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THE DOUBLE VAJRA - 036 - 01 June 2006 - Radiating Truth to the Four Directions with Thunder and Lightening

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  • JagGY, Pema Sangey
    What Part of God Are You? Today s Music is: Come softly to Me ... Enlightenment is knowing your need to change..................... Annette Noontil ... Free
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      What Part of God Are You?
      Today's Music is:  Come softly to Me

      Enlightenment is knowing your need to change..................... Annette Noontil

      Free Will
      We all Have it
      It is a Divine Gift
      How should we use it
      First and foremost we should decide that we and we alone are responsible for everything that happens to us and
      never never never never
      give up that responsibility of authority or power to anyone Ever
      For Any Reason
      No Religious leader, No Guru, No Business Leader, No Lover, No Husband, No Wife, No Friend
      NO ONE
      I returned My Gift to The Divine
      to allow Divine Control over My journey
      Even in Giving Back
      I still have it
      So what does Giving back this Gift of Free Will Entail
      It entails allowing Divine delays and Suggestions to everything we do and say
      It means that if the Message prepared is "NOT YET RIGHT" then it Just will not GO OUT
      Now if we think we know best
      Understanding this partnership means that if something does not happen naturally we do our best to ensure its not just Technology Gremlins and after a while we realise that we are being HELD BACK.
      We can FORCE ANYTHING we like
      We have that "RIGHT"
      But if we have surrender our FREE WILL to the Divine in Us
      (What Part of God are You?)
      We realise that when things do not happen naturally and easily as we "WANT"
      we are being told something better is ON THE WAY
      We may be frustrated that Nothing is Happening as we wish and Planned and worked for
      God Never Never Never Never
      allows our PURE INTENT efforts to be unutilised
      When the Timing is Divinely Right
      It will happen
      as long as our INTENT is PURE
      As long as Our Intent is to Help and to Heal
      If our Intent is to Punish, To Embarrass, To Teach a Lesson than we have allowed a NON GODLY energy control over our life.
      When our INTENT is PURE
      Obstacles (including People) Vanish and Disappear
      Think about that
      and I am doing BIG THINKING as these words flow through me
      I think of Healing I have ached to do and the obstacles that remain in Place
      What do I have to do .
      I will find my answers and share with those I love
      What are you going to do to understand the
      Are you motivated by PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
      If you are
      Get Ready for the Miracles
      If you are not motivated by Pure Unconditional Love
      You have some work to do
      As a Cosmic Troubadour
      If you are not open to Unconditional Love then you will receive nothing at this time.
      Is that something to think about it?
      Is this an Opportunity for a New Life?
      Is this an Opportunity for a Fresh Start?
      Use your FREE WILL with PURE LOVE, With PURE INTENT and
      God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams and visions
      We are Loved
      A Note from Jag: As much as I can I share what I have achieved. This time I have not yet achieved all I have written here. I allowed Divine Fingers to type the Message for me. Some you are so dear to my heart need this message RIGHT NOW.... You know who you are..I Love you each and will stand by you with Love as you claim the Blessing of a New Start and a New Life
      I am preparing a New Start as I take this message into my Heart

       (c)JagGY, Pema Sangey  (Double Vajra)- 1 June 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Double Vajra with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read Double Vajra? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger?



      The Magical Child


      I Am Ahau;

      I Am that I Am, Inexhaustible supply of love, sourcing infinitely in all worlds, the seed of solar mastery containing the stellar hologram of your return,

      I Am the Sun's love made visible as you. In ecstatic ascent,

      I spread solar wings, awakening in you the immensity of a love

      that joins all things in the joyful dance of light.

      Oh, Lux Corona, luminous trinity made visible, simply identify with my light, my power, my wisdom, my love, and so accept yourself as I Am, unconditionally!

      To dance in the light of the Great Central Sun, follow the ecstasy and bliss that I Am, as you.

      In divine fusion we become the dove of the ascension on its homeward journey. Feel the pulse of the language of light.

      Be the one who stands as the love, thus sounding the tone that ignites the consciousness of others.

      I Am that I Am.

      In this wisdom, you already embody the light of a hundred Suns.


      Shine forth the truth, the power of wholeness, child of the Sun!


      I Am Ahau, luminous diamond of pure solar consciousness! Let each facet of your being be crystal clear, reflecting the joy of love's perfect presence in beauty, joy, and power.


      I Am the effulgent bliss of solar harmony, sweet serenade of the cosmic symphony to its Source.


      I Am the taste of love's ambrosial nectar, pouring forth through all of Creation, as billions of stars forming the radiant body of the cosmic dancer, spinning universes through time and space.


      I Am the revelation of truth, soaring at light speed within the elegant resonance of stillness.


      I Am the garden of the hearts true delight revealed within the splendour of the solar lord. I Am Ahau, the golden, ecstatic one.


      I Am yourself—there is no other!






      The Discoverer


      The Sun had a dream ... of the time of the Sun of Flowers: heaven on Earth, divine children dancing in the golden octave of creation. Sojourner, come to the threshold of this new dawning!


      What a blessing to receive the star-glyph Ahau, child of the Sun! You are solar consciousness, solar mind manifesting as the master with many names. You are the one who stands as the light to raise the con­sciousness for the many. You are the luminous triangle, the trinity made visible in this world of creation. You lift humanity simply through your embodiment of the light. Know that you are the "I Am" presence; there is no "other."


      Drawing Ahau calls into your life the healing power of uncondi­tional love. Bask in its replenishing radiance. You are donning its light of limitless bliss. Know yourself as divine! Know that you are already the Mind of Light. Return as a Divine Child of the sacred to the Great Central Sun. In your every thought and action, radiate the "I Am" presence. Unconditionally accept yourself as you are. Craft your light body and return to a home in the stars that you never really left. Using the current of the Zuvuya, the circuit by which all things returns to

      them­selves, experience mystical reunion with the Source.


      Be at peace. Receiving Ahau indicates that the activation of ascen­sion, your solar mastery, is already in progress. Stay identified with the power of the Sun. Sail on golden solar currents to your home in the stars!


      Move joyfully toward whatever creates bliss and ecstasy for you!


      Forgive, release, and love all beings, all creation, as the unconditional caress of the Sun. Honour and trust the language of light held within your feel­ings, the spiritual compass that guides you home. Open your heart as a flower to the Sun, and become the same love that holds universes together!


      Shadow Wisdom


      In the shadow of Ahau are found any ideals or identifications that limit God or yourself. Such concepts or "boxes" are constructed from beliefs and principles that create


      Look at your concepts of divinity and how they create your world and your vision of yourself. If you do not see yourself as an integral part of God, or if you over identify with your

      personal divinity, you are functioning in the shadow of Ahau. Ahau encourages you to explore and experience unconditional love.


      In the shadow of Ahau is conditional love; that is, loving with ex­pectations and judgments. Unconditional love can be seen as accep­tance and allowance. Through allowance,

      you step into a larger view of the human condition, granting permission for the myriad ways in which you and others choose to experience and grow.

      Acceptance and allowance are the open systems that permit all experiences and explora­tion of all states of being.


      Grant permission for everything to be all right just as it is!


      Learn to be unconditional especially with yourself; it is basic train­ing for the divine child of the one heart. The limitless solar tide is coming in.


      Flow on its currents of ecstasy to unconditional Joy and union!


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