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Re: [lovingpurelove] decision

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  • Polly
    Shelli, I m so sorry that you feel the need to express yourself this way. I m sorry that you do not feel at ease and at one with everyone here. There has
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2002
      I'm so sorry that you feel the need to express yourself this way.  I'm sorry that you do not feel at ease and at one with everyone here.  There has been no intention on my part to make you feel less than welcome.  This has never been a board of personalities, only all-embracing love.  I cannot answer why you feel resentment, unless you are trying to keep yourself as a separate entity.  It is only in togetherness that we feel unconditional love and oneness.
      Many Blessings.  May your feet make happy tracks in the snow.
      Love, Polly
    • Shelli Buhr
      Hello everyone, I have been feeling some things lately that I am going to confess. It isnt about making you feel better or making anyone wrong. It is about
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 1, 2002
        Hello everyone,

        I have been feeling some things lately that I am going to confess. It
        isnt about making you feel better or making anyone wrong. It is about
        honoring myself.

        I came to this group for the intention of using the Angels Messages
        since I value the work that Cynthia and Michael do highly. I care very
        much about both of them very deeply and honor the relationship I have
        with them and Cyrus.

        I have decided to no longer post to the group. I will remain on so I can
        use the angels messages unless Polly, choose to remove me. My value with
        the work and the angel messages stems from my interactions with Micheal
        and Cynthia in furthering their work in utilizing the messages, music,
        art as a means of healing that I believe can profoundly impact the world
        of medicine as well as for the individual. Up until now, I have chosen
        to keep my relationship with them separate from my interactions from the

        Over the last several days, I have been looking at what I am calling a
        judgment I have of the pretentiousness and ego of some of the members on
        this list. My judgment is only there to create the basis for my actions,
        not to point fingers and make people wrong. My frustration is that the
        value of the messages that are sent over this list is dissipated. These
        are beautiful and valuable teachings. The intents I see sometimes are
        not as honorable.

        There are many times that Polly, I have felt that you have completely
        dismissed my opinions as a member of this group as well as being a
        practitioner, astrologer, woman, being. I wont bother going into details
        of how and when. I will comment that if we are all one, then how is my
        opinion of any less value? My opinion is that we should be accepting of
        everyone as individuals and as children of God. We are all not alike,
        which is the beauty of our uniqueness and what we each have to share and
        offer as our gifts.

        Unconditional love must first be experienced with unconditional
        acceptance. I have felt that the intent is more about controlling love
        the the allowance of its perfect expression. But I am not striving in
        life to be perfect; I am striving in life to be in wholeness of all that
        there is. Perfect leaves no room for growth, and lots of room for

        Susan made a comment once about me "preaching to the converted" when my
        words were not preaching, they were real and honest feelings about my
        perception of the world. So I had to look at that further because Jesus
        did not go into the healthy community to heal, but in fact went to the
        lepers to offer his love. When I started to recognize that my message
        wasnt about preaching to this group, it was about saying, dont we have a
        responsibility to the people on the planet who are not in the light of
        where the people are in this group? As a teacher, it isnt about what I
        say more than it is about what I do about it. It isnt saying that I have
        to project my opinions onto others and yes, I too have my lessons in
        life, but I do the very best that I can every day. I teach by example
        often much more than I teach by my words.

        I have felt that if postings are not sacred and beautiful it doesnt
        belong posted this list. I am not saying that I do not see the value in
        the messages and often I send messages out to my own mailing list
        because they have such value. I feel this planet is suffering because
        of the denial and our lost will. I have also felt that the judgment I
        saw was denial and I choose not to participate in serving denial.

        In closing, I would like to paraphrase something about the fall of
        Atlantis and Lemuria. The people of Atlantis (thinking manifestation-
        masculine) felt that the people of Lemuria (will and manifestation-
        feminine) both judged each other in their separation. One group thought
        the other group was at fault for their own desctruction when in
        actuality, both groups ceased to existance because the value was lost
        that both could offer each other balance and wholeness. The Lemurians
        felt that they did not like the use of technology for manifestation that
        it could be done pure form the heart. The Atlanteans judges the
        Lemurians for being so instinctual and hedonistic, considering them to
        be animals. As Lemuria began to fail, the Atlanteans tried to convert
        the Lemurians into their ways, and eventually they began to see where
        there ways of technology were eventually what was killing the planet the
        Lemurians where wanting to honor.

        In the end, both civilations crumbled.

        It isnt about one being better or more important than the other. All
        must be served in wholeness and balance. All must be respected and
        anything else is denial and is continually feeding the lost will that is
        making our planet today suffer and is exactly where I feel we must go in
        oder to save the planet.

        I am not saying that everyone on this list is covered under the
        generalizations. I have felt that many people have expectations of
        getting things for free without wanting to offer their own
        responsibility back. So I am also saying that I will not be continuing
        with the project on the nodes. It is an experiment that I can continue
        on my own and will do so, but it is not my choice to spend hours working
        on a project that I have had to continually ask for information and set
        boundaries. What I have offered was from my heart. Some of the replies I
        have received I feel have come from the lack, judgment, unwillingness to
        be responisbile for sharing in the participation, even though the words
        that come with the limitations are of gratitude in how I am serving

        This isnt only about me I have seen this action. I am not syaing this is
        how Cynthia feels because I know Cynthia well enough to say she may
        disagree and feels honored to help. I have seen many people ask Cynthia
        do reports for them. I see many people wanting to participate in wanting
        to do the sun and nodal charts. What I do see is the follow through on
        handling there responsibility in getting the information and relying on
        others to handle it, yet reap the rewards from it. A Natal chart, by the
        way, costs $5. Time is precious. When time is spent doing things that
        are not of the best and highest, the value is lost.

