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Essence of Paradise 10.01.2002 [Balm Of Gilead]

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  • Baba Kundi
    Essence of Paradise is now being sent in the html format, which mean there will be graphics and sometimes midi music in the body of the e-mail. If your e-mail
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      Essence of Paradise is now being sent in the html format, which mean there will be graphics and sometimes midi music in the body of the e-mail. If your e-mail program does not read the html format it may convert parts of this e-mail into attachments because of that. I do not send attachments with these e-mail. Please let me know if you would prefer to receive your e-mail in the text-only format.
      Create A Beauty-Filled Life, One Day At A Time!
      Peace, Love, Light Courage, and Commitment!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Love is the Purest Essence of our being.
      Life is an adventure in Paradise
      Enjoy It While You Can!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Phrase For Today: "BALM OF GILEAD"
      1 : a small evergreen African and Asian tree (Commiphora meccanensis of the family Burseraceae) with aromatic leaves;  also   : a fragrant oleoresin from this tree
      2 : an agency that soothes, relieves, or heals
      3 : either of two poplars:  a : a hybrid northern tree (Populus gileadensis) with broadly cordate leaves that are pubescent especially on the underside  b : BALSAM POPLAR

      "I wish to learn.  Will you teach me?"

      "I do not think that you know how to learn," said the Master.

      "Can you teach me how to learn?"

      "Can you learn how to let me teach?"

      To his bewildered disciples the Master later said: "Teaching only takes place when learning does.  Learning only takes place when you teach something to yourself:"
      Anthony de Mello, S.J.
      The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the
      tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love.  And
      on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have
      discovered fire.  
      Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
      v   v   v
      * This is made possible in part by Scott Reeves.
      Create A Beauty-Full Life, One Day At A Time!
      Love, Respect, Cherish and Support 'All' Life!
      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Meditation for this 2002-10-01
      "Every day, the events you witness or bring about and the people you meet lead you to have certain thoughts and feelings. Be aware, however, that depending on their nature and the strength you have given them, these thoughts and feelings follow a set course in space and then they return to their place of origin, in other words you. If these thoughts and feelings are righteous and generous, blessings will come to you, but if they were contaminated with a poison that stemmed from your head or your heart, do not be surprised if you too feel poisoned. This is what is referred to as the backlash, which is a law that works for better and for worse. Of course, even if you are a disciple of initiatic science, you will not suddenly become able to control your thoughts and feelings. The important thing is that you should be increasingly conscious of the significance of this law and your approach to it. After some time you will then not only be in control of your psychic life, but when harmful influences try to attack you, you will be capable of driving them away."
      Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


      Have you ever asked the one that you Love, the one that cares for you, and Loves you, what she or he wants? Or have you simply taken everything they do for granted? Is what they say think and do truly of any importance to you outside of how it affects you? Or is all that really matters is what they can do for you? Most of the time what others think, say and do is important to us, but we simply forget to show it because we are so caught up in the affairs of our world, of what meets our needs. 

      We all need to stop for a little while, and give a lot more thought and attention to those around us. If we do not take the time to honestly look at those that cross our path, especially those who we Love, who will? So many people are hurting in the world today, but not enough of us are taking the time to notice, and not enough of us are taking the time to show we care . The human race has become so distant, so self absorbed. All of the Sacred teachings teach us about Love, and how we are to care for each other. Are we following those teachings? We must take the time to reach out to others and say; I Care About You! I Love You! And ask the questions; What Do You Want? What Can I Do For You? How Can I Help You? We must stop saying I do not have the time. They have been through this before. When will they learn their lesson. Have we tried to teach them the most important lesson of all, unconditional and selfless Love?

      Loving and caring for another can sooth the deepest pain and bring peace to a troubled heart and Spirit. Love is like The Balm of Gilead. It is said that The Balm of Gilead can make the wounded whole, and it can heal the sick soul. Love is oh so soothing, just like The Balm of Gilead. If you and I took the time to massage those we Love and care about with the Divine Sacred Love that is within us, oh what a wonderful world this would be. You know what? This is a wonderful world because of the Love that created it, and the Love that is in it. That Love is in you, and that Love is in me. All we have to do is release it freely. What good does it do us to keep it locked up inside? What will happen when you try to hide a flame under a bush? The flame will consume the bush and turn it into useless ashes. So what if someone misuses it? There is much more where that came from. We can never give to much Love.

      What A Wonderful World    
      Louis Armstrong
      I see trees of green, red roses too
      I see them bloom for me and you
      And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

      I see skies of blue and clouds of white
      The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
      And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

      The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
      Are also on the faces of people going by
      I see friends shakin' hands, sayin' "How do you do?"
      They're really saying "I Love You"

      I hear babies cryin', I watch them grow
      They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
      And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
      Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

      Oh Yeah!

      It may be hard for some to say, I Love You! Why is this the case for so many of us? It is just like anything else that we do, it gets easier to show and say I Love You the more we show it, and the more we say it. It has been proven over and over again that practice makes perfect. If you Love someone show it through the things you do, and SAY IT! How can saying three little words that consist of only eight letters do so much? Because those three words, those eight letters carry a tremendous amount of power, they carry The Pure Essence of Life. Remember, there is power in the words we speak. The power of life and the power of death are in the words we use. Which words will you choose to use this day? Which energy will you be the bearer of? Will you choose to bring life and Love to the world around you that you create, or will you choose to bring death and destruction to the world around you that you create? Whichever energy that you decide to choose, know that you are choosing exactly the same energy for yourself. That which we give to others returns to us multiplied many time over. That being our Divine reality means that we must give to others, and do for others exactly what we need and what we want done for us and given to us. Let us meditate on that.

      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © Oct. 2002

      The Power of One. . .

      ·.,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

      One song can spark a moment,
      One flower can wake the dream.
      One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring.
      One smile begins a friendship, One hand clasp lifts a soul.
      One star can guide a ship at sea, One word can frame the goal.
      One vote can change a nation, One sunbeam lights a room.
      One candle wipes out darkness, One laugh will conquer gloom.
      One step must start each journey, One word must start each prayer.
      One hope will raise our spirits, One touch can show you care.
      One voice can speak with wisdom, One heart can know what's true.
      One life can make the difference,
      "You See It's Up To YOU!"
      ~Author Unknown~

      ·.,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

      Loving You All,

      I Give Love Freely With No Strings Attached,
      Because I Am Following A Divine Example.
      MOTHER-FATHER GODDESS/GOD Gives Me Love To Freely,
      Even When I Feel That I Am Not Worthy Of Love!
      I LOVE YOU Freely And Openly!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © Oct. 2002

      Peace, Love, and Light To All of Creation!
      Create A Beauty-Full and Prosperous Life,
      One Day At A Time!

       Excellence Award

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