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THE DOUBLE VAJRA - 058 - 01 July 2006 - To become a better person is not enough,You have to make others better

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  • JagGY, Pema Sangey
    INTERNALISE YOUR CRYSTAL Today s Music is: I Love you Just the way you are ... Sometime we see only what we want to see We beleive what we want to beleive ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2006


      Today's Music is:  I Love you Just the way you are

      Sometime we see only what we want to see We beleive what we want to beleive

      These words were in an article in Malaysia's New Straits Times on 26 June during the Crystal Management Skills Program I have just completed
      I rarely even look at this Paper as it is not much more than a Propaganda Sheet for the ruling Malay Political Party
      Then as I return I get a copy of an E Mail sent to My Gorgeous Friend Elin
      "See what happens when you choose not to wear a tudung but have to wear
      one to attend classes at UIA? All that struggle to keep your tudung in place
      when it was practically falling off was most amusing to your classmates.
      Maybe if you choose to wear it regularly you will learn how to keep it in
      place properly. Anyway thanks for those most amusing moments."
      Seeing what we want to see.... Believing What we want to believe
      (and yes today's message is being sent to "Ustazah" who sent his "Unenlightened" mail to Elin)
      That these words came during a Program I was facilitating meant I had to look at what I see and believe and challenge
      the officers from the Army Navy and Airforce to do the same
      AND WE DID
      I can never facilitate a program without Major Changes affecting me
      I cannot teach what I do not experience
      so my nights were full of Etheric Travel around the galaxy and universe
      with the strangest of visions and dreams

      On Thursday during a group presentation on Crystal 7 Turquoise I heard
      "There is a Message for you"
      This was the Message (in Part)
      "You are now creating a new foundation, walking into all that you are—your Essence Self.
      As the foundation of your Essence Self emerges, others will recognize your true identity.
      When you are in resonance with the universe, manifesta­tion is a natural by-product."
      "You are being asked to look carefully at your own foundations.
      What structures and belief systems is your reality built on?
      What foundations motivate your choices? "
      Now this led to a BIG question on Thursday Night
      Was I in total resonance with the Universe
      The answer was
      So all Thursday Night I had a lot of Balancing to do
      and I did
      Then on Friday at the Certificate Presentation the Officer In Command
      (who had done a previous course with me said)
      To become a better person is not enough
      You have to make others better also
      The participants challenged me as I asked questions of them but they were for me and all of us
      What lessons do we miss because we disapprove of someone's actions
      I had asked Malaysia Defence Force Officers about the differences between Britain and the USA in Iraq
      They had not considered them as they disapproved of both being in Iraq and as a result were denying themselves
      a real life text book.
      I wonder
      I ask you to wonder also
      What Have I missed, What have you missed
      by not seeing the lesson in something we disagree with.
      A sobering thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I Love You

      Ni O Mi Oh Da Zi


      Radiating Truth to the Four Directions with Thunder and Lightening

       (c)JagGY, Pema Sangey  (Double Vajra)- 01 July 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Double Vajra with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read Double Vajra? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger?


      My Friend Poh Choo could use a real lot of Love and Support at the Moment
      Life is a Bit hard at the moment
      She has some BIG and Hard decisions to make
      So please cover, protect and surround her with Universal Love
    • surya
      Meaning of Pravrutti (Path of Justice): In this, people desire the welfare of their body and family. They love their bodies and their families only. Their real
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 1, 2006
        Meaning of Pravrutti (Path of Justice):

        In this, people desire the welfare of their body and family. They
        love their bodies and their families only. Their real love is not on
        the God but only on their body and family. When that welfare is
        disturbed and when it is not possible to rectify it by worldly
        means, then only they look at God. When you get fever and it is not
        subsided by the medicines you used, then you are approaching a
        doctor. Thus God is only an instrument to achieve the welfare of
        their body and family. They pretend real love on God, which is not
        real. When you go to the doctor you respect him too much. That
        respect is not real. That respect is only apparent and the aim of
        that respect is only that he will cure carefully your disease. These
        people do not bother about tomorrow.

        They don't bother about the hell after death and about the next
        birth. Their aim is only the temporary happiness confined to this
        birth only. They worship God for this purpose, which is not true
        love at all. God also acts accordingly. He postpones all your bad
        results to the next births like pro-notes with increased interest.
        He brings the good results from future births with reduced values
        like the pre-matured deposits.

        The Lord will not save these people in the hell. They will go to the
        heaven and when the results of their good deeds are finished, they
        are thrown back to the earth. In the future births, which are full
        of difficulties only, these people weep scolding the Lord. But the
        Lord keeps silent, because He acted according to their prayers only
        in the previous birth. In this field one can worship the Lord with
        single face, who is Vishnu, the embodiment of Sattvam quality.

        With this quality God will help you when you worship. But this
        quality always requires justice and logic. Therefore, within the
        rules of the cycle of justice God helps you. He will never harm you
        for your worship. In this field God in human form is not necessary.
        God will protect the justice by His power. In this field the aim of
        the people is not God. Their aim is only protection of justice and
        their families. Lord Krishna did not fight directly in the war
        because in this field His power is sufficient to protect the
        justice. Arjuna was charged with His power and Arjuna fought with
        the enemies. In this field the devotees can worship formless God or
        statues and can get apparent and temporary protection in this world.

        Meaning of Nivrutti (Path of Liberation):

        In this field people want God only. Their aim is the permanent
        association with the God and not the temporary results in this
        world. They never care for the worldly justice. They don't care for
        their body or family bonds. Their concentration is always on God.
        Here the justice is also crossed. Prahlada did not care for his
        father's death. God came directly and fought with the enemy in his
        case. Gopikas left every body and every thing for the sake of Lord
        Krishna. He liberated them in this world itself. God in human form
        was required by Gopikas and not by Arjuna. Gopikas wanted to see,
        touch, talk and live with the God. The Lord came in the human form
        as Krishna for the sake of Gopikas only.

        At the lotus feet of shri datta swami

        "JagGY, Pema Sangey" <rainbowjaggy@...> wrote:
        > Today's Music is: I Love you Just the way you are
        Sometime we see only what we want to see We beleive what we want to
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