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It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

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  • ronnie h
    It s Always Darkest Before the Dawn ============================= Author s Note: My heartfelt thanks to Zehra Boccia, organizers of the U.N. Earth Day-Wesak
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2006
      It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
      Author's Note: My heartfelt thanks to Zehra Boccia, organizers of the U.N. Earth Day-Wesak Celebration held on April 28, 2006 at the United Nations in New York City. Through the dedication of the UNSRC Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, much light and love has been anchored to support the United Nations and its staff in their pivotal role to materialize peace for all peoples on earth. - EGF

      Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We are so honored to be here today in this sacred space, blending energies with you and witnessing the Love of God in action. Yes, you are all God Incarnate Be-ings, God's presence in body on this planet. In these accelerating Shift times, you have volunteered for the most stupendous, most monumental lifetime since the day Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and other ancient avatars walked this earth. Yes, you are doing what they did in their lifetimes, what they showed you was possible. They grounded the potential for each human being to reconnect to the greater reality of All That Is. Even beyond that level, you are being offered the opportunity to ascend as a group soul, a group consciousness, the Human species coming to full connection with the Divine Source and full understanding of your place in the Divine Plan.
      Yes, we speak here of self-realization. Aptly named, yes? (Chuckles) You are becoming aware of the existence of your greater being, meeting and merging with your own Higher Self in a fully conscious way, at all levels. Also finally realizing that you are all connected! You are all connected to each other, in the same form with the same number of bones, muscle, senses and potential. You are all bound within the energetic framework of this planet, which is the electromagnetic "house" within which your bodies reside. So, you are connected not only to each other, but to all forms of life, to all energy patterns of life on this planet, including the weather. Have you noticed, dear ones, the worse your world chaos becomes, the worse the weather patterns? We use the word "worse" as you would, from your human perspective of what you see happening. You see the chaos, the discord, the disharmony as getting worse, as being unmanageable, as a huge, global mess with no solutions in sight.
      Ah, but from Spirit's perspective, what a lovely situation to have! Your lessons are no longer separate, no longer isolated, no longer hidden. Everyone is involved, all peoples, all cultures, all countries. Why? In order to finally transmute these lessons off this planet, they must be played out and resolved in common consensus at the global level. Why do we keep saying that all men must rise together, as all levels of reality also rise together? Because that is how lessons are transmuted, healed and released from the global human consciousness. Those isolated pockets of lesson must be raised up to the Light, or they will remain interlocked in the human weave, keeping it dense, dark and unable to rise.
      When Light is shed in a space, all that was dark becomes revealed. Why do you think the lessons of war on this planet have grown from tribe against tribe, to nation against nation, to isolated pockets of terrorists? Look at the patterns within the Grande Design! You're up to flushing out those pockets, as all societies realize that the need to live in peace and share resources is the only viable path to survival of the human species. Congratulations - you have reached the final crossroads! What is that higher light being shed? Spiritual integrity, dear ones, the highest good of all is becoming your "comfort zone" of morality, rather than the individual good of one without regard for the rest. That way hasn't worked, has it? Yes, you still have the basic forms in place of judgment, guilt, blame and shame, but you are learning to forgive the past and move forward in the Now. What is needed NOW to fix the mess? That is your new focus, as a global people, and that focus will grow to visible depth in the next two years.
      You are in the process of developing a common consensus for new standards of behavior, from personal to national to global levels. You will see the need for this, dear ones, more and more in the near future. As you rise to each occasion to help your fellow man, time and again you will cement this new paradigm into the global consciousness. What will become the most apparent, and the most painful, is that you must forgive each other for your past, closely-held mindsets and belief systems that caused you to shed blood over land, over power, over money, and the most difficult one of all, shed blood over whose God is better or whose God is right.
      Ah, but we have such a simple solution for that one! (Chuckles). God is Love. (Pause). That's it! What, you were expecting something complicated? (Laughter.) God is Love. God is Love. God is Love. God asks you to love all. Love all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Ugliness is only a perspective, dear ones, that lives behind your eyes. In your minds and hearts, yes? So when you see hatred, violence, abuse, and murder, you close your eyes from the pain of witnessing and pray that it never touch you. Yes, we hear all prayers, but you don't always hear, see or understand our answers.
      Once you are fully connected to Higher Self and can embrace and hold that higher perspective, you will see how powerful you really are. And see that every prayer is answered, in Divine Timing, for your highest good. Ah, but what is your highest good? What do we mean by that? What is your highest good, from the Divine perspective? That your soul learn its lessons and thus transmutes the need to repeat those lessons. Yes, that is truly your highest good from a spiritual perspective. So, while from your perspective you see nothing but hunger, poverty, and desecration, what we see is very different. When thousands of souls are taken up in one catastrophic event, you cry and grieve, you feel compassion. And what are all those souls, the recently departed, doing? Congratulating each other! Celebrating! Marveling at that wave of compassion they helped to trigger sweeping the globe and heightening the level of love on the planet. Each time, these waves of compassion cancel out a bit more of the darkness left in the global human consciousness. The more people that express compassion, the bigger and stronger the wave of change.
