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Invitation to join us at: http://www.FIRETHEGRID.com + one hour of your time!

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  • Brenda McCann
    Invitation to join us at: http://www.FIRETHEGRID.com Dear Friends of Earth, Our planet earth is dying! At the rate we are clear cutting her forests, polluting
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Invitation to join us at: http://www.FIRETHEGRID.com

      Dear Friends of Earth,

      Our planet earth is dying!

      At the rate we are clear cutting her forests, polluting her water and
      raping her natural resources we will be left with a barren wasteland for
      our home within 25 years!

      Many of you ask what I can do about such a devastating plight.

      I have been given information about our planet which can help
      fire her bio-electrical nervous system and jump start her heart
      into healing and a new phase of restoration for the coming phase
      of humanity.

      As we have inherited the earth from our parents we are stealing it from our children…so what can you do? You feel you are but one person but within you lies the miracle of rebirth for this planet, our home and future home to our children. Within us, the humans, lies the charge. When joined with other loving individuals, set with true intention of healing our planet, we can generate such a surge of energy into this planet that we will jolt Gaia into spontaneous regeneration. The miracle that we offer earth is our love.

      So now you ask yourself why I would know of such a cure for this ailing
      life provider. Well I am a survivor of a near fatal car accident in which
      my son and I were submerged under water in our vehicle of 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Just imagine, I was dead for 15 minutes, that’s a long time for the other side to convince me of what is needed for this planet to regenerate. However the miracle is not only in my survival but in the fact that my son was declared brain dead and all his eternal organs had failed and were non-viable. My son was dead, not only in his brain but in his little body as well. To make a long story short, I was urged by doctors to disconnect his life support many times however I was directed from a stronger, loving power to stand my ground and fire his little body into healing. It worked!!!

      What I did for a dying boy using a small group of people will work for our
      planet on a larger scale. We must fire earth’s grid and rejuvenate her
      bio-electric matter. The intent of this letter is to entice you to view
      our website www.firethegrid.com and become an earth healer. We can jump start earth’s heart and begin the healing of this planet, our home. We can do this if we unite! Please take the time to read my story here: http://www.firethgrid.com and learn how you, as one single individual can unite with the rest of this planet for a mere hour of your time and catapult mother earth into a new phase of rejuvenation and healing. Only one hour I promise and you will become an ambassador of earth’s health and well being!!!

      If this letter and this site http://www.firethegrid.com touch your heart as I am sure they will. Please pass this email forward to your loved ones so they too may join us when we fire the grid in 2007. Our mission is to reach as many people globally as possible. This task falls upon all of us who become aware of this project.

      *Thank you in advance for contributing to the largest grid project known to mankind!

      May light and love live within us all and peace be our soul’s objective.

      Shelley Yates

      Brenda McCann, Idaho Indigo USA Earth
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