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THE DOUBLE VAJRA - 059 - 02 July 2006 - In letting go of who you think you are, you become who you actually are. Be simple.

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  • JagGY, Pema Sangey
    INTERNALISE YOUR CRYSTAL Today s Music is: Forgotten Dreams ... I keep joking that a woman needs 5 characteristics present in her man, and that if she cant
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      Today's Music is:  Forgotten Dreams

      I keep joking that a woman needs 5 characteristics present in her man, and that if she cant find all those 5 criteria in one man, then it can be in many men.
      (Nik Elin 26 June 2006)

      The Best Ship in the World goes NOWHERE without a Propeller
      (and yes I know a Sail is a form of Propulsion)
      An Interesting comment from the Naval Group in my Crystal Management Course
      Three blade propellers are the most common, but 4 and even 5 blade props are available. The immediate benefit to increasing your propeller's blade count is increased thrust and a smoother ride (Much like adding more cylinders to your engine). 
      The Naval Officers told me the Best Blade was a Five Blade Propeller
      I immediately thought of Elins Five Characteristics she looks for in a "Friend"
      I wonder what FIVE tells us
      The Mayans say





      Through the star portal glide and soar: foundation's dance at apple's core, hand of man at Spirit's door!


                                              Qualities: core purpose, central intent, foundation, place of centeredness, simplicity, acceptance of your humanness


      Five is the ray of centre, the first bar, the foundation of humanity in the individual self. Step into the centre of your crystalline core.


      What do you find there? What is your foundation, your core purpose, your central intent, your individual vision?

      Use this vision as an access to the truth at your stellar core. See yourself as an ever-expanding hub of truth and light.


      You are the centre of your own universe!

      Remember that there is great wisdom to be found within the human form. In genuine accep­tance of your humanness, you find your foundation in individual self.

      Turn inward and bring more light into your form.


      Discover the founda­tion of your sacred centre, in meditation, receive the serenity of the unis mundi, the place of perfect centeredness.

      In letting go of who you think you are, you become who you actually are. Be simple.

      You are always sitting in the centre.


      You are the Zen master, centred in beginner's mind.

      Lets ask ourselves what system of Propulsion we are using in our lives
      Do we have to energy but not the propeller?
      Is the propeller the right one for Us?
      If the Blades of OUR Propeller are the Characteristics that define us
      What are they
      I did a Google search and came across this
      Ask questions rather than tell. There is a clear role for showing people clearly what to do, particularly with very simple clerical or repetitive tasks, but there is also a role for asking pointed questions. It is the latter part that most people neglect, yet it can increase the understanding of the person being coached, is more motivating,
      Coaching requires giving feedback, but is more than that. People often learn more from being asked how well/badly they did than being told, being asked for opinions or solutions than being told.
      Becoming a good coach takes time and effort. You need to slowly build close, open relationships with those you are coaching. You will only develop the skills through practice and experience.
      Coaching is in large part to do with listening. Too often people assume that others are the same as them, and therefore that their solutions will work for them. This clearly isn't the case.
      See your role as creating an environment where THAT individual can flourish. For example, two plants are one metre apart. One grows to 60cm, the other to 150cm. One is inside the greenhouse, the other is outside. The job of the coach is to create the greenhouse environment around every person they are coaching.
      Now is that about Others??
       Or is it about ourselves???
      Can we help others if we have not helped ourselves first
      I am going to borrow Elins "SPERM" analogy to try and describe the characteristics I want to have in my Relationships with Others
      Spiritually evolving
      This is what I seek to share
      This is what I seek to receive
      How about You???????????????
      I received a just published Book on Dzogchen Teachings last night and these words opened at page 142
      Spreading Teachings does not require "Seeking Refuge" in anyone
      Spreading teachings really means helping people

      As I "Wake Up" My prayer is that in sharing my experiences you will in turn find some guidance to Wake Up yourself
      I do not have all the answers
      Your answers are Inside you
      waiting to BREAK OPEN like an Ammonite Crystal
      I Love You

      Ni O Mi Oh Da Zhi


      Radiating Truth to the Four Directions with Thunder and Lightening

       (c)JagGY, Pema Sangey  (Double Vajra)- 02 July 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Double Vajra with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read Double Vajra? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger?


      X. Reincarnation - The Wheel of Life The Wheel of Life is based on the vision of death and reincarnation that Buddha saw while meditating under the Bodhi Tree. It tells us that we have earned our fate and that we can improve our fate through the practice of virtue. To practice virtue, we must examine ourselves truthfully and see clearly when our actions are driven by the three poisons (greed, hate, and ignorance, depicted as three animals in the centre of the wheel: the cock, snake, and pig). When we are achieving success, we must not grow complacent. An Asura (the evil titan depicted on the dark side of the card) is always ready to drag us down.


      Another view of Five

      The Aspiration of Samantabhadra




      The upper sets of spokes of a five spoked vajra symbolize the five wisdoms, which are:

      • The mirror like wisdom - that which reflects all sense perceptions is purified when one attains enlightenment and becomes the mirror like wisdom.
      • The wisdom of equality - arises after all the feelings of pleasantness, unpleasantness and indifference have been purified.
      • The wisdom of individual analysis - arises when the factor of discrimination, which distinguishes one object from another is purified. It enables one to benefit each sentient being according to his or her needs and disposition.
      • The wisdom of accomplishing activity - arises when the basic ability to perform acts according to particular circumstances is purified.
      • The wisdom of the sphere of reality - arises when consciousness is purified and becomes the mind that is the seed of the wisdom truth body of a Buddha. The five lower spokes symbolize the five mothers.


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