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Fw: 7 Gemini The Angels of Symbolism

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      7 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Symbolism

      Also known as

      The Angels of’ Morilon’


      Beloved, we are the angels of interpretation and symbols. Those who interpret dreams do so with our inspiration. Any symbol becomes understandable with our help.

      We inspire appropriate symbols for every outside form and also for every virtue and quality in the realms of mind and feeling.

      The wisdom that we bring allows a son or daughter of God to correctly judge the true nature of any being, or symbol, on any world or level, by its form.

      Here is our story:

      Jed had to choose a new manager for technical operations. He knew that this person would make or break the future of the entire company. The company was working on the cutting edge of sophisticated computer technology. The job required someone with high spiritual ideals, good people skills, and excellent technical expertise.

      The problem was that he had to do it quickly. Each of the three candidates in the final pool would try to impress him. How could he make the right decision?

      Joe came into the office for his interview. Jed saw right away that Joe had no sense of fashion, but there was something about the way he carried his shoulders that looked finer than any expensive suit could ever look. Joe obviously had attention deficit disorder. He would look sharply at Jed with a laser intensity in response to certain comments and questions, but then would slightly fidget and seem bored as Jed drifted into casual talk. His coffee stained resume was so technical in places that even Jed had trouble understanding parts of it.

      What was really interesting was that when Joe answered a question, his answer went straight into Jed’s soul and left him breathless. There was something uncanny about Joe.

      Joe had a fine high forehead. His hands were large with fine tapered fingers. His nose looked like a Greek patrician and his skin glowed. He wore a large ruby on the ring finger of his left hand with a mysterious symbol carved on it.

      The next candidate came in with an outfit that would make a movie star envious. His moves were slick, his answers perfect. He watched Jed like a hawk, but treated him casually like an old friend. His resume was textbook perfect. For some reason Jeb felt uneasy around him, as if he had to watch his back.

      The final candidate was a quiet lady in her thirties, wearing a conservative pale green suit. There was something royal and grand about her, but also a sense of weariness and suffering. She seemed out of place, as if she were only there by necessity.

      It turned out that Janet was more than qualified scientifically. In fact, Jed felt humbled in her presence, as if he were in the presence of true royalty. There was something rare and precious about her. He found out that she had indeed faced a recent change of circumstances that had caused her great sadness.

      As he spoke with her, time seemed suspended, and he felt as if he were in a finer, more exquisite world.

      After they left, he had the rest of the afternoon to ponder.

      He called on the Angels of Morilon for help.

      Immediately he saw the truth. The first guy was a genius. If he were put in charge, every technical problem would be solved brilliantly, but he was a loner and would have a hard time with other people.

      The second guy was a sociopath. He was in it only for what he could get out of it, or worse, he might even be a corporate spy. If he were put in charge, the department would become a political war zone and the business would be the final casualty.

      Janet, on the other hand, was a highly intelligent, advanced being of great spiritual ethics and deep insight into people and trends. She saw the big picture; if he put her in charge, there was no limit to where the company would go.

      He looked at the budget. He made a decision.

      He hired Joe and Janet both. Janet became manager, Joe, chief of research. The atmosphere at work became one of heart felt family.

      The business excelled. Powerful new products were designed with ingenious safeguards in place so that they could only be used in a way that was safe to everyone and to the environment. Millions of people were blessed.


      M…We control the principle of passion as masters of feelings, sensations, and vitality.

      O…We bless the children of God with acute discernment, an impeccable sense of justice, an eminent mind,

      R… and absolute autonomy in humble and devoted service.

      I…We control all abilities of mind and conscience according to karmic law.

      L…We inspire the understanding of divine virtues and true morality

      O…in order to champion justice and bring success and happiness.

      N…We are masters of the laws of coherence on earth and control the rhythms and movements of humans for purposes of healing the mind.'

      The melody of our name are the notes of D, C, C, G, F,C, and A.





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