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Fw: May 29

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Tuesday the 29th of May


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      Mercury conjoins the fixed stars Polaris at 12:53 AM and Betelgeuse at 11:35AM by longitude.

      Working with the shadow helps to show us the way to enlightenment. The nature of Divine Will makes us aware of the importance of mental focus and staying in the present.

      Working with the shadow helps us to become aware of mental patterns that no longer serve our Soul-purpose. The energy from Polaris and Betelgeuse brings these thoughts to our conscious mind.

      Divine providence has ordained that the healing energy be intensified at this time. Much mental stress can be alleviated when we use this influence to heal and integrate our emotions.

      We don’t need more stimulation in our external lives because our electrical bodies and nervous systems are being greatly stimulated by the influx of Shamballa energy, especially since last year. It is better to take time to smell the roses and take quiet walks in the countryside. Being in nature helps to balance our energy field and calm down the mind. Meditation, sacred music and solitude can also be helpful.

      Emotional depth-work can be used to transmute our emotions and mental attitudes into heart-centred, inclusive feelings and an attitude of Oneness.


      Mars conjoins Chiron and Galactic Centre at 2:59 AM.

      This position offers a unique opportunity to use this healing energy to heal our resentment, anger and aggressive tendencies.

      Forgiveness helps prevent the serious damage that resentment can cause. Forgiving is emotionally freeing and spiritually uplifting.

      When we summon the courage and understanding to forgive, we become empowered to come to terms with our past, repair damaged relationships and get on with our lives.

      Emotional depth-work is recommended(see Trauma Clearing or email).


      The first quarter Moon begins at 6:09 AM.

      It is time to take action in the outer world and face the challenges of the moment.


      The Moon enters Virgo at 3:38 AM.

      We can make an effort to think loving thoughts about ourselves and the people and circumstances that affect us instead of becoming preoccupied with their deficiencies.


      Uranus stations retrograde at 8:41 AM and remains in reverse mode until October 31 when it stations direct. It moves back to its present position in February of next year.

      Many more men and women now are embarking on the path of return. They are beginning to change their lives around from an external focus to an internal, spiritual one, oriented towards attunement to Soul-purpose and World Service. The energy of Uranus is bringing many people of like mind together as never before, quickening humanity’s evolutionary progress.

      Uranus is the planet that evokes a state of transformation whereby the self-conscious person merges into a greater group awareness. We are moving towards greater inclusivity and are refining our individual Soul expression so that we are able to function within the group.

      Once Soul contact has been made, the energy of Uranus floods the consciousness, bringing intuitive awareness and the ability to see past the form. The Uranus awakened person can see ‘what is in a man’.

      the Seventh Ray is now affecting us strongly, bringing rhythmic evolutionary awakening to a searching Humanity.


      The Moon squares Saturn, Vulcan at 11:54 AM and trines Vesta at 1:00 PM


      We are beginning to re-orient our lives from and external focus to an internal one. Ever greater numbers of us are awakening to our Soul-purpose and experiencing the sacred fire that lives within the heart.

      Vulcan helps to destroy the attachment to the forms created by the lower self. Mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve the purpose of the Higher self are brought to the surface and transmuted.

      There is a gradual detachment from our biological inheritance and the development of associations of like minded people. Vulcan penetrates through the material existence in order to free us from identification with the form life.

      Eventually, the choice that we have to make for our evolutionary advancement becomes clear. We know that when we accept the work and service in front of us for the benefit of the whole, we are accepting the responsibility of Saturn.

      Crystallised patterns and attitudes that prevent us form making a conscious choice towards enlightenment are broken down by the energy of Vulcan.

      The Sun trines Neptune at 8:34 PM.

      Will aligns with wisdom. This aspect confers strong spiritual potential and devotion. Neptune reveals the nature of the heart of the Sun and unveils the nature of the Soul which is inclusive, creative and sustaining.

      We have the opportunity to sacrifice aspects of our personality for our Soul-purpose. Our personality is awakened to the spiritual potential of the life as it becomes an avenue for the expression of Soul-purpose. Periods of solitude and meditation is recommended.

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