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To Share the Daily Word for Tooday

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone yet again: I am using this wonderful stationery made for me by my special friend, Sonell because, to me, Jesus seems to be receiving light and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Hello everyone yet again:
      I am using this wonderful stationery made for me by my special friend, Sonell because, to me, Jesus seems to be receiving light and energy straight from God.  The only thing I changed is the music because as everyone who knows me knows, if there is any way to share an Elvis song, I will do it.  If I did what I really want to do, I would share them more often because I love his recordings so much, most especially his religious recordings.  So while I loved the instrumental version that Sonell had attached originally, I just could not resist this one because Elvis' voice always goes straight to my soul, and because I was so much in need of hearing some very special music today, I opted to use this version instead. 
      So, sweet Sonell, please don't be upset with me for this, but I really just did what I was led to do -- used the version that touched me the most deeply.
      That said, let me get to the message for today.
      The daily words for today are 'Still Waters,' and the dally thought is 'God restores my soul'
      And the rest of today's message is:
      "Today I give myself a gift of time:  the time to rest in oneness with God. I find a quiet place and become still.  With each breath I take, I relax more and feel more in touch with God's presence.
      "I think of quiet, peaceful, green pastures.  I close my eyes and imagine I am walking there.  A gentle breeze blows through the grasses and over me  The warmth from the radiant sun above is comforting. 
      I rest beside the still waters of a pond.  I am quiet, too.  I feel rejuvenated.  As I relax my body and my mind becomes more at ease.  My soul is restored.
      "I now open my eyes, aware of God in my life at all times, in all places.  The precious, peaceful presence of God will always restore my soul.
      "'He leads me beside still waters;
      he restores my soul." ----- Psalm 23:2-3
      Boy, do I wish war really did have gentle breezes here today because when you go outside, it is just like being in a sauna!  And with the heat index being 99 degrees even though the temperature is only 94, that makes it even more uncomfortable.  Thank goodness, we can go to places of comfort and quiet and stillness in our mind, if we just allow ourselves the time to do so. 
      Consequently, I hope all of you take some time to get in the quiet today and let God restore your soul, as well as to just enjoy the stillness.
      Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, may your evening be wonderful and stress-free and may your night be filled with beautiful dreams and peaceful, restful sleep.
      For now, I am gong to say so long as I need to get off of the computer and take a rest, along with doing some things around the house.  If not before, I will be interacting with all of you again tomorrow.
      For now, just know that for those of you with whom I am acquainted and know by name, your are never far from me because you always remain close to my in my thoughts and in my heart.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      P.S. You all know, I am sure, that this is Elvis singing 'When You Talk Through the Storm.'  And, Sonell, I meant to respond to your other long and wonderful message, but time got away from me, so I will do that first thing tomorrow, if I am unable to do so tonight.
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