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Fw: Eileen Nauman: Neptune goes retrograde May 22, 2006 article

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone: I just found this in my in-box as I did not get on line last night and this must have come in after I logged off. I found the info here quite
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2006
      Hello everyone:
      I just found this in my in-box as I did not get on line last night and this must have come in after I logged off.  I found the info here quite interesting as I did not know, until I read this message, just how much Neptune does rule in our lives.
      As I said, I loved this message and found a lot of food for thought here, but it is totally for your discernment -- do with it what you wish.
      Continue to enjoy your day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Subject: Eileen Nauman: Neptune goes retrograde May 22, 2006 article

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      Subject: Neptune goes retrograde May 22, 2006 article


      NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS goes RETROGRADE May 22, 2006--what does it mean?




                               Eileen Nauman


      Copyright 2006 Eileen Nauman

      All Rights Reserved


      Permission to post to other net sites so long as all information on

      author is left in the article





      email:  docbones224@...



           This is an interesting time with Neptune , planet of truth and

      lies, going retrograde three days after The Da Vinci Code, a movie

      that puts out the word that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

      Neptune is ever the uncover-er of lies, fraud and deception.  And I

      find it fascinating the planet is going retrograde right when a movie

      that shows the truth about this particular master (and there are many

      masters, both male and female), is brought to the light of the public

      through a movie.  Count on Neptune to use some interesting ways to

      get the truth out--even if it is a couple of thousands of years after

      the fact!  You can count that with this heavenly occurrence happening

      right when this movie, which is going to put a crack in many

      religions belief systems, that it will be a shot heard 'round the

      world--for sure.  Neptune, the creative, has chosen to take the route

      of a movie to reveal the truth.  And after so many church officials

      of the Catholic faith have tried to destroy all evidence of other

      manuals and gospels that showed Christianity to be far more broad and

      diverse, they are now going to have the truth come back to haunt

      them.  Only, this time in the form of a book by Dan Brown (The

      Da Vinci Code) and now, a movie by Ron Howard.  "Truth will out," is a

      Neptune promise.  And it sure has in this case--so don't miss the

      movie!  Or the book!  It is enlightening, contemplative and




      Whomever says "Spring has Sprung," has sure meant it this

      year!  May, to say the least, is a can of popcorn--movie popcorn, of

      course, for when you go see the movie, The Da Vinci Code which opens

      on May 19th! 

           When you place a water element planet in a fixed air sign,

      Aquarius in this case, something has to give.  Perhaps we can look at

      Aquarius like a stout cardboard box, and Neptune the water that

      silently runs toward it, encloses it, wets the material and finally,

      weakens the entire structure over time until the cardboard material

      dissolves without a whimper into the watery embrace of this nebulous,

      diffused planet's energy and purpose.

           These two teamed up remind me of a new pair of shoes, one

      size too small for your feet and yet, you have to wear 'em, stretch

      them, suffer some pain, certainly some adjustment, until the shoes

      accommodate you.  And when Neptune goes retrograde (backward motion,

      seemingly, in the sky--it isn't really, it just looks that way from

      our perspective here on Earth...) the shoes might pinch a little.

           Each planet is an energy expression and vibration.  Each

      zodiac sign also has its resonation, too.  You can sort of look or

      evaluate them like different radio frequencies on your FM or AM

      radio.  Each is a "station" that pulsates its endless signals toward

      us.  HOW we respond to them is up to each of us; and the reactions

      and actions are going to be as diverse as raindrops sparkling in

      sunlight to create a colorful rainbow.


           Neptune goes RETROGRADE on May 22, 2006 at 19 degrees of

      Aquarius.  Who is affected?  Aquarians and Leos.


           The Aquarians most effected are born February 8th (your sun

      is at 19 degrees of Aquarius).  This is 'ground zero' for this

      retrograde, for Aquarian folks.  However, Aquarians born from

      February 6th through February 11th, will be affected with the most

      energy on those who have a birthday on February 8th.  The opposite

      sign is Leo.  Those born between August 10th to the 14th are

      spotlighted.  People with a birthday on August 12th (your sun is

      at 19 degrees of Leo) will feel the full impact of this retrograde.


