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Thursday night [Aug. 24] conference call: Constance Demby with AETERNA for emotional healing

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    Constance Demby will be on the call this Thursday night with powerful ... From Constance Demby: Hi there... Thursday night, there
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2006
      As per Carol's request....  Constance Demby will be on the call this Thursday night with  powerful music to heal the heart. This is what she says below: 


      From Constance Demby:

      Hi there...
      Thursday night, there will be a live phone-in interview presentation
      from 6pm to 7:30pm pacific standard time,
      9pm to 10:30pm eastern standard time....
       To hear the interview, simply call this number: 212 990 8000
      At the prompt, punch in 5454# in order to hear the presentation.  [Be sure to hit the pound # sign after the 5454] 

      I will be going into an in-depth exploration of AETERNA, the album that – of all of my albums – is the most potent for emotional healing.  So many are going through so much these days, it is essential to have a variety of tools available to handle all the emotions and issues coming up.    

      AETERNA, dedicated to the healing of the heart, contains tones and frequencies that affect the listener down to a cellular level.  I will play exceperts from the album to demonstrate how each selection affects the listener, and how to use the music to it’s fullest potential.  Like a therapeutic sonic bath, AETERNA has proven through the years it’s ability to bring suppressed emotions to the surface, ultimately cleansing and clearing them.

       To hear the interview, simply call this number: 212 990 8000
      And at the prompt, punch in 5454#  to hear the presentation.

      Here, some responses from listeners, and their experiences with AETERNA



      "21st Century Bruckner... Arguably one of the greatest albums released, in
      any genre, during the last ten years...”

      "You weren't kidding when you wrote that this album was for healing the heart. I started crying hard on the first hearing of Aeterna, When I listened again I had an even stronger experience and started to cry violently. Is this typical? Do most people do the types of things I'm experiencing? I have been a left brain type of guy and this stuff is something I am not used to." - Rick
      "...I personally had such a profound emotional and spiritual experience that I wasn't able to even talk about it for over a week. This music
      literally penetrates the body and processes the emotions and the emotional barriers that keep people from remembering who they are and why they're here. This is the thing about your music that is so powerful -- it tends to penetrate below the conscious mind and activates a remembrance or a recall of something very familiar, very deep, that is actually what I think is the core of a human beings awareness or consciousness. I just can't listen to it enough. " - Valnn Dayne Spears, Regenesis Institute

      "As for AEterna's gift , so low in physical price, worth at least ten million more, I can only say that 15 years ago I lost an entire position of my Assemblage Point, and yesterday, I got it back. Where everything I loved and cherished had been scorched, boiled and fried to a crisp, and was in fact lost and unavailable, AEterna gave it back, squared and doubled. I feel I will never have The Sadness again.." - Danny Russell
      "I had read about how your music can cause men to cry. Having never experienced anything like this before, I dont really know how to explain what happened. I was listening to Ocean Without Shores, At the start of the song I was immediately immersed in the music - my eyes started watering, but by the end of the song i was a mess. I had cried to your music before, but never like this. my face and body started to crumple and i was sobbing uncontrollably.
      I don't think i have ever cried like that before. The strange thing was, I had no idea why i was crying. I've always heard people mention spirituality, and a higher consciousness, and a soul, but have never really connected in any way with anything like that. This is probably the closest i've ever come to a spiritual awakening. It was beyond any emotion I have ever experienced before. I wasn't sure whether they were tears of joy or tears of sorrow. It was one of the few times I had 'experienced' music, rather than just listening to it." - Anonymous
      "This music in it's subtleties heals ares of the mind and spirit that I did not even know needed healing, that is until
      the dam broke. It is hard to put into words the feelings that Aeterna evokes...a revolutionary approach to healing." - Steve Davis, ChiGong Master
      "Although I have listened to Aeterna a number of times, I never listened to it with the specific purpose of being HEALED. I want you to know that the effect was all you said it would be -- and more. I feel my inner child and I have made a great start and
      I do believe that Aeterna, played over and over, can indeed, heal the inner child. I am listening now with a new ear and fully expect to continue to heal rapidly now that I have been introduced to its magic." - Bill Reilly
      AEterna, is an integral part of my cellular breath training, and without it I would not be seeing the amazing and transformative and healing results I do. The ways in which your music touches the soul, the empowerment of emotions, is truly powerful. So many are being blessed through your profound, uplifting, exquisite music. - Bart Rudulf
      21st Century Bruckner Arguably one of the greatest albums released, in any genre, during the last ten years. This is new-age Bruckner: sweeping, awesome, majestic, deeply spiritual music devoted to the care of the soul. Demby creates vast cathedrals of delicate sonic textures, rich with melody. Spirituality pours fourth from this work everywhere as if from some other sphere beyond our own. You can play this album right alongside any of Bruckner's later symphonies and see the parallels: both of these two great composers have been touched by an angelic spirit, and have given us a glimpse of that higher Wisdom that reduces all our little problems instantly to nothing - if we could only tap into it, make it our own! That is what touches me so deeply about this great work. It has not taught wisdom to me, but it has helped me to glimpse it ever so fleetingly. And that in itself is a magnificent achievement. May you be so fortunate." - DR Greenfield. Illinois

      "Best thing since "Chariots of Fire" Constance Demby is one of THE best artists since Vangelis wrote "Chariots of Fire." Her music is VERY much in Vangelis' ranks: genius-level, and like Vangelis' music, Connie's music makes a connection with my soul to the Universe like nothing I have ever felt before. And so her music makes me wonder why NPR's always getting the shaft!" - A music fan from U.S.

