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THE DOUBLE VAJRA - 055 - 23 June 2006 - For only those who risk could see how far they can go

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  • JagGY, Pema Sangey
    INTERNALISE YOUR CRYSTAL Today s Music is: Impossible Dream ... Beyond our ideas of right and wrong there is a field. I ll meet you there! Rumi ~ (Thanks
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2006


      Today's Music is:  Impossible Dream

      Beyond our ideas of right and wrong there
      is a field. I'll meet you there! Rumi ~
      (Thanks Sheree)

      The message from Sheree was received just after Yesterdays message was sent
      (and I needed it Big Time)
      A Lawyer Friend of Mine rang to give me a Phone Number in case "The Authorities" come for me in the night
      but said
      When ONE stands and takes a risk and speaks Truth
      God is Victorious
      God is always victorious when we speak the Revealed Truth
      We may not see it in our life time but God is always victorious
      Sure those in Authority will try and convince us that they are Holy and Righteous like Prime Minister Badawi
      who is Promoting his version of Islam
      Islam Hadari

      It consists of 10 fundamental principles.

      • Faith and piety in Allah
      • Just and trustworthy government
      • Freedom and independence to the people
      • Mastery of knowledge
      • Balanced and comprehensive economic development
      • Good quality of life for all
      • Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
      • Cultural and moral integrity
      • Protection of the environment
      • A strong defence policy
      Wonderful Words Promoted worldwide by the President of the Organisation of Islamic Countries
      Except that His actions do Not match His words
      It is easy to Talk
      When the talk is not matched by Action
      AND HIS (******) SON in law
      That's why I and others TAKE RISKS
      That's what Unconditional Love does
      It Takes risks to return the World to Balance
      My Friend MeLay signs her E Mails with
      You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore,
      for only those who risk could see how far they can go  
      At some point we have to Risk
      That's how Eagles learn to Fly 
      The Mother Eagle pushes her Baby out of the nest
      as the Baby Eagle falls to certain death
      It finds its wings
      and Flies to the Highest Heavens
      We were told the world was Flat until some one risked everything and proved the world was round
      My Very Special Friend Nik Elin is taking a Risk to herself and her beliefs by commencing her study of Islamic Law this weekend
      As it is practiced it disadvantages Women
      But she is going into the Lions Den and
      Taking  a Risk
      and ALL Women will benefit
      She is a Real Divine Goddess
      Change and Transformation come only when
      Searches for and Discovers Truth
      Takes a Risk and
      Speaks Out
      In Malaysia People get arrested and sent to Detention without Trial for less than I was guided in Yesterdays Message
      I was guided to write it and I followed my heart
      Many others are also guided to Speak Out
      IN FEAR
      Stay Quiet
      Love Speaks
      Love does not Bomb
      Wars are made irrelevant by Love
      When Love is in our Hearts we do not take decisions based on Fear
      The USA is today governed by Leaders ruled by Fear
      So Is Iran. Israel, and a host of others.
      We need to encourage by speaking out OUR Political and Religious Leaders to
      WILL YOU???
      Reversed Pink Diamond Mirrors speed up the Realisation that a Person is without Love
      That's when it is possible to
      Who are you guided to Reverse Diamond Pink Mirror Today
      WILL YOU????
      You have just Changed the World and brought it closer
      TO LOVE
      I Love You

      Ni O Mi Oh Da Zi


      Radiating Truth to the Four Directions with Thunder and Lightening
       (c)JagGY, Pema Sangey  (Double Vajra)- 23 June 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Double Vajra with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read Double Vajra? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger?


      The Crystal Ally cards (Naisha Ahsian)

      The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge

      Wind element – 219

      Lapis Lazuli

      Self Knowledge

      Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone that can contain specks of golden Pyrite (occurring in Afghanistan Lapis).

      This stone was one of the foremost Allies of Egyptian Royalty, who used it to ground into powder for the adornment of the eyes, and as jewellery upon the body.

      This Ally confers great depth of sight and clarity upon the user and, when containing Pyrite,

      enhances these psychic abilities with the grounding and illuminating effects of that mineral.

      The deep blue of this stone reflects the evening sky, and the Pyrite flecks throughout represent the energies of the stars and the sun in the heavens.

      Calling upon this Ally aids one in initiating far sight, and in communicating with the spirit beings,

      especially those beings who have their origins in space. Lapis is used to enhance one’s ability to learn and comprehend, as it stimulates the mind.

      In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was considered to be God. To resonate with Lapis is to initiate Divine communion,

      endowing the user with God-like understanding and mental facilities.

      But Lapis also grants one the gift of knowledge of the self. The greatest path of knowledge that we can pursue is the path of self-knowledge.

      Our life on Earth is an opportunity to explore and learn about our own selves – our motives, ambitions, and beliefs.

      The Earth plane is particularly suited for this type of exploration because of the existence of the illusion of time. In the non-physical realms

      there is no lapse between thought and experience. On the Earth plane, there is often a delay in thinking something and

      experiencing the effects of that thought. His lapse gives us a chance to monitor and explore our thoughts, beliefs and desires before they manifest into reality.

      Self-knowledge is the tool with which we can create a reality that is conscious. Without self-knowledge, we are often unwilling participants in an unconscious creation.

      Lapis Lazuli has come to aid us in the opening of our inner eyes, allowing us to see and perceive our own inner world, from which our outer world materializes.


      This Ally is indicating to you that a time of intense spiritual learning is at hand. This is a period of initiation into the "mysteries" of the workings of the infinite.

      When Lapis Lazuli appears, you can be sure that your guides and guiding angels are preparing you for a period of growth

      and enhanced understanding of your path and purpose on the Earth plane.

      This learning may reveal to you aspects of yourself that were previously unknown to you.

      Accept this new understanding with joy, for it indicates a new level of spiritual maturity.

      Lapis may also be indicating to you that you need to do some soul searching.

      Are you living the life you would choose for yourself?

      Are your behaviours and creations matching who you allow yourself to be?

      Take stock of you inner gifts, beliefs and desires; then ask for the energy of Lapis to aid you in manifesting your true potential on the Earth plane.


      CHAKRA: Third eye and crown

      AFFIRMATION: I open to Divine understanding.


      To dream the impossible dream
      To fight the unbeatable foe
      To bear with unbearable sorrow
      To run where the brave dare not go

      To right the unrightable wrong
      To love pure and chaste from afar
      To try when your arms are too weary
      To reach the unreachable star

      This is my quest
      To follow that star
      No matter how hopeless
      No matter how far

      To fight for the right
      Without question or pause
      To be willing to march into Hell
      For a heavenly cause

      And I know if I'll only be true
      To this glorious quest
      That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
      When I'm laid to my rest

      And the world will be better for this
      That one man (or Woman), scorned and covered with scars
      Still strove with his last ounce of courage
      To reach the unreachable star

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