           Those who have a sun, moon or planet or cusp (such as the

      ascendant or midheaven) at 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 degrees of Aquarius

      or Leo, you will certainly feel the effects of this Neptune turning



           If you feel the need to consult your professional astrologer

      for more specific information on how exactly it will effect your

      life, please contact them now.  On Athena, our professional

      astrologer is Rosemarie Brown and she can be reached via email at:




                WHAT NEPTUNE RULES--does it affect you?


           Using the keywords of Neptune , which I've posted, let's look

      at what it rules and how it may affect you:




      actors and actresses


      alcohol--you may drink a little too much; so watch the amount


      artists--your creativity may take a dive during this three week

      retrograde shadow period--don't worry, it will return.


      ambiguities--someone can pull the wool over your eyes--buyer beware


      anesthesia (bad reaction to--allergic reaction)--very bad for

      surgeries scheduled around this time.


      bacteria--you can pick up something real easy--staph, Strep, AIDS,

      HIV, Hepatitis--wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and wash

      your food off well before preparation, as well as cooking meat WELL



      beaches--great place to be for de-stressing


      beverages--drink lots of water during this period to flush out--don't

      be consuming a lot of alcoholic or sugar-content fluids


      boats--a nice place to de-stress


      clairvoyant--you may become more so for a couple of weeks--pay strict

      attention to your intuition during this period--it can save your butt



      coma--you may feel like you're in one until after it turns

      retrograde.  You'll "wake up" or feel the fuzz is gone from inside

      your head about 2 weeks after it has turned retrograde


      compassion--practice it--daily


      confusion--will be rampant.  Get signed contracts.  Don't take

      anyone's word for it.  Scams are big time right now


      codependent--will probably kick in stronger than usual during this time frame


      creative--you will be much more so...take advantage of it....paint,

      write, sing, dance....de-stress!




      deception--who is lying to us?  How do we lie to ourselves?   Are we

      lying to ourselves about something?  Someone?  A situation?  Come

      clean now.


      delusion (by ourselves toward ourselves or others)--what we're

      fooling ourselves about may rear its ugly head on this retrograde--so

      pay attention to what you see.  The truth is out there....


      dreams--more of them....keep a journal...see the pattern of how your

      subconscious is talking to you....


      drug addiction--yep, the druggies are gonna want MORE of their

      recreational drug right now than usual....and this includes sugar

      addiction, food, sex, act., too


      drugs (hypersensitive to)--watch out for allergy reaction


      drugs (allergy reaction to)--yes, they will be worse than usual for

      about three weeks


      drugs (picking up something you didn't really want)--watch going into

      a hospital...bugs abound and they might take a shine to you!


      energy defrayed (feels tired, exhausted)--absolutely...everyone could

      use a little Curly Dock flower essence to bump up their energy and

      quit feeling like they're dragging around a ball and chain on their

      feet :-)


      epidemics--very possible...somewhere...don't know where, though


      escape--everyone is going to be day dreamy, spacey and somewhere else.

      Great time to take a vacation...


      forgery and fraud--buyer beware...you can be fooled big time right

      now.  Now is not a good time to be idealistic and think the best of

      everyone's intentions.  Instead, question them and do research before

      verbally or signing anything with them


      fishing--another de-stressing idea


      idealism and what one idealizes--these things may be shattered right

      now and Truth and reality will stare you in the face, instead...


      illumination--wonderful time for an "aha!"  meditate, meditate,

      mediate--it will pay off


      illusion--what you see is not necessarily what you'll get.  If you

      meet someone during this time--they are NOT what they seem to

      be--watch, be patient and sooner or later, this person will reveal

      their true selves to you--and you probably will be very jilted and

      unhappy about what you see


      imagination--is on the increase!  Use it!


      manipulated by others--most definitely.  Put up healthy boundaries

      and learn to say "no" instead of being abused/used/manipulated


      music--yes!  Listen to it.  Play it.  A de-stress


      obligations and serving--absolutely.  Do your karmic responsibility right now.


