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How Intuitive are You?

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    How Intuitive are You? by Amelia Kinkade excerpted from The Language of Miracles with the publisher s permission POP QUIZ: HOW INTUITIVE ARE YOU? 1. Have
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      How Intuitive are You?

      by Amelia Kinkade

      excerpted from The Language of Miracles with the publisher's permission


      1. Have you ever heard the phone ring and knew who was on the other line before you picked it up?

      2. How often does this happen?

      3. Do you think about the other person before or after the phone rings?

      4. How do you perceive that information?

      5. Do you see the person's face? Or their entire whole image?

      6. Do you hear his or her voice in your head?

      7. Do you hear their name spoken in your head?

      8. Do you smell their cologne or perfume?

      9. Do you feel their energy buzzing around you?

      10. Do you have flashbacks of memory about the person before they call?

      11. Have you ever been thinking about an old friend you haven't spoken to in years only to come home and find they called or emailed or sent a letter?

      12. Do you ever know what's in your mailbox before you actually look?

      13. Have you ever had a sinking feeling that you shouldn't date a certain person and, sure enough, you went out with them anyway and wish you hadn't?

      14. Have you ever met someone and distrusted them immediately?

      15. Have you ever known someone was lying, only to find out you were right?

      16. Have you ever felt a strong sense of friendship for someone you've just met?

      17. Have you ever had the sense that something was wrong with one of your loved ones only to find out that you were more right than you wanted to be?

      18. Have you ever suspected you should have taken an alternative route on the road, only to get caught in a traffic jam?

      19. Have you ever had a sinking feeling you shouldn't have bought a particular stock?

      20. Have you ever been in danger and knew something was about to go wrong before it did?

      Think about how many "yes" answers you have. As you look back on your experiences, ask yourself: How intuitive am I? And how much do I trust my intuition? Do I have a tendency to second-guess myself and override my initial gut instincts?...



      Now let's look at how you perceive incoming information. The majority of my students will say, "I just feel it," or "I just know," when asked how they knew someone was calling on the phone before they picked it up. At this, I accuse them of copping out. You perceive Q-forms in very specific ways, and I'm urging you to pay closer attention to this lightning-fast process. Does the person at the other end of the line appear in your mind as a picture, a smell, a memory? Do you hear the person's name in your internal voice, inside your own head, or do you actually hear her voice in your head?

      I once posed this question to a group of students in a workshop in the British Midlands. "When you get this information, how do you receive it? In pictures? In words? Do you hear that person's voice?"

      An older lady raised her hand and said, "I see it typed on the back of mee eyeballs! White on black! From right to left!" Most people aren't that perceptive. But this is not an unusual experience. Now that so many of us are spending hours a day on a computer, many people will actually see the answers "typed out" in their mind's eye. Some of my students see the words handwritten. I, too, spend many hours a day staring at a computer screen and since I began this change in my routine, my psychic machinery has adapted as well. When I pray, I can often see the answers to my questions printed out like a ticker tape flickering across my third eye.

      We want to start paying attention to this inner system - your intuition is like an organic smoke-alarm system that God installed in your body to help you survive. There's no hocus-pocus to it. It's a survival mechanism, and it can be developed to help you maintain the well-being of your human loved ones and your animals.

      How do you know you're not "making it up"? When you have the courage to blurt out your intuitive data and then, later, it turns out you're right, you discover you're not manufacturing it from inside but perceiving data from the outside. The information you receive from an animal may be subtle, but our goal is to honor the fact that you're communicating psychically.

      The feeling is somewhat akin to riding a bicycle for the first time. The second after you first experienced that ecstatic thrill of balancing on a bicycle and flying down the street, you may have thought, "Did I really do that?" But you did not accuse yourself of "making it up." You knew you did it because of the way it felt. Telepathic communication is exactly the same.

      I want you to memorize the feeling of being right. This will encourage the neurotransmitters in your brain to create new pathways by which you can "get back" to this place and strengthen your intuition. To quote my favorite art teacher, Karl Gnass, "You don't want your talent to be like a drunken sailor, something you read about on the front page of the newspaper the next day and wonder 'Who did that?!'" Our goal is to develop a method of recreating the process and establishing continuity, and that can only be attained by paying close attention to what you were doing when you did it.

      Now, even if the number of "yes" answers on the above questionnaire is only one, we established that you can "do it." But I want you to do it consistently and often, until it becomes a learned skill that is as well-integrated in you as riding a bicycle or driving a car. I want this to become so automatic to you that it'll be like cooking pasta. If you do it often enough, you won't have to stop every time to read the instructions on the box.

      The above is an excerpt from The Language of Miracles, copyright 2006 by Amelia Kinkade. Reprinted with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA. This book can be purchased from your favorite bookseller or the publisher's website.

      Amelia Kinkade has been listed in The 100 Top Psychics in America. A full-time animal communicator, she is sought by veterinarians, animal rescue organizations, and animal lovers all over the world. She lives and practices in California. Her work has been featured in a multitude of magazines and newspapers, and she has appeared on numerous television programs. She regularly conducts workshops throughout North America and Europe to teach people how to communicate with animals. To further explore her work, visit her website, www.ameliakinkade.com.


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