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Re: [lovingpurelove] Re: On Rounding up degrees

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    Thanks Polly, I m thinking along the same lines. Cynthia Hi Ladies, I didn t really agree that it s necessary to change the Angel degree numbers, did I? I
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 30 9:38 PM
      Thanks Polly, I'm thinking along the same lines.   Cynthia

      Hi Ladies,
      I didn't really agree that it's necessary to change the Angel degree numbers, did I?  I didn't mean to agree with Ulla in that regard.  I think it's just a matter of structuring the brain to understand that 1 degree of Libra, means that the degree is finished and moving into the second degree.  I wouldn't want to force a change of the Angel messages, besides we would no longer match the Bardon book if changes were made.

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