      Do you follow? We hope you do.
      What are we speaking of? Going from isolated tribal lessons to cultural lessons to national lessons to global lessons. Why do you hear, from so many spiritual sources, to think globally and act locally? Why are you encouraged to clean up your own back yard, and just keep faith for the rest of the world to get better? Why are you told, time and again, that global peace is achieved one heart at a time? Because of the energetic connection between all humans. Because you are all becoming so globally aware, so interconnected by the internet and the news media, that your backyard is now connected to every other back yard. What happens in Africa or Nepal comes into your television set in North and South America, in Europe, in Asia, in Australia, around the globe and back again. We have said this in prior material, that the human consciousness must rise enough in spiritual integrity to change the balance on this planet from war to peace.
      As long as your human perspective remains as "separate" from All That Is, war will reign. We will repeat this, for it is vital for your understanding. As long as you see yourselves as separate beings from the life forms all around you, that separation causes the "haves" and "have nots." Once you start to see, think and feel from the higher perspective of "All Is One", then you realize that all you do affects everyone and everything around you. And herein lies your power, dear human - how you see yourself. Small and separate, or powerfully connected to all life. At the mercy of your fate, or in charge of your destiny. It's all a matter of perspective. (Chuckles - i.e. your intent affects all matter.) Yes, what you think does matter. And what you feel has great power, too.
      Have you ever found yourself driving somewhere, gotten stuck in traffic, and had the urge to take a different route? Has your inner voice ever whispered, "Turn right, right now." When you don't follow your intuition, you often wish you had. Let's say you did turn right, on a whim, rearranged your day's errands and still accomplished all that you intended to do. You may never find out why the traffic had stalled. It could have been a fire truck a few blocks down, or a parade, or a recent accident causing the roadblock. Or it could have been your potential, had you chosen to stay in that traffic, to be in an accident about to happen.
      What if, by turning off that road and on to a different one, you changed the traffic pattern around you so that a potential accident did not occur? Or it occurred without you in it? Or by rearranging your errands you wound up changing the traffic patterns in your local area for the rest of the day? By interacting with different people at different times, you changed the potential of how the rest of their day went. So many possibilities, so many potentials, so many people affecting each others lives, such lovely chaos! (Chuckles.)
      For those of you who live near any active coastline, do you not have that pesky occurrence, "beach traffic"? Yes, so many people wanting to enjoy their free time by the ocean that miles of highways get clogged up every Friday and Sunday nights. You can even see the pattern of traffic towards the beach being heavy on Friday, and traffic away from the beach being heaviest on Sunday. Why are we speaking about traffic jams? We have not strayed off-topic, dear ones, but are using an analogy that you can easily relate to. Hint: Replace "beach traffic" with "higher perspective." (Pause.) Yes, are you getting the picture?
      Our main message is simply this: Don't lose hope. Don't lose faith. Have faith in yourselves, and you will be also having faith in all humankind. Now replace "beach traffic", that which occurs when thousands of people manifest the same intent, with "organized prayer". See what can happen, energetically? How can it not? (Chuckles.) When things seem to be going from bad to worse, it is natural to back away and say, "These problems are too big, and I'm just one small person. I can't possibly do anything that will make enough of a difference. It's too overwhelming, so I will give up trying."
      Yes, to borrow one of your own clichés, "It's always darkest before the dawn."
      You're merely up to the darkest part of the lesson plan, dear ones. You are, collectively, looking at the world's problems and saying, "It's everywhere." Our answer is, yes, but so are you lightworkers! It is temptingly easy to slide back into victim mode, into helplessness, into powerlessness, but we implore you not to do so. Again, it's all a matter of perspective, how you see yourself, how much you love yourself, how much you value the human potential. This is what you are doing, lightworkers, energetically transforming the human perspective in order to bring in your higher potential. Without the higher perspective, you cannot see that higher potential and therefore cannot manifest it. Circles upon circles, yes?
      And that is what you all are, circles upon circles, all little lives unfolding next to each other, invisibly woven together by mutual lessons, creating your reality by the way you see things to be. That is why we have always emphasized, throughout our work, to clear all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body layers, in order to be able to reach and blend with the higher energies, with your higher self, to reach and live within and from that higher perspective. Establishing a new paradigm for an entire planet is no small task! It doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't happen visibly at first, but it is the expansion of that new vision, that new way of thinking, that eventually takes hold and begins to manifest change, quickly.
