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    June is the 6th month in the year. June s position is in the East section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel. Like May, June is in the Spirit section. The position
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          Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Wolf Moondance

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          June - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

            June is the 6th month in the year. June's position is in the East section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel. Like May, June is in the Spirit section. The position on the Wheel makes June's colors bold and soft. Bold colors are physical colors and soft colors are spirit colors. When used, bold colors/solid colors are Medicine, which treats your physical problems or works with Lessons. Pastel/soft colors are spiritual, and are used by your guides or angels.

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          Medicine Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Education

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          True Blue
          (for your bold/solid color)

          Pale Soft Blue
          (for your pastel/soft color)

          Bright Sunny Yellow
          (for your bold/solid color)
          (great for healing or guidance)

            The energies of these colors keep you safe and out of harms way. Their energies (you can wear them or think of the colors) will aid in your quest for answers. They will also bring about comfort on your life's walk. When used daily, these medicine colors will bring clarity to questionable matters and allow your spirit to soar.

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          June as a Birth Month - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

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            AntelopeIf your birthday falls within the month of June, you are a happy-go-lucky person. You see in all directions at once. You are a person that brings about great change to others' lives. You are constantly seeking knowledge, striving to know everything there is to know. A June person is a peacemaker. You walk with as an atnelope. Your friendships are the best with spiders, ravens, and the wolf.

            June people seek out the spiritual and unknown ways of life. You love a good mystery and intensity is your middle name. You make others laugh. The joys you bring to your family and loved ones are immeasurable. However, you need to remember not to be hard on yourself and others. Your four personal colors are blue, yellow, white, and burgundy.

          Wolf Moondance Color Bar 2

          Antelope Story

            Out on the range a herd of Antelope was grazing when the horse riders approached. The riders were going to round the antelope up and move them in to a pen. The grandfather antelope saw the riders coming and gave the call for all the other antelope to run. With swiftness, the antelope glided away. They moved with gentleness and speed. They out ran the horse riders, effortlessly jumping one fence after another. "Well, I guess that was a bad idea, " one rider said to the other.

            In a while the antelope gathered together. Tired from the hard day they rested.

            The next morning:

            "Grandfather why did the riders do that?" a young one asked.

            "They want to eat us. We are food to them," the grandfather answered.

            "That scares me," the young one said quivering.

            "They can't get us. We have survival skills. We are the ones with the ability to leap over obstacles. We have swiftness and speed. Great Spirit has made us fast and sharp to watch and survive. We are a part of the Great American Plains and we Will be here when your great, great, great grand children live," the grandfather said with assurance.

            "How do I learn to be as smart as you, Grandfather?" the young one asked. "How do you know all?"

            "I speak to the dead, Grandson. I can hear and understand. I listen to my ancestors. They speak the stories of long a go, and I listen. It is the way of the antelope to have a connection to the dead. We learn much from the history of our Elders," he shared.

            "You talk to ghosts?!" the young one asked with intrigue.

            "No, not ghosts, our ancestors! They live in the Spirit World, and I can speak to them. It is our way. We follow the Wisdom of our ancestors. You Will learn as time goes on. We all do, it is our way to speak to the dead," the grandfather explained.

            Time passed, and the grandfather antelope passed away.

            The young one had grown to adulthood, and was out on the range when he heard a voice. "Grandson, run! They are coming". The young one ran. He ran very fast for a long way until he reached his herd. "How did you know to run, dad?" his young one asked. " I can hear my ancestors. Your Great Grandfather speaks to me, and I hear. It is our way," he smiled.

            The traits of the antelope are ones of Listening and speaking to the ancestor spirit. The antelope can see and hear in the Spirit World. They make good shamans, healers and parents. The one born in June is swift and gentle. The one from June knows and is a survivor. They can handle stress, and work hard to protect their clan. They are not meant to worry but to plan and organize, and carry out the tasks that are in their Life. They make good leaders and strong family members. Things that take a long time for others are easy for the June one. The are loyal and quick witted.

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          Lesson Words and Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

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            In the Rainbow Medicine Wheel there are truths that help each one of us to understand the process that we know as life. The Lessons are the stones that make up the cross that spans across the middle of the Wheel. Each stone represents a word and the connected Lesson. These are the Lesson Words for the months of April, May and June, which all are in the East / Spirit section of the Wheel. If you are having trouble in your life, these are the Lessons you are to be learning. You treat a Lesson with the Medicine Word of the same Color Medicine.

              Example: Lesson to learn is Patience; you would treat a Red Lesson with a Red Medicine - Confidence.

          Patience * Red

          Unity * Orange

          Original * Yellow

          Faith * Green

          Sincere * Blue

          Reason * Purple

          Worth * Burgundy

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          Medicine Words and Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

          Wolf Moondance Color Bar 2

            Medicine Words and Colors treat the Lessons of the month. They give guidance for hard times. These words and colors compliment the Lesson Words. It is important that you know the correct meaning of the words. Make the dictionary your friend. Not only do you gain new knowledge, the correctness ensures a good way.

          Confidence * Red

          Balance * Orange

          Creativity * Yellow

          Growth * Green

          Truth * Blue

          Wisdom * Purple

          Impeccability * Burgundy

          Make the words actions in your life. Be the words. Believe it and it will be.

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          Medicine and Lesson Chart - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Wolf Moondance

          Wolf Moondance Color Bar 2

            This is the daily Medicine/Lessons Chart. It will give you your daily Medicine and Lesson Words and their Colors. Use them daily to see what you are learning and how to treat the Lessons in life daily. Look at the Lesson Word and think how it applies to the day. Look at it in the night and see how it has been active in your day. You can then treat it with the Medicine Word and help yourself to understand the day, or the week or the whole month!

            Make the Medicine Words actions in your life. Accept the lessons in life and become a stronger person. Be the words. Believe it and it will be.

          JuneMedicine Words Lesson Words
          1st Soft Yellow * CreativityOriginal
          2nd Pale Green * GrowthFaith
          3rd Soft Blue * TruthSincere
          4th Lavender * WisdomReason
          5th Mauve * ImpeccabilityWorth
          6th Red * StrengthClarity
          7th Orange * SuccessPoise
          8th Yellow * VisionDiscipline
          9th Green * BeautyAccount
          10th Blue * HealingFact
          11th Purple * PowerSense
          12th Burgundy * GreatComplete
          13th Red * NurturePurpose
          14th Orange * ChoiceObedience
          15th Yellow * CeremonyLife
          16th Green * ChangeAction
          17th Blue * ProofSolid
          18th Purple * RealFull
          19th Burgundy * GrandWorthy
          20th Red * ColorTrust
          21st Orange * EnergyLimits
          22nd Yellow * PrayerExpectations
          23rd Green * CourageFailure
          24th Blue * UnderstandingListening
          25th Purple * KnowledgeForgiveness
          26th Burgundy * WillInner Peace
          27th Red * AccountabilityLearning
          28th Orange * ResponsibilityLoss
          29th Yellow * SerenityGiving
          30th Green * HonestyNeed

          Wolf Moondance Color Bar 2

            Okay, there you go! I will be back next month with new teachings and other neat stuff to say.

            Take care and get closer to yourself and Great Spirit.


              Wolf Moondance

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