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  • Polly
    Welcome to the lovingpurelove group Alison, and congratulations on the upcoming release of your music. Thank you for telling us about yourself too. We look
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      Welcome to the lovingpurelove group Alison, and congratulations on the upcoming
      release of your music. Thank you for telling us about yourself too. We look
      forward to knowing you more. I'm happy to know you've been following the lunar
      angels and also about the way you have made it more real and beneficial for you
      through the sound tape. Certainly must be a grand help to have the sound tuned with
      meditation. There are only 360 degrees to the zodiac wheel. I'm not an astrologer
      to be able to explain how this corresponds to the yearly calendar. But the rotation
      of the earth gives the appearance that the sun is aligned with a certain degree of
      each of the constellations each day. You can go to an astrological site online,
      such as http://www.zodiacal.com/ and run charts, even one for the current transits,
      showing exactly where the sun is aligned at any given moment. And in the daily
      mailings here, the Angel messages are sent for each approaching degree. Today the
      message for 12 Leo will be mailed out. Currently the sun is shining the rays from
      the 11 Leo station, and the transit shows at the moment to be at 10Leo18. Once the
      alignment has reached the onset of a new degree, for instance 10 Leo, we've moved
      into the energy of the next degree, thus we are currently in 11 Leo now. At the
      site above, go to the menu bar at the top, once it shows up, and choose Toolbox,
      then ChartMaker from the drop down choices.

      Thanks for writing. Hope you receive all the information you are searching for.

      Love, Polly

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      Hi everyone

      I am a new member. My name is Alison Woods. I am British but now live in
      Goa, India (since Nov '05). I am a poet/songwriter and now have a 3 year
      recording contract with the WOA Record label (www.woarecords.com). I am
      working on my first album, which is a cross between popular music and
      lyrics devoted to World Peace (Love, Peace, Self Empowerment etc). This
      album is due for world wide release in October 2006.

      I have been following the lunar angels cycle and meditations for a couple
      of years. I love them and really feel the benefit of them. I have gone
      through all the information on each Divine Virtue letter and made up a
      tape for myself (Dictaphone, nothing fancy), so I can listen to the
      musical note of the letter and the information about each letter whilst

      I am now trying to link up with the zodiac angels as well but I am not
      sure which exact date goes with which zodiac angel. Most of the zodiac
      signs have 1 more day than the number of zodiac angels (ie. Aries begins
      Mar 21 and ends Apr 20. This is 31 days.) I can only find 30 zodiac angels
      for each sign so I am not sure how you work out which zodiac angel is with
      which date. Does the last day not have a zodiac angel with it?

      I want to read and call upon the specific zodiac angel for each day so I
      would be very grateful if you could tell me how to work this out.

      Thanks for any help you can give me. I look foward to getting to know this

      Love, Peace and Blessings to ALL.
      Alison Woods

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