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To Shre Message from Louise Hay's 'I Can Do It' desk calendar today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: The message from this desk calendar for today is very short and to the point: I experience life as a joyous dance. Because the only dance
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      Hello everyone:
      The message from this desk calendar for today is very short and to the point:  "I experience life as a joyous dance."
      Because the only dance graphics I have are those like this one, with a ballerina inside a globe, I opted to use this one today because it was the most beautiful one I could find.  And, just for information, I do hope each of you really do experience your life as a joyous dance.
      It was made by my special, artistic and extremely creative friend, Patches, who is always sharing something beautiful and wonderful like this with those of us on the same group she is on.  Because I did not want to mess with perfection, I left this message just as I received it -- with the original words she added when she first sent it out to the group.
      I just hope that all of you enjoy this wonderful and special message from her as much as I did, and, sweet Patches, you have again blessed and enriched my life with your ability to make beautiful and special graphics.  Thank you so much for creating this beauty and again for sharing it with all of us.
      I still wish for all of you a very special afternoon, followed by a lovely, restful and stress-free evening.
      Peace, love, light, harmony and angel hugs,
      P.S.  I am not sure what this midi is because it was with the original message.  In looking at the title, it says 'New Angel' but I am not sure if this is the title or the file Patches has it in.  Maybe if any of you would like it (I know I would if possible) Patches can check her music files, find out the real title and share it with all of us.
      Dance like there's nobody watching
      Love like you'll never get hurt
      Sing like there's nobody listening
      Live like it's heaven on earth
      And speak from the heart to be heard.

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