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  • Patti
    Hello all of you special people again: I am still having a few problems getting my files to work correctly as I was not able to find this picture in my
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2006
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      Hello all of you special people again:
      I am still having a few problems getting my files to work correctly as I was not able to find this picture in my pictures file today so I am just using a message I used before because I love to use Archangel Michel graphics with these messages, if at all possible.
      That said, let me get to the messages for today.  I apologize for it taking me so long to figure things out, but it should be relatively smooth sailing from here on out or at least better than it has been.  I guess it will not be totally smooth until I get the new computer, but as long as I am able to send and receive messages, I am not going to complain because, to me, that is a blessing in and of itself.
      For my message today for all of us from the Archangel Michael cards, it is:  "You have heard, time and time again, to live in the moment, that today is all you have.  We tell you that you have an eternity, but you must decide how you will experience eternity."
      What could ever be added to that to make it any more profound!
      Now for the words from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar for today, which are: 
      "We need an older angel
      if we're gonna make it through
      One who's been around this block
      we're on a time or two
      If he knows all the angels
      then we might have a prayer
      We need an older angel
      if we're gonna make it there.
      -----Kate Campbell, 'Older Angel
      Then for the message from my Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' desk calendar for  today, which is:  "I am joyous today.  Humor contributed to my total well-being."
      Boy, is that a true statement!  Many nights, in the middle of the night, when I have not seen anything humorous for a few hours, most especially if I have watched a lot of drama, heavy or intense shows, I will look through all of my cable station, just to find something humorous or funny so I can go to sleep with a smile on my lips.  Sometimes it is had, but if I am up around 4 a.m., there is always a lot of fun shows to watch, which I do very often.
      Finally, the last message I am going to share right now one from the 52 Healing Rituals cards, and for today, that one is:
      "Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  Focus your attention on one group of muscles, starting from your head and ending with your toes.  Tense a muscle group for 5 to 7 seconds, then release and relax it for 15 to 20 seconds.  Don't ever forget to pay attention to even the tiny muscles in your eyebrows.  After this exercise, your body should feel completely at rest. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a good technique to practice if you have problems falling asleep."
      That is a great way to relax at any time especially when you are really stressed out or are having problems falling asleep; however, thinking about doing this always reminds me of a joke I heard many years ago that I hope you all enjoy.
      A woman whose husband was in the army and away from home was having trouble sleeping, so when she went to her doctor, she was given this technique.  Just as she finished the exercise and relaxed every muscle in her body, her bedroom door flew open and in came her husband,  saying:  "Honey, guess  what!  I am home on leave."
      Immediately, the woman said, "'Every muscle and every thing, wake up, wake up immediately!"
      I know this may be a silly joke, but it always makes me laugh and brings some humor into my life.  So I hope some of you, at least, enjoy my attempt at humor today.  I also hope that some of you will find some words of interest or food for thought in today's messages.  And may you all feel the presence of Archangel Michael as well as God and all the other archangels all around you all day, no matter where you go or what you do.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti
      or Today s Message Hello all of you special people again: Let me now get to my messages for today after spending five hours deleting and responding to messages
      Message 2 of 2 , May 1, 2006
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        or Today's Message

        Hello all of you special people again:
        Let me now get to my messages for today after spending five hours deleting and responding to messages I did not get to yesterday, because I was only on line a few minutes.
        That said, the message from my Archangel Michael  cards for today is:  "Always remain the observer, always stay heart-centered and soul-focused, thereby drawing on yur higher strength and the wisdom of the unseen realms around you."
        As always, I am not sure how any of you feel about these messages, but I have to say that, for me, this was one of the best ones I have received in a while because it is just so true.  I do hope these words resonate with some of you as well.
        Now, for the message from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar for today, which is: "For reasons. . . which we may not always be able to fully comprehend, we msut at times in our lives go through pain. . . . Whenever we are confronted with problems, angels are ready to help us cope with them." ---- Rosemary Ellen Guiley
        As you all know, I believe in that quote with everything that is in me because, even though I have never seen an angel, I have felt them by me many times, and I know, without a single doubt, that they have helped me many times throughout the years.  I also know that that if we call on them, they will be there for us because to be our helpers, guides, guardians and messengers are the reason God created them for us in the first place.
        And now for the message from my Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' desk calendar.  Because the message for yesterday was so good, I am sharing it, too.  So the one for Sunday was:  "I learn my lessons in life easily and effortlessly."
        Since this is the beginning of May, there is always a special message for the month, which I will share now, and it is:  "I feel my body and my mind getting healthier and more optimistic.  I love the positive way I think these days."
        And now, for the message from this desk calendar for today, which is:  "Forgiving makes me feel free and light.  I forgive everyone, including myself."
        We all already know the power of forgiveness, so this message really goes without saying. But it is great to be reminded of what forgiveness can do dor us.
        Finally,  then, we have the message from my 52 Card Relaxing Rituals deck for today, which talks about 'Call Forwarding.'  "Take a rest from your telephone by turning off the ringer on a regular basis.  Sometime during the evening, or on the week-ends, give yourself a break.  If it is important, people can always leave a message on your answering machine or voice mail.  Also, try letting the phone ring a few times beforfe answering it, as it is more relaxing to finish what you are doing and leisurely stroll over to pick up the phone, insted of jumping up to get it in a Pavlovian  trained-rat way."
        Pretty good advice, don't you think?
        Again, I found a lot of food for thought and inspirational meanings in these messages, and I do hope that some of you do, as well.
        Continue to enjoy your day to the fullest extent possible.
        Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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