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Fwd: Join the Struggle to Stop Torture

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    ... From: Amnesty international USA Join the Struggle to Stop Torture We need your help to stop torture. People nationwide
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
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      From: "Amnesty international USA" <alerts@...>

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      Join the Struggle to Stop Torture
      We need your help to stop torture. People nationwide will form delegations to lobby their federal legislators during the week of June 26th. Please join the struggle to help end torture by applying to be a delegation leader today!


      Dear ,

      Years ago I was asked to interview Sister Dianna Ortiz, a torture survivor. As I researched her experience, the facts were so depressing that at one point I was not sure I wanted to interview her. When I met her, it was clear the scars of torture had marked her life, but her resilience, passion and energy to end torture overshadowed everything else. This experience led me to realize that the most essential thing I could do to end this horrible crime that plagues the world is become active and work with others.

      Strong evidence suggests that the U.S. government has been complicit in torture. Now more than ever we have the duty and the power to ensure that our voices are heard. Amnesty International USA is organizing visits to congressional district offices and we need you as leaders to be on the frontline against this grave abuse of human rights. I urge you today, the first day of Torture Awareness Month, to join the struggle against torture by leading a delegation to your elected official’s district office.

      As Amnesty International USA’s volunteer Legislative Coordinator for Tennessee, I've seen the power of our voices when we stand up and let our concerns be known to our elected leaders. I'm confident that your efforts can help end these policies in our own country. Like me, I hope you will apply to be a delegation leader and visit the district offices of your elected officials during the week of June 26th to urge that they support legislation to stop the use of extraordinary rendition.

      » Apply to be a delegation leader
      » Join a delegation


      Erick Veliz
      AIUSA Volunteer Legislative Coordinator for Tennessee
      Amnesty International USA


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