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    What Do You Hear in the Murmuring of the Trees? By Betty King ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Looking out over our neighborhood,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      What Do You Hear in the Murmuring of the Trees?
      Betty King
      Looking out over our neighborhood, standing alone in their nakedness, the trees spoke to me the other day in a gentle whisper.  “Learn from me,” they seemed to murmur.

      There are trees not much more than saplings, and then there are well-rooted trees that have stood unyielding for generations.  Oak, maple and birch, pine, weeping willow and
      lobe locus and pear, along with a vast array of other trees, are mingled in and around our neighborhood.

      Trees seem to each respect the other, not bothering to show aggression or prejudice nor do they object to sharing the soil that nurtures and feeds them.  What lessons we can learn from them!

      I see knotholes, stripped bark, and woodpecker holes, even broken limbs, yet their remaining branches are lifted heavenward as if seeking strength from God to help them survive, yet, another winter. 

      The older the tree, the deeper its roots and the taller its stance.  In age there are benefits that so often go unnoticed; oh, that humanity and its youth could see the wisdom that age
      can contribute.

      Squirrels scamper along the fencerow and scurry up to their nest in the boughs of the tree, and I marvel that trees do not feel the invasion; if only we people were so eager to help those who were needy.

      Birds rest from flight and woodpeckers continue their drumming as I watch and listen to further whispered wisdom; rest for the weary and provisions for the hungry are such simple things to provide.

      As saplings mature and their roots grow deeper and they become giants in their service, despite those who ignore or abuse them, I stand amazed at their continued loyalty amidst struggles. 

      Winds blow and snow falls and disease threatens even the mature and the aged; trees never outgrow the hardships of living and providing.  They seem to find adversity strengthens them; if we humans in our troubles would only look for the strength we can gain through our adversities.

      The cold winter season  calls for the tree’s apparel to change from its leafy green to a natural brown or winter white or an icy-clear.  There is never complaining they have nothing to wear.  Being content in whatever state you find yourself has been
      practiced for centuries by those who stand with dignity, even when stripped down to their bark; if only we people would take lessons from them.

      In the Redwood Forest age is revered.  There trees have distinction for longevity and are respected and admired by all who witness their honored position; we humans would do well to respect those qualities in our own species. 

      How many people ponder upon the adversities trees have survived?  Those who make it through centuries of hardships and continue to grow have learned to face harsh conditions of all kinds; let their lessons reach we who must endure hardships for long periods of time.

      There are insects and diseases, wild life invasions and human disregard for conservation.  The beauty amidst hardship never ceases to amaze me when it comes to nature.

      We people who live with diseases, we who are often ignored or passed over or mistreated, must not wallow in self-pity but persevere and be an example to others with our faith and our will. 

      I hear the whisper of wisdom as the wind blows through the branches and feel the cold chill down my spine as I see the snowfall. 

      But I know the whispered murmurs are really for me.  I know age can bring wisdom, and adversities can strengthen, and that I can see good and helpfulness in mankind, if I only look for it.

      I challenge you, too, to look around you each day and see the messages God supplies to you in nature, in friends, in your brother or sister, in mankind. 

      So much of life is given to us as instructions for us to gleam wisdom, to be in awe of, not ignore or treat passively. 

      If only we spent as much time seeking wisdom as we do complaining.  If only we trusted God the way nature does.  If only we sought contentment as much as we seek “things,” we too could be pillars of strength to those who look upon us seeking for answers to life.

      Listen to the murmuring of the trees - what are they telling you?

      C 2006 Betty King

      A.S.A.P. always say a prayer. 
      Blessings to you
      Ona Qwe,Maki
      Wakan Tanka Kici Un
      Of the Light

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