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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone on this lovely and special afternoon -- the first day of summer for 2006: Can you believe that it is now six months and four days until
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2006
      Hello everyone on this lovely and special afternoon -- the first day of summer for 2006:
      Can you believe that it is now six months and four days until Christmas?  I just realized that when I thought about when I realized what day today is. 
      Sorry to be so late with this message today, but I had so many messages that came in yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning that I felt I just had to respond to, that this is my first opportunity to get around to sharing these words today.
      With that, let me get to the first message for today which is from my Ronna Herman Archangel Michael Wings of Light Cards, Set 1, and is on the Root Chakra today (which is the one located near our sex organs). The energy is Red Energy and, as I said, is associated with our Sexual Organs.  The mantra is ' I LIVE.'  To activate this chakra, were all red stones which consist of:  Ruby, Garnet, Red Jasper and Fire Opal.
      "Positive Attributes: Use red energy to create strength and truthfulness.
      "Power in thought, action and deeds  *  Strong discipline of self   *  To claim and manifest abundance  *  To develop courage   *  To develop our will 'power' in order to speak your  truth and stand in your integrity   *   To stimulate you into action to manifest all you desire in order to live up to your highest potential."
      I find these words extremely interesting and thought-provoking today, and I hope that some of you out there do as well.
      Next, for the message from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar for today, the message is:  "When your vision is obscured, your angel will help you find a clear picture." --- Suzanne Siegel Zenkel, Your Secret Agent
      I honestly do believe that, if we call on the angels and ask for their help in any situation, they will be there for us.  But we have to remember that they do not interfere with our free will and do not come to our aid, unless they are summoned or asked.
      And, last but not least, the short but sweet message from my little Angel Power cards by Wulfing von Rohr and Gayan S., Winter (info which I neglected to share yesterday) for day is:  "Forgive, also yourself."
      As I said, short but very powerful words for us all to think about.
      For now, to each of you, I wish the best and most wonderful rest of the day possible.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      P.S. I thought I had an instrumental  copy of 'Calling All Angels' -- the one used in the movie 'Pay It Forward' but found that I do not have it after all.  I really would have loved to use it today; in fact, I had really rather be able to use the one that actually has the words, but I do not have that one either.  So I went back to this great song by Alabama to once again remind us all that there are angels among us every day, with some of them being heavenly, and yet, with others being earthly.  
      Just for info, if anyone out there has a copy of the song 'Calling all Angels, most especially the one with the words, I would so love to have it.  Or, if you do not have taht in your files, if anyone knows the lyrics to this song, I would so love to have them for my files just to  refer to ever so often.
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