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Fw: *~Spiritually Speaking~* Fw: Being The Child Within

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello again: Another great message from Lisa today, one that is short but very pertinent to all of us. As always, this is for your discernment. Peace, love,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
      Hello again:
      Another great message from Lisa today, one that is short but very pertinent to all of us.  As always, this is for your discernment.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      From: Lisa Day
      Subject: *~Spiritually Speaking~* Fw: Being The Child Within

      Being the Child Within
      by Charles Lightwalker
      What can we do when things around us seem to be falling apart and we feel as if we have no control? First, we can develop our spirituality, our belief in Source/Higher Power. There are several ways to accomplish this: meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, self-love, dreaming (day & night), and connecting with your spirit guides.
      Described below is a way to help reconnect with the spirit within each of you through self love. One way this can done is by forming a relationship with your inner child. We all have an inner child, for we are all still children in our hearts.
      Twenty years ago, when I first heard about inner child work, I thought it was quite interesting. When I learned about intuitive healing, I learned how valuable it can be to have a real relationship with your inner child. All of our emotions: happiness, joy, sadness, confusion, anger, grief, loneliness, etc. come from that part of us that is our inner child. We were hurt emotionally as children. When we hurt emotionally as adults, it is our inner child who is really hurting because often, as adults, we can't understand why we feel a certain way. For instance, someone says something that makes us feel we are not good enough. As adults, we can understand that we are made to feel not good enough because for some reason, as a child, we were made to feel the same way. Perhaps Mom/Dad said something like "You’ll never achieve your goals" or "you don't work hard enough". The child doesn't understand any of that. The little child just knows that she/he feels rejected, scared, lost, lonely, and not good enough. Now, being adult, we can heal all of the past emotional pain by connecting with our inner child. So, how do we accomplish this?
      Try this exercise my guides gave me: Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself as a child. This is your inner child. As you picture yourself as a child in your mind, notice what the child is doing. Is your inner child standing there, or playing, laughing, crying, or smiling? Can you look into her/his eyes? Notice how she/he is feeling. Is she sad, happy, scared, lonely, confused, or some other emotion? How are you feeling as you see yourself as a child? Notice your feelings. Now, ask your inner child if she/he has a message for you. Allow the answer to come to you. Then ask she/he what needs or wants of you. Will the child allow you to hug her/him? What will your inner child allow you to do to comfort her/him? Play with your inner child; talk to him/her. The more often you can do this, the easier it becomes, thus helping you heal old beliefs and emotions.
      By having a relationship with your inner child, you take care of yourself. Every time you feel sad or lonely, check in with your child to see how you can comfort him/her. Reassure the child that it's alright. After a while, you may notice yourself becoming more child-like, playful, happy, joyful, open hearted, and feeling younger.
      About the Author: Charles Lightwalker is an Intuitive Healer, Shaman, Channeler, & Father of a beautiful daughter, who he is raising with his Partner Serena. He lives in the Pacific Northwest & travels internationally to do his work.
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