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    THE MEANING OF THE HOUSES ~ Author Unknown but appreciated ~ HOUSES: The natal chart is divided into twelve sections and each deals with particular parts of a
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      ~  Author Unknown but appreciated ~

      HOUSES: The natal chart is divided into twelve sections and each deals with particular parts of a person's external life and environment. The houses are labeled one through twelve. Compared to the face of a clock, the first house is in the 9 to 8 o'clock position, the second house is in the 8 to 7 o'clock area etc. There are different ways to calculate the beginning (cusp) of some of the houses. The most accepted system is called Placidus. Generally speaking, the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) are 4 times stronger than the weakest houses (2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th). Planets in a house add more strength to the house. Even empty houses have some power.

      FIRST HOUSE: governs everything to do with the PERSONALITY; health, length of life, temperament and disposition, personal prowess, coordination, the physical body, one's childhood and moral qualities.

      SECOND HOUSE: WEALTH, VALUES, personal property, income and debts.

      THIRD HOUSE: BRETHREN, NEIGHBORS, short journeys, private studies, news, rumors, cousins, newspapers, periodicals, letters, messengers, land transportation, private thoughts, writing, memory, primary & secondary education and teachers, telephones. (Computers are ruled by Mercury.)

      FOURTH HOUSE: HOME, environment, father, domestic affairs, lands, mines, real estate, houses, hidden things, lost articles, crops, the end of life.

      FIFTH HOUSE: CHILDREN, LOVE AFFAIRS, LOVE-MAKING, courtship, theaters, all places of amusement, passions, pleasures, gambling, speculation, hazards, happiness, vacations.

      SIXTH HOUSE: SICKNESS, LABOR, employees, inferiors, tenants, farmers, aunts, uncles, food, diet, pets.

      SEVENTH HOUSE: MARRIAGE, PARTNERSHIP, LOVE (affection), contracts, public enemies, lawsuits, unions, divorce.

      EIGHTH HOUSE: SEXUAL ENERGY and SEX ORGANS, conditions surrounding death, inheritance, partner's money, bankruptcy, psychic faculties and experiences.

      NINTH HOUSE: RELIGION, HIGHER EDUCATION, books, publications other than periodicals, advertising, public teaching and public expression of opinion, science, philosophy, devotion, faith, prayer, dreams, visions, intuition, metaphysics, virtue, legal matters, counselors, long journeys, air travel, foreign countries.

      TENTH HOUSE: REPUTATION, the trade or PROFESSION, business affairs, power, rank, position, superiors, honor, credit, mother, fame.

      ELEVENTH HOUSE: FRIENDS, HOPES, wishes, step-children, counselors, memberships, acquaintances, groups, political parties.

      TWELFTH HOUSE: DISAPPOINTMENTS, secret enemies, sorrows, worries, psychic influences, prisons, crime, hospitals, charitable institutions, meditation, drugs, secret love affairs, fear, intoxication, loneliness, retirement, subconscious mind, disembodied entities.


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