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Special Message Venus Retrograde

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    SPECIAL MESSAGE on the Upcoming Venus Retrograde and The Divine Perfection of Retrograde Motion of Planets. Retrograde motion of planets is the appearance of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
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      SPECIAL MESSAGE on the Upcoming Venus Retrograde and The Divine Perfection of Retrograde Motion of Planets.

      Retrograde motion of planets is the appearance of backward motion in their orbits from the vantage point of earth. In actuality, all planets continually go forward along their orbits, but there are cycles of time when they APPEAR to be going backward from the vantage point of earth.

      Life is about rhythm and balance. The appearance of the direct motion of planets is balanced by times of the appearance of retrograde motions.

      What is the divine perfection of retrograde motion planets? The retrograde motion activates parasympathetic nervous system, which is the Delta brainwave state of Pure Being combined with the Alpha brainwave state of Feeling, Flowing, Change and Psychic sensitivity.

      This is in contrast to direct motion which activates the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the brainwave states of Theta, which is deep inward thought, combined with Beta, which is logic, language, memory, and the five senses.

      By having both direct and retrograde planetary effects, our outer focus on the beauty of creation during direct motion is balanced by our inner focus on the beauty of the heavenly worlds during retrograde.

      Retrograde is the time for INWARD journeying in consciousness to access the inner realms concerning the activities of the planet that is retrograde.

      For example, Mercury is receptivity to Divine Wisdom. When Mercury goes retrograde, the receiving of Divine Wisdom is obtained from the parasympathetic states of inward meditative focus in the Delta- pure being, and the alpha- feeling, flowing, change and psychic sensitivity states.

      During retrograde Mercury, the mind, in its receptivity to Divine Wisdom, disengages from receiving Divine Wisdom from the parasympathetic states of Beta,memory, and logic and the outer world, and Theta, inner thought, whether we like it or not.

      Hence mental fogginess with thought processes and confusion with all things of the world during times of Mercury retrograde is more than likely.

      The key is to flow with the natural rhythms of the universe and shift our attention and focus to be in sync with both thedirect and retrograde motions.

      Therefore, retrograde Mercury is a WONDERFUL time for flowing poetic states, and powerful and healing changes from enlightening intuitive attunements.

      When a planet is retrograde at the moment of birth, then there is a natural attunement to this wonderful inward psychic flowing parasympathetic state in the area represented by the planet.

      Once the divine perfection of retrograde is understood, retrograde times become A FAVORITE TIME for spiritual pathwalkers to balance the experience of perfection in the outer world with experiencing pure being, feelings, ecstasy, psychic sensitivity, flow and change with the perfection of the inner worlds.



      What retrograde is all about is about balancing the inner with the outer, about going within and withdrawing from the allure of the outer world for a while and enjoying a journey in the richness of inner realms.

      At the time of this writing, October 2nd 2002, Venus is going retrograde in a few days, from October 10 thru November 20.


      Venus is receptiviy to Divine Love.

      The love of the great beings and angels WHO ARE ASSISTING US AND PROTECTING US AT THIS TIME is flooding the entire world. Because Venus will be retrograde, all people and sentient beings will be naturally attuned to this love on the inner and changes brought about by receiving Divine Love will be natural and easy.

      Instead of the primary attunement of emotional fulfillment of Divine Love coming from interpersonal relationships with incarnated people and beautiful surroundings etc, as it is during Venus direct, during retrograde of Venus DIVINE LOVE IS RECEIVED NATURALLY AND EASILY from the inner world through a parasympathetic state of Pure Being [Delta brainwave] and Feeling, Flowing, Change and Psychic Sensitivity [Alpha brainwave].

      Divine Love flowing from the heavenly hosts and the wondrous many mansions of the inner worlds IS EASY TO PERCEIVE AND TAKE IN and flow with during Venus retrograde.


      Think of the world situation at this time of great metamorphasis and change. We will now have over a month where IT WILL BE EASY FOR PEOPLE’S ATTENTION TO EMOTIONALLY ATTUNE TO AND FEEL THE LOVE OF THE DIVINE AND THE HEAVENLY HOSTS!




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