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THE DOUBLE VAJRA - 037 - 2 June 2006 - Radiating Truth to the Four Directions with Thunder and Lightening

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  • JagGY, Pema Sangey
    What Part of God Are You? Today s Music is: Heal the World ... It is my intent to nudge the ego out of its comfort zone as we move together into a realm where
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      What Part of God Are You?
      Today's Music is:  Heal the World

      It is my intent
      to nudge the ego out of its comfort zone
      as we move together
      into a realm where science, religion, rigid belief systems and technology lose their sharp definitions and dominance

      It is my hope
      that your whispers of intuition are Awakened
      restored and heard with unwavering Trust
      Know that the only real solution
      to these times ... is Within

      If I could share only one sacred gift from all these years...it would be to feel-integrate-walk-talk-eat-live in the indisputable knowing that you are a high spiritual being having the human experience.

      Passion, desire and limitless focus are all you will ever need in your search to find what you already know. You are the Womb and the Mind of your own Primal Source. Nothing to fix, nothing to add and lots to let go of.

      You come from the stars and as an Earth steward, you always have a choice to live in your full potentiality ...or not.
      Its time to connect OUR HEARTS
      As I went to bed on Wednesday Night I was guided to take with me my AMMONITE STONE
      It is also known as
      SHALIGRAM which is considered to  be
      the holiest stone and is from Nepal
      (Ammonite is a Fossilized animal which was present on Earth in Eons past Associated with the Re-Birthing Process It also assists in the promulgation of the requirements and the actions necessary for world survival)
      I held it most of the Night
      After sending yesterdays Double Vajra Milarepa  came and said
      OK Jag
      Its time to engage the Heart into the Cosmic Troubadour
      Do your 108 Om Man Ni Pad Me Hum and lets go.
      The Shaligram is the Stone for the Cosmic Troubadours Heart
      (Sri Shalagram Sila is an ammonite formed 140 million years ago, and manifest externally as a water-tumbled stone;
      The Shalagram is VERY SACRED and HOLY in the Hindu Religion)
      Today Religion is transcended
      as our hearts receive a divine gift that has been waiting for all to know and experience opens to us
      The Shaligram is a very special Stone
      Only available from Nepal
      When it breaks open it always breaks open in a spiral pattern
      The Stone is similar in its structure to the snail
      (I especially went yesterday and purchased the spilt stones to share with all as they are not easy to get)
      So with My Merlin Staff in ONE hand and Double Vajra staff in the other (right) we went back to Borabadur
      The Merlin Staff anchored on the Base of Borabadur and the Double Vajra to the Summit of Borabadur
       I had to have with me the Crystal that is programmed for Elin - I had to have a Woman who I knew in the Physical World with me -
      You will have to have something representing the Energy of
      Someone the opposite Sex with you as you do this exercise if you choose to do so -
      The person will not be someone you have a Sexual Relationship with - Someone Special and Close but Definitely not Sexual (this is important)
      And they may not have embarked on the Cosmic Troubador Journey yet
      (Note: Elin was not required to do anything - Just BE THERE ENERGETICALLY - You will find the Same - You will "Know" who should accompany you energetically - just accept who you are guided and do not "READ" anything into "WHO")
      Then The Light started to come
      I cannot even try to describe the Light the colours were so many
      If I was to say Kaleidoscope Rainbow that would only Just give an Idea
      The Light Filled me Head to Toe and Toe to Head
      To the centre of the Earth and to the widest expanses of the Cosmos
      The I put the Staffs down and took my Double Vajra in my Right hand and the Shaligram in my left
      The Shaligram broke in two
      Male and Female
      Yin and Yang
      Left and Right
      Logical and Creative
      Milarepa explained that the Heart of the Cosmic Troubadour is a Heart that has been Split after it has weathered the storms of Life to day just as the Shaligram weathers the Eons of time before it splits
      The Heart of the Cosmic Troubador is a Split Shaligram that encompasses Male and Female from THE ONE and still connected sends LOVE to all
      The Pattern of the Split Stone is the pattern of the Cosmic Troubadors Hearts a Spiral of Energy constantly bringing and encouraging RE BIRTHING
      Following the SPLIT I had to swap hands with the Double Vajra
      Each of the Four Ends has NINE leaves spreading out from the Lotus Centre
      Now with the SPLIT Shaligram Recombined we sent our Hearts to the World
      Allow some time and Receive the Guidance that is UNIQUE to YOU
      When I had completed my personal process, I completed another 108 Om Man Ni Pad Me Hum
      I Paid my Respects to Milarepa and Guan Yin (Yes Guan Yin is ALWAYS with me)
      and then prepared to start my day
      Now its your Turn
      The Portal is open for you
      Allow your Heart to Split into the Heart of a Cosmic Troubador
      and recombine
      And Send Your Love combined with the Unconditional Compassionate Love of the Primordial Buddha(Awakened One) Samantabadra into the World
      (Samantabadra is always depicted combined with His Female Part in Unity)
      Yin and Yang but as One
      I DID
      and Remember
      We are Loved
      As always if you do not have anything you need visualise My Tools pictured in this message

