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Caring for the art of sharing.

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  • Crystal Meade
    Halo Family of Many Families What a past couple of days. I know I mainly send art to you all, but I felt like sharing my little bit of time with you because
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
      Halo Family of Many Families
      What a past couple of days.  I know I mainly send art to you all, but I felt like sharing my little bit of time with you because of the idea that most of your are Mothers and that within our group soul there is a strong sense of nurturing the feminine spirit and that of the feminine divine, which is the creative essence of Life.
      On the weekend (and part of my energies of my week) I was preparing to audition for the next American Pie Movies incidentally it is entitled American Wedding.
      On Saturday I sat around and listened to the team of producers and the casting agent ... so on and so forth.
      I spent five hours with them and it was as though I was a fish before these fisherman.  It was interesting... but as I sat with them and came to a point where I had me eating from my hand... I realized... I do not want anything to do with the particular space of these beings.  Something of manner... energy... as they sat and saw me coming... I did a two step and walked out the door.  Must of been a precious moment.
      I wasn't all to sure how I felt at turning away this opportunity.
      Although I know ... an energy that said : Turn around and go.
      It is a moment in ones life ... like a path or road.
      Anyway... so on Sunday eve my families pet store (we have another company that I manage) caught fire.  Incidentally my home (apartment) had a fire at relatively the same time.  While I was out with the neighbours due to my residents fire...a message was left on my phone regarding the store and god putting in place that I personally deliver the information.  Parents can be our children... the space of consciousness they are... and how they grow with their children is incredible.  Like any relationship .. sometimes we are parents and sometimes we are children, humanity wise.
      So today ... I went and worked with some other caring souls to recover as many fish as salvable.  400 aquariums = thousands of little aquatic lives.  We did well... in the midst of this great moment of actual living... doing 
      I went towards the front of the building to see about friends coming to gather me and there was a lady sitting in a red car.  She called me to her and I went and kneeled before her car and much like any experience ... we started building bridges and creating a common ground to communicate upon.  
      I am in Canada.  We are a constant mixture of peoples coming together...ever coming together expanding the circles of communion. 
      We did talk, so many ways ... around and about life.  I soon learned she was a security guard in charge of watching the store.  I learned all about her life and roots.  She is from Yugoslavia and she is supporting her son ... husband killed in the war in Kosevo.  So many beautiful life affirming ... beautiful sentiments ended up drawing across about the power of feminity and the long rooted suppression of the feminine spirit of the divine ... or more to say that very growing into this spirit we are becoming.
      The original incident... well, time was a demand and it was required .......... 
      All I can say here: is I realized ... God speaks to us eternally.  In all actions of the moment.  Every possible imaginable form that is of face value... I see as communion ...... And in this ... each unto to all..the light that we are and that we bring to any given moment is so much moe important that What we do.  Or how we do... It is in the art of doing...this Being.  And it is splendid.  There is a gladness in my heart for these moments.
      Life is always bringing new individuals into our experience.
      I shared in on four free range conversations today.
      They were all most blessed.  I see, that we are most in a space to not feel well with the flow of live.  Government
      etc.... But by being a part to humanity, in a collective sense of the whole... things are always exchanging for the better.  Even as one holds a place in humanity... it does matter how much peace we know within our hearts and that the life of Christ is alive in every moment we choose to care for another...because we can.
      That's my peace of the moment.  I am glad to come into these folds...where there is comfort and there is sharing... for the art of caring... about humanity and the parts that create and make us whole. 
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