        I also know Cynthia well enough to have her say to me that she needs to
        set boundaries with her time and what she does for others when I am
        wanting to help her grow in her own work, support her messages, expand
        on their own projects. I have watched her for two years completely be
        selfless and giving. I guess my question is, are the people receiving
        giving that same energy back - not necessarily to Cynthia, myself, Polly
        or anyone else, just in general. The words thank you are a wonderful
        gesture. I hope you dont stop there.

        Many Blessings,
      • Polly
        Thank you Patti for writing this loving, compassionate note to Shelli. I m sure she will be grateful. I am not in any way offended that you omitted me from
        Message 3 of 4 , Oct 2, 2002
          Thank you Patti for writing this loving, compassionate note to Shelli.  I'm sure she will be grateful.  I am not in any way offended that you omitted me from your note.  I want you to know, though, that you are free to look up the Angels of your north and south nodes, and all the other chart points.  I gave complete instructions to everyone this morning and posted them on the board.  If you need more help than what I covered this morning, contact me privately at pmenendez@... 
          I, too, hope that Shelli will find the time to print us a chart with the Sabian symbols.  We shall wait to hear from her.  I openly welcome that Shelli take part with us.
          With love, Polly
        • Patti Garrett
          Hi Shelli: I had just gotten used to receiving your beautiful messages with your heart-touching words and now you decide to no longer post to the group. While
          Message 4 of 4 , Oct 3, 2002
            Hi Shelli:
            I had just gotten used to receiving your beautiful messages with your heart-touching words and now you decide to no longer post to the group.  While I am going to miss your messages more than I could ever say, I know that you are doing what you feel you have to do because you seem to be so enlightened and so spiritual so I am sure you thought about this decision long and hard before you made this decision.
            So while I have to say that I am very sorry that you felt you had to come to this decision, I realize that is because I will no longer be able to read your beautiful messages, so that is a selfish reason.  The decisions we make in our lives are based on what is best for us, and I am sure that was the reason you came to this decision. 
            I really hope that I have not been guilty of saying or doing anything to upset you or cause you any kind of frustration.  I have never expressed that I was someone who received angel messages of any kind because I never have.  I subscribed to this website so I could enjoy all of the messages other people receive all the time, in a sort of vicarious way, I guess.
            However, as everyone who knows me find out, I tend to always ask a lot of questions because, being a triple Gemini, I really have a need to know and to understand everything I read.  The reason for this is that I can't really deal with things I do not understand--I guess you could say this is one of my pet peeves or maybe one of my idiosyncrasies.  Anyway, I have found, through the years that I have been on this spiritual path, that some people don't mind questions while others do and take offense at being asked about something.  So if I have upset you in any way by asking questions or making comments, just know that anything I said was to clarify information for myself, not to question you.
            I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said in this message, and I applaud you for being able to say exactly how you feel.  Not everyone would be so open and candid, so you should pat yourself on the shoulder for sharing your feeling with all of us.
            While I really don't know what you think those of us you have received the benefits of Cynthia's expertise in doing our charts should do in addition to saying "Thank You" in the way of giving energy back, I just want to say that I am so thankful for having the benefit of the skills and talents of both of you in getting my chart done.  If something else is required for the work that has been done, I wish someone would tell me.  
            I do have one question for you, though.  Are you still going to do the chart that you wee in the process of making or is that no longer going to be done?  I am asking because, as I told you, I do not receive angel messages and although I consider myself a neophyte angelologist who has read a lot of books and a lot of articles on angels, I am still interested in learning as much as I can about angels and other heavenly beings from people like you and Cynthia.  In addition, the chart that you were in the process of constructing (or at least the one I thought you were doing) contains some information I had never been privy to before--the nodes and the angels associated with them, and I am very interested in learning more about it, especially in learning which angels are associated with my two nodes.  So now that you no longer plan to post to the group, will Cynthia be gathering that information and constructing the chart, or will the chart now not be constructed at all?
            As I told you earlier in this message, I am really inquisitive, and never fail to ask questions about issues and subjects I do not understand--and the issues raised here are most certainly subjects that fit that bill.
            Because you will no longer be posting to the group, I do not expect an answer here, but should you wish to respond to my message or answer some of my questions, you can always write to my personal e-mail address.  I would always welcome any kind of correspondence from you.  If you do not wish to respond, maybe Cynthia will respond to the questions I posed that relate to her.  Just in case you decide to respond to this in that way, my personal e-mail address is:  angelpjg1@...
            I wish you much success and happiness on your chosen path, and I am sorry that this particular avenue turned out to be disappointing for you.  May life bring you everything you desire and deserve, and may your angels always walk closely with you and protect you from all harm.
            Much love and peace to you always,
            Patti Garrett
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