       (c)JagGY, Pema Sangey  (Double Vajra)- 2 June 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Double Vajra with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read Double Vajra? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger?


      XIX. Buddha and Sakti - The Sun This card represents illumination, complete­ness, love, harmony, and peace.

      It can depict a state of self-satisfaction, especially when derived from bringing two polarities together in harmony,

      such as a peace treaty, a partnership, or an ideal marriage.

      Buddha and his Sakti are like a marriage of the con­scious and the unconscious, or soul mates.


      As I went to bed last night I was guided to make and wear a Garnet Bracelet with a Tiger Stripe Dzi and also to use a Green and Yellow Ametrine with Dragon dZi
      I asked Milarepa why Elin was chosen and not Gaele for the Heart Empowerment
      I was told that the First Choice is a Divine choice for reasons we do not need to know now.
      We will know when the time is right.
      Now, Jag it is time to Redo with Gaele
      so I did
      When you do this with someone who you have a very close spiritual relationship
      A fellow Cosmic Troubadour
      it is really
      WOW de WOW
      Gaele and I
      IN LOVE 
      now invite any who have started the Cosmic Troubador process to connect with our Hearts.
      All Night I have been doing the heart connection with people who have been placed on my heart
      ONE at a TIME
      Chela, Melay, Eja, and more
      (I had a VERY BUSY NIGHT)
      This is a ONE at a TIME PROCESS
      You cannot do two or three together
      YOURS and The ONE you are Guided
      Then I was shown that a mini version of this process is a Heart Healing Process
      available to all
      Not just Cosmic Troubadours
      Visualise the Shaligram Whole and Complete and with the Person you want to heal your relationship in your heart  Visualise the Shaligram splitting into your TWO  SEPARATE HEARTS
      Now see the Shaligram recombining the Two Halves back into ONE
      as they recombine
      Feel the Healing of the Two Hearts reuniting in Unconditional Compassionate Love
      This is for any Relationship Issue
      Lovers, Friends,Families, Business Associates,
      that needs Healing
      Just as long as your INTENTION IS LOVING and HEALING
      (this is not for forcing someone to LOVE you. It is for HEALING HEARTS AND RELATIONSHIPS .
      Relationships on Earth are part of our Choice and  We have no right to Force anyone into any relationship or continue in any relationship.
      We do however have a responsibility to HEAL RELATIONSHIPS so that even if their is no continuation of a Physical connection at any level the Heart is Healed, Forgiveness is achieved and IN LOVE we bless all that we have experienced and LET GO.
      Just LET GO IN LOVE with the HEARTS HEALED.
      This process is very personal You cannot and should not ask anyone to do it for you
      You can certainly ask someone to help you with the Visualisation Process and "Hold Your Hand" as you do it as you may experience many emotions as you HEAL THE HEARTS
      and Quan Yin is sitting with me now as tears flood my eyes
      Remember Jag ALL Broken Hearts can be Healed
      No Exceptions
      All can be healed if Unconditional Compassionate Love is the Motive
      And if you are fortunate enough to acquire a Personal Shaligram. You are really Blessed
      and to my Friend Shyam in India who first gave me such a stone last year
      Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart
      Our Hearts truly are ONE
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