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Fw: To Share Angel Messages Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone on this beautiful Saturday: I tried to send this earlier today, but just discovered that it did not go out because it was too large. So I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
      Hello everyone on this beautiful Saturday:
      I tried to send this earlier today, but just discovered that it did not go out because it was too large.  So I removed the music, and hopefully, it will go now.
      Because  my eyes are still giving me a fit and have been all day, I was only on line for a little while earlier.  I just now cam back in this room to delete some of my messages so I would not have so many tomorrow when I saw that this message had been returned, due to being too large.
      So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes out this time.out anyway. 
      I do hope you in the U.S. are all had a beautiful Saturday, and Teddy Angel, you seem to be having the perfect weekend, as well as the perfect 4th of July -- the kind I used to have.  Do have lots of fun and the same goes for everyone else here today!
      For the rest of you in foreign lands, I hope you had a wonderful day, as well.
      I used this great stationery not only because it shows Jesus with children angels and animals, but also because we all know he accepted  and loved everyone, no matter who or what they were -- something we should all try to do in our daily lives today.
      So that should clue you all in that the angel  message for today from my Angel of Light cards, created by Diana Cooper is on:  "Acceptance."
      "Acceptance means unconditional love.  The angels remind you to accept everyone exactly as they are, without  judging, blaming or wanting to change them.   (Or as I was taught in my 12 years of classes in Washington, DC, without criticism, condemnation or judgment.)
      "When you are totally accepting, you bear no malice or enmity toward anyone or anything.
      "Harmlessness through acceptance is a high state of being and this is a difficult quality for humans to embrace for it is a divine quality.  Nevertheless, the angles are drawing it to your attention now.
      "You are also asked to accept yourself.  When you truly do so, you feel centered and confident and your divine self is revealed.
      "Affirmation:  I accept myself and others totally."
      Now for the message from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar for today, the message is:  "Were we to step into the angelic kingdom, we should pass many great Angels of the night whose Light is especial luminous around their faces, as thought they held candles to see by.  This order is one of the most gentle and loving that touches the life of man."  --- Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels
      Now for the words from my tiny card deck of Angel Power cards, created by Wulfing von Rohr and Gayan S. Winter for today, which are:
      "Close your eyes and listen to the desires of the angels."
      Again I found all of these messages inspiring as well as thought-proving, so my wish is that some of you, at least, will also recieve some inspiration from some of these wonderful  words as well.
      Do have a very blessed and peace-filled night -- each of you.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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