to see the value of illusion, folly, density. Without these things there is no growth.

      Susan: How did you come out of this stage?

      Almine: I kept hearing a voice through my consciousness, saying "Live where the curved line and the straight line meet."

      The voice said this over and over until I realized what it meant.

      Consciousness moves. God consciousness expands forever and ever outward in a straight line. But human consciousness moves in a curved line.

      So the edge of creation — the absolute edge where the known meets the unknown — is where that curve and straight line meet. In other words, I was being told to live in human consciousness while maintaining God consciousness. That was the instruction the voice was giving me.

      We are here to solve the mystery of the Infinite Being. We exist where the solved mystery meets the yielded light. We're like the caterpillar that takes bites out of the leaf. We take bites out of the unknown and this translates back in the form of luminosity and yields power to the Infinite.

      The most friction is where we meet the membrane that separates the known from the unknown.

      Susan: How did you move to that place?

      Almine: It was like moving from the center of a spider web out into the web itself. Or like tracing through the petals of the Rose Window that J.J. Hurtak describes, rather than remaining at the inner point.

      In other words, I deliberately re-entered the human drama. This is a new stage, and it prepares us for the next one, where we are able to take the body and come and go with the speed of thought, living entirely beyond mortal boundaries.

      In bliss, the body actually begins to decay. If we stay there, we will never get back to the drama. And it is only from there that we can achieve the stage that transcends mortal boundaries, where the flesh has become fully Divine.

      Susan: What about the Eastern masters that stay in this state of bliss for a lifetime? Don't they have a purpose for doing that? Might they not be serving the entire Divine Plan by being there.

      Almine: It's true. There are many purposes for being at this place and time in the Cosmos. The Buddhas, for example, have a mission to come back and incarnate as long as even one soul remains in illusion. And the Christ came for the specific purpose of establishing a grid around the planet that would enable us all to enter into God consciousness (that grid was fully created as of 1987).

      For me, personally, I could not stay in the bliss because I had a roadmap I was creating whose purpose included living in human consciousness while retaining God consciousness.

      I was a little bit like an actor who has remembered that he is not the play, but stays in character for the sake of mirroring learning to the audience.

      In bliss, I walked off stage and could barely function. But when I came back on stage, I realized that this play was written for a purpose.

      I know now that I am not the character, but I stay "in character" for the sake of completing the mirroring of insights to the audience.

      The audience is the Dreamer of the Dream.

      Susan: Could you speak a little more about the spider web, or the Rose Window?

      Almine: These images are all about a map that lies over the consciousness of All That Is.

      If I am speaking with you, I may be in the very center of that Rose Window or spider web. But if you ask me about something that might happen in the future, I will move out one level on the web, putting myself into Fourth Dimensional consciousness, which is where we're all moving to.

      And if everybody leaves me alone and I have no duties for the next hour, I will dissolve into God consciousness and bliss.

      The spider web or Rose Window are actually maps of frequency chambers that are a template for Creation. They map out a form of language that creates a sigel — a kind of symbol that precedes writing.

      Here's an example of what I mean by a sigel. If you take the word Mikael and draw it up in a sigel, it would show that certain emphases are placed on certain frequency chambers, such that somebody who understands the frequencies of the Cosmos will clearly understand the meaning. Mi-ka-el takes consciousness (mi) through energy (ka) into matter (which is el).

      Here's another one. Humankind's function is alchemy (el-ka-mi). We take matter (el) through the proper use of energy (ka) and transmute it into consciousness (mi).

      The Rose Window maps out the frquency chambers that overlie the whole Earth. It's a mandala. If you underestand the Earth, you see in the Rose Window the severed DNA. You are looking at it from the top in terms of frequency chambers.

      Susan: Many people who speak of ascension talk about needing to reactivate the DNA. Do you teach this?

      Almine: Yes. Human DNA also needs to be brought to ascension. And we can do this two ways.

      If we're left-brained, we're going to do it through perception — through enhancing perception, seeing behind appearances. When we do this, our DNA strands come online. There are twelve strands of DNA, but only two are normally visible. So we activate the other ten.

      If we're right-brained, we're going to do it through devotion — through feeling love, grace, and gratitude. When we do this, the DNA frequency chambers eventually come online. We start to play the music of the spheres with our DNA.

      So here's the trick. Increased perception creates devotion, and devotion creates increased perception. Even if we just focus on being grateful for everything in our day, activating the frequency chambers, suddenly we will have these insights — the DNA strands will activate. Or if we learn to "see," lighting up the ten strands that have been dormant, eventually we will find that we have activated the DNA frequency chambers.

      So whether you first activate the frequency chambers or the strands, one affects the other.

      Susan: What would you like to say to our readers in closing?

      Almine: The work you are doing is greater than you know.

      From the standpoint of separation consciousness, it does seem as though things are greatly out of order at this time. But that is as it should be, because our only reason for manifesting here, in this specific time and place in the Cosmos, was to learn the lessons that others didn't.

      It makes our work easier when we realize that every overcoming we achieve, no matter how trivial, is of vast cosmic importance. This is true even when what appears on the physical level seems like failure.

      For the outbreath of God is getting ready to move back into the inbreath. We are in the process of the Planetary Ascension, yes, but also Cosmic Ascension. And our civilizations cannot make the transition, for they have not learned their allotted lessons.

      So we are doing it for them.

      Almine BartonAlmine Barton is a teacher whose basic message is universal and applies to any seeker of spiritual truth. In her presence, people experience unconditional love and healing as she lives in, and teaches from, God consciousness.

      During her workshops, Almine reveals new and pertinent information, and guides students in interdimensional meditations. She teaches indigenous wisdom on the Path of the Warrior, Healing Techniques, and Ascension Techniques, as well as a roadmap for moving into God-consciousness that she calls the "Journey into the Heart of God."

      She has created audio and video teaching and meditation tools, and is the author of the book A Life of Miracles: Mystical Keys to Ascension. To learn more and obtain her books and tapes, please visit her website at SpiritualJourneys. com.

      Almine is on sabbatical until February, when her workshop schedule will resume.


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