      The Eternal Aeterna Appeal, Well it had to happen eventually- an IMMEDIATE contender for my top five "desert island" CD list. Demby has outdone even her own high standards and has created a true "classic" that grows in importance with each successive hearing. Piano lovers will revel in the simple, poignant way the instrument is used (always audible yet never overwhelming the orchestral timbres.) The Rites Of Passage movement is especially beautifully constructed and is an 18 minute journey that will leave you alternately enthralled, enlightened, amazed, bewildered and ultimately transfixed. Anyone that cares deeply about music should obtain this CD as soon as possible. WARNING: It is habit forming and may need to be attached directly to your hip!! Pure ecstasy at a reasonable price! - David DeLucia
      "This album ranges from elegance to poignancy to sheer magnificence, and reaches a sophistication that leaves one wondering how one person could perform all this. Constance Demby's music quickly stands heads and shoulders above most of the rest... you have to be careful: it is all too easy to overdo because you want to listen to it again and again." - Miami, FL
      "No other music I've heard can so consistently awaken in me the memories and knowledge of the experience of being in eternity. Her music
      pierces straight to my soul and at the same time lifts me to the highest, deepest heavens...it has spoiled me for just about all other new age music. AETERNA is for me the most beautiful and exquisite music I have ever heard." - D. Peterson
      "Aeternal Enchantment Prepare to enter a realm of profound sonic vistas, delving deep into the stirrings of your heart. This music is healing and mysterious and majestically enchanting. You can't help but to let it soak into your deepest reaches. If you want something magical, something profound... Aeterna is for YOU. To listen to it is to love it. It captures a spectrum of emotion. This is one of Constance Demby's DEEPEST CDs, and it is one of her most vividly MOVING creations, especially the last selection, Rite of Passage. When you hear this, your soul will envision GRAND THINGS and be uplifted into pure enjoyment. It is the ultimate climax to such an exhilirating CD. AETERNA is one of her FINEST. If you've never journeyed into the realms of this kind of music before, then Constance Demby's AETERNA is the ideal 'First Guide' for you. You will THRIST for more of her music after hearing it." -Chai Gallahun, Aiea, HI
      "Magnificent! In composition, performance, and sheer emotional power, Aeterna not only equals but surpasses Demby's earlier work, the justly-acclaimed Novus Magnificat. If you liked Novus Magnificat, Aeterna is a must-have album! Aeterna is a more classically-oriented work centering around piano, with synthesizers playing a strong supporting role, and the music is at turns tender and intimate and grandly inspiring. Perhaps Demby would be pleased to know that Aeterna is one of my most-listened-to albums when I need inspiration in my writing; the music has a way of opening my heart and imagination to find the emotional inspiration I need to really connect with a character or event in my stories. All I can say is that I cannot recommend Aeterna highly enough: The music is finely crafted and emotionally intense, and you probably won't be disappointed if you buy it. If you are, send me your copy, in case mine wears out!" - Secular Pagan Minneapolis
      "If you've never tried New Age Music... Aeterna is much more symphonic in form than Novus Magnificat, and because of this, has great crossover appeal, reminding me of Rachmaninoff. Demby's emotional palette is sweeping and soul stirring. Listeners who appreciate romantic style compositions will be thrilled by Aeterna - Demby's best effort to date." - Steve Rohner Wichita, Kansas "Euphoric Orchestral Space Music! When I first listened to this CD, I had long been a loather of New Age music. However, I gave Constance Demby a chance, since she had been recommended to me by someone who was not a typical New Age music fan. Anyhow, I'm extremely glad I did listen to the CD. This is extraordinary music! There was a time when I once came home from work after having an intense argument with a co-worker. I put this CD on and within minutes I felt like I was floating some kind of ethereal cloud! This penetrating effect of Constance Demby's music has never ceased to amaze me." - eric
      "This is music from Home...I can taste the love in every phrase...it reminds me why I am here, (obviously you have never forgotten.)
      I am reawakened, I am re-quickened, I am again in absolute harmony with the all of the Infinite." - GC Porter

      Tracks - 1. The Dawning -   10:23 2. Ocean Without Shores  - 5:45 3. Innocence -  13:16 4. Cry of the Heart   - 6:21 5. Eternal Return  - 10:59 6. Rites of Passagee - 18:03 ____________________

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