      We will point out that this above example also applies to the individual as well as the global, not only in heightening awareness, but in healing the body. Yes, stress is invisible, toxins are mostly invisible, the things that disrupt your PEMS balance within the body, happen slowly. We have stated in prior Circle of Grace work that the main difference between Eastern and Western medicine is that the ancient view is to address the energetic imbalances causing the symptoms, while the newer Western view focuses on treating the manifested symptoms of illness. The Eastern view addresses the energetic source of imbalance, the Western only manages the effects. We ask you here, at the global level, to keep contributing to the light. Continue to believe, continue to have faith, continue to love this planet, its peoples, and its potential. Cure the energetic source of imbalance on the planet, and all of your global symptoms will correct themselves.
      To conclude this message, we offer you one more higher perspective, one that is generational. For indeed, your progress as individual souls and group soul is comprised of life upon life of lessons learned, lessons cleared, and more difficult lessens set forth to challenge yourself with. You are reaching the heights of the karmic ladder, dear ones. Once the entire planet learns its lessons, those lessons can finally be transmuted off the earth plane. How will this be done? Simply, by time and age. Yes, while you are embroiled in the minutia of every moment, we ask you to step back and look at the energetic patterns from a perspective of lifetimes coming and going, growing and learning, with each generation achieving new levels of awareness expansion to pass on to the next. Where are you in that larger pattern? Simply, the old vanguard is dying out. The fear-based war mentality is, indeed, a generational perspective that is getting very old and tired, is it not? (Chuckles.)
      So while you may think that the global mess is beyond fixing, that it is too huge to move forward, we say simply, you are grounding the intent. You are releasing the need for war, heart by heart, and that is releasing the next generation from blindly accepting and perpetuating the old biases. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing! As each government moves towards following the will of the people and doing what is best for its peoples, guess who will be actively creating, nay, manifesting that change? Your children, who refuse to fight each other. Your children, who refuse to hate each other just because their parents do. Your children will make manifest what you are creating in your lifetime. Look around at your current leaders, see how long their career potential is, see how many have already stepped down. Ten years from now, how many of them do you think will be left in charge? Think about that for a moment. Now go forward twenty years. Most of you listening or reading this text will still be alive in twenty years. But most of your current leaders will be long gone, replaced by younger ones.
      Yes, Moses and his people spent forty years wandering the desert after fleeing Egypt, before they came to the land of Canaan. Why? The desert wasn't that big, they could have found it much sooner! (Audience laughter). Back then, forty years was a human lifespan, and an entire generation passed before Moses led the Jews to the promised land. Rather, he led the children of the escaped slaves, the children who had never known slavery but had only known of it. Here we say that your generation, the adults born within the last forty to sixty years, are the ones leading this energetic transformation, establishing the new perspective so that positive change can be implemented from that higher level of being.
      So though things may look grim, now is the time to stand strong and tall. Time is moving so quickly that change will move quickly, too. As you have heard from other sources, the human consciousness gave permission for this shift to happen at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Twenty years later, look at how much on the planet has already shifted into the light! Look at how much progress has been made, how many old hates and hurts have already been laid to rest, how many people have been saved and aided by your humanitarian efforts. Focus on the good, dear ones, feel good about yourselves, your lives, your potential.
      If enough people can learn to simply love themselves, those ripples will spread, will connect, will affect the whole planet to bring you beyond war and fear, into a perspective of love and peace. Once enough people shift their internal perspective, your outer reality will follow suit. We speak here of percentages, dear ones, the 51% needed to reach critical mass in order to change the human paradigm. That, you will have achieved before 2012., so we say here that it is done, and well done.
      Some years ago we offered you text entitled "Change is the Only Constant in the Universe." The one thing you can count on is that things never stay the same. Will you allow yourself to be buffeted helplessly by the "winds of change", or will you actively focus on that which you can create, from the deepest desires of your heart? Will it in, children, will it in. And your children will build a new Earth, following your new lead, one of peace, prosperity and love for all beings. As you yourselves say, "Time heals all wounds." Yes, there are still five-six years for time as you know it to run its course, and as the Mayans predicted, 2012 was called the End of Time. We say it will be the end of time as you knew it, where you carried forward the pain of lesson from the past in order to learn it and heal it in your present and future. The new construct of variable time in the Age of Aquarius is replacing many old, fear-based constructs that limited your reality in the Age of Pisces. It is time to carry the love forward, dear ones, and leave all the rest behind. Learning to love all, and all learning to love, will bring peace to earth, and will teach all peoples of earth how to fulfill God's one commandment: Give and receive only Love.
      Peace will come soon, dear ones, for you are bringing it in by sheer faith.
      Do you follow?
      We so hope you will!

      We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.
      © Copyright 2006 by Edna G. Frankel
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