      Pantothenic Acid (B-5)--may need 100 mgs. a day between now and the

      retrograde on May 8th--it feeds the adrenal glands--your flight or

      fight mechanism and you may be under a lot of stress right now--so it

      will help you through this


      poisons of all kinds-- Have Poison Control Center phone number handy.

      You or your family can be poisoned by air, water or food.


      psychic--yes, you will tune in more clearly during this period.

      Listen.  You may doubt what you get, however.  Try not too....


      sacrifice--yes, you will be asked to help.  So, pitch in and help and

      don't bellyache about it.


      sensitivity--all your five senses are turned up to an excruciating

      degree--find silence.  Find being alone or more quiet to escape this



      spirituality--wonderful time for it.  Find time to be alone, quiet

      and meditate.


      suffering--yes, some of us will during this time frame.  Do it for

      the right reasons.  Learn to practice the Art of Compassion.


      truth--"Truth will out" and it usually does under a retrograde.  If

      someone has lied to you, defrauded you, or not told you the whole

      truth, it will come out now


      vagueness--everyone is going to be this way.  You won't get a

      straight answer.  Better to wait until after the retrograde and try

      again...things may seem a clear as mud.


      victim--you can become one.  Your choice.  Put up your

      boundaries--learn to say "no."


      virus--yep, they're around.


      weak (as in an organ or system of the body)--mostly ankles and calves

      for you Aquarians and heart/circulation/back problems for you Leo's




           Tools for de-stressing such as meditation, Tai Chi, Chi

      Quong, acupuncture, massage, swimming, reflexology, polarity therapy,

      flower and gem essences, homeopathy, taking a quiet walk, working in

      a garden, shamanic journeying, communing with Nature, listening to

      classical music, taking trips into isolated and beautiful natural

      power spots around our globe, learning to commune and then open up to

      Mother Earth (and understanding she, too, is a LIVING being), and

      going to health and spiritual-oriented spas will become "in."



           As a result of spiritual quests taking precedence as a matter

      of health in our lives as never before--and the traditional medicine

      people finally understanding that "parts are not parts", that we are

      a fully connected, viable organism that has a spirit that must also

      be taken into consideration in health matters, will evolve.

      Earth-based philosophies, mostly fueled by a powerful Native American

      resurgence in the last decade, will underwrite the understanding of

      connections and of connecting or learning how to reconnect.  Speaking

      from personal experience as well as observing it too many times, I

      have seen Mother Earth heal others, animal as well as human.  We will

      learn how to get into touch with her on this level for ourselves and

      for others more clearly and consciously with Neptune in Aquarius.


           Neptune rules the immune system.  Allergies may kick up.

      Problems with vaccinations in children will flare up.   Finally.

      Unfortunately, many millions of people will suffer with an impaired,

      over-sensitized immune system that sets them up, down the line, for

      many other forms of disease--unless they get help from homeopathy.


           Homeopathy is ruled by Neptune , so you are going to watch as

      it enters a "golden age" in the next thirteen years under Aquarius'

      leadership.  It will take its place at the head of all the

      alternative medicine modalities as "the" medicine or form of medicine

      to use.  It can engage the immune system, when practiced carefully

      and safely, on a gentle, noninvasive level.  No drug can create cure,

      but homeopathy can CURE.  This is a good time for you to find your

      local homeopathic practitioner and get your constitutional case taken.




                         THE DOWNSIDE


           Neptune has rulership over bacteria and viruses.  This also

      includes COMPUTER VIRUSES.  Be sure to back up everything!  Better

      safe than sorry.


           Over the Spring period we will see more bacterial and virus

      complaints starting--especially ones like the West Nile Virus in the

      West continues to make inroads. I think you'll see the West Nile

      Epidemic crank up on the East Coast and continue to move Midwest and

      South.  The West is going to take a "hit" on this, as well.  Colorado

      is bracing for its 5th year and Arizona the 4th year, which is being

      said to be very bad.


           With Neptune going retrograde, you'll probably see this

      disease go "underground" but that doesn't mean it's done circulating

      the globe...not a chance.  All epidemics have an ocean-like ebb and

      flow, a tidal wave effect, and with Neptune going retrograde, there's

      the possibility that it will pull back and seemingly be dormant or

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