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a moment in love from my heart to your heart - solstice

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  • Gaele Arnott
    Sunsets can be sometimes as beautiful as abstract paintings, displaying subtle nuances, clouds burning in the sunset rays or delicate veils, and deep black
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2006

      Sunsets can be sometimes as beautiful as abstract paintings, displaying subtle nuances, clouds burning in the sunset rays or delicate veils, and deep black trees profiling against the horizon. 

      But if you the time to wait one more hour, the twilight is also a fine event to picture.  http://www.astrosurf.org/lombry/cielbleu-images.htm

      Sunsets used in the above graphic were found at: http://www.astrosurf.org/lombry/cielbleu-images.htm
      1. Lilussat, Greenland       2. Lombok, Indonesia       3. Great Wall of China      4. Antartica
      I thought as we enjoy the longest day in the year for the northern hemisphere and the shortest day here in the southern hemisphere,  a message of 'nothing' was a good change of pace
      Just the beauty of the sunsets
      so whether you are rugged up for the cold or stripped off for the heat
      enjoy your day and have FUN!!!!
      laugh a lot
      smile at everyone
      give out some hugs - other people love your touch
      Your presence is the beauty the world needs right now
      I hope the music makes your tap - mine are
      and I'm still in my PJ's and slippers at 6.30am on this beautiful morning with some rain
      Gaele Arnott, Brisbane Australia on Thursday, the 22nd June, 2006
      the two women in the graphic are my daughter Lindy and my friend Chela. They both share LOVE

      should you wish to be subscribe/unsubscribe to the moment list please email me at: gaele.arnott@...

      (permission is given to snag the graphics in the moment posts
      I request that should you forward this post it be left intact as it is the intent for graphics and music be part of the healing for Earth and her people - the words are only the intellectual interpretation.)
      Todays graphic is created by Gaele in PSP9

      N.B. in the tropical and sub-tropical climates there isn't any twilight - It's either dark or light. People coming as visitors are often quite amazed that it's nightime so quickly without a twilight

      the midi playing today is: Over the waves (sequenced by Eugene Hayek)

      thankyou Leslie for sharing the website with me - I've had hours of listening pleasure

        Music has been said to calm the savage beast. God's greatest gift to us is our faith. Music would be a close second and it gives me great pleasure to share my musical talent with the world -Eugene Hayek

        The Peace Candle
        I ask that you join me each day at the dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may join voices together for Peace On Earth.
        Together we can create a reality free of fear, greed and manipulation, where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely in joyful harmony.
        the candle graphic is shared in love from Tracy British Columbia, Canada
          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
          Evolution is a leap in consciousness
          The Circle of Life is charged with coincidences of the moment. To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance, invites the energy of the subconscious mind to create a new reality.
          "Simply the Present Moment" (c) Gaele Arnott
          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
           There is no commercial interest by me in any midis shared. The music is used to enhance the healing within the message and  graphic shared with you. If  you enjoyed this music, you are encouraged to purchase the CD
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