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Is time circular?

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  • shrm_u_indi
    Namaste. Hello Everyone, I am Shivaram, a new member to this group. And this is my first post. And I am posint about my experiences and thoughts. Talking about
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2006
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      Hello Everyone,
      I am Shivaram, a new member to this group. And this is my first post.
      And I am posint about my experiences and thoughts.

      Talking about Time, I have an experience which occured two or three
      times in my teenage. The experience is that it seems to me I have
      been in that same situation some time before, exactly in the same
      time and situation. For example, now I am writing this post and all
      of a sudden I feel that I had written this same post in this same
      time before. It is like seeing a scene in a video second time. I did
      not bother myself about it much then. But after some years I came to
      know from a Spiritual institution called as "Prajapita Brahmakumari's
      Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya" (also called " Brahma Kumari's world
      spiritual University" )that time is not linear but circular. This
      institution is spread throughout India in almost all cities and
      towns. And is having it's branches throughout the world. And it holds
      exhibitions in large scale in cities. The knowledge they are
      spreading is very much surprising. I would like to share them with
      all of you. I give you some important points.

      1) They say that Time is not linear, but circular. And the period of
      the cycle is of 5000 years. As one day comprises of 24 hours and the
      process repeats. Similiarly the whole world cycle is of 5000 years
      and it repeats. They say that it has no beginning and no end. And the
      most funny and surprising part of that is, there is exact repetition
      of events. Suppose you have a video film, of two hours, and
      irrespective of how many times you play it, the same events will
      repeat. They say that if a fly is sitting in front of you now and
      flies from left to right, then again 5000 years from now you will be
      in this same situation and you will see the fly sitting in front of
      you which flies from left to right.This has happened innumerable
      times in the past every 5000 years before and will happen innumerable
      times in the future every 5000 years after now. Ridiculous, is'nt it?
      But I have experienced this feeling two or three times, even before I
      heard of this concept.

      2)They say that the end of this world cycle is near and new world
      cycle will soon begin with Golden age.

      3)They say that there are fixed number of human souls, which stay in
      the soul world and as the time of their part in the world drama
      begins they come to this world and enact their part in the drama.
      Every soul has it's part fixed and they will play their part, and so
      I think nobody can be blamed. They say that this might be the last
      birth for many in this cycle of the world drama. Because soon new
      world cycle will begin with just around nine lakh human souls. My
      experience about this even before hearing about this knowledge is
      that, when I was about thirteen years old, I started to get a thought
      in my mind. It was like someone is telling me that this is your last
      birth. And the thought haunted me for abour three months or so. I
      used to react to this thought by saying "no, I want to enjoy worldly
      pleasures in this birth and let next birth be my last birth." I do'nt
      know what to make out of these two experiences.

      4)And I do'nt know what to say about this: Brahma kumari's say that
      the knowledge which they are spreading is directly told by The
      Supreme Soul, GOD. They say that God, The Supreme Soul, lived with
      them in human form for more than than twenty years. They say that The
      Supreme Soul had incarnated in an old man whom they call as Brahma.
      And through him The Supreme Soul gave them the knowledge of soul and
      about the Universe and about the World cycle and about the previous
      births of that Brahma.

      You can google for Brahma kumari's to know more about other knowledge
      they give.

      The old man whom they call as Brahma has died in 1969. But, they say
      that The Supreme Soul and the soul of that old man(Brahma) come and
      give knowledge few times every year. The day and time is fixed before
      hand and people from throughout India and around the world gather
      there in thousands to have a glimpse and hear few words directly from
      The Supreme Soul. And one more thing I want to tell you that even the
      present President of India Mr. Abdul Kalam was invited there for that
      ocassion. Obviously, he was not The President of India then. But
      funny thing is Mr. kalam was told there in advance that after one
      year he will get an important office.

      I feel that surely very unimaginable things are going to happen in
      near future. Very funny thoughts are coming to my mind since few
      months. I expect at least few will reply to this. Hope the question
      about this will be asked to the Ascended Masters whose nessages we
      read here.

      I think within few months from now( at the most nine months) all the
      places of worships like Kashi (Varanasi) Ajmer, Tirupati, Mecca,
      Madina, Jerusalem, Vatican City, etc., etc., even the smallest
      places where religious rituals are performed or those sacred burial
      places of saints, etc., all such places will loose their power. I
      think all spirituaal powers will be withdrawn from all the places. No
      energy or spirit can be evoked by any ritual means. Humanity will
      loose the support from the subtle forces and powers in different
      places. But those people who actually have devotion and love for The
      Sureme will spread light love and power. Those souls will become
      popular and they will be the source of subtle and spiritual powers.
      And after this happens there will be a period of one year which will
      be for all those people who want to repent for whatever sins they
      have done. During this period individuals, groups of people and even
      nations can repent and lessen their burden of sins. And after that
      period of one year the grand finale will begin. Everyone will have to
      reap for what they have sown and get pure and get ready for
      Ascension. All souls will get liberated from their Karmas and return
      to The Home.


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