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Summing Up

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Dear Loving Pure Love Group, You may remember my posting of yesterday called God s Pure Light which included this statement, The other day I experienced being
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2001
      Dear Loving Pure Love Group,

      You may remember my posting of yesterday called God's Pure Light
      which included this statement,

      "The other day I experienced being touched by the Great Creative
      Power. I was contacting the beyond for healing energy for all
      levels of life, ie. physical, emotional, mental, and focusing on
      being only a conduit of healing power."

      This is a powerful call for healing and wholeness.

      The postings of Esoteric Astrology and the Great White Buffalo, are
      also expressive of the goal of wholeness, as in looking to the
      terminology of "Synthesis", "Unified Field", "Great Central Sun",
      "as above, so below", "God/Goddess within, and without".

      I am suggesting that we will succeed by expressing the will to
      achieve healing and wholeness, and opening ourselves to the healing
      power that constantly pervades the universe as light and love, and
      becoming a conduit of that healing power within our every cell, to
      restore wholeness within ourselves and the lives of others.

      This healing includes all living things; plants, animals, and the
      planet atmosphere, soil, and waters.
      Whatever life it is, it is accomplished the same way, by being the
      conduit of the healing power.

      All particles restored to wholeness vibrate with perfection, and all
      living things experience the pure consciousness of love, light,
      harmony, and perfection.

      We, as life forms, are asking for healing, and it is at hand. As we
      become restored, we are better able to serve life, mind, and the
      universe by becoming pure conduits of the all-pervading healing rays
      of love and light. Thus we are restored to wholeness, synthesized,
      unified, purified, and at-one with All-That-Is, and work to shed the
      penetrating rays of light and love into the hearts, minds, and souls
      of those who need healing and wholeness.

      When the All is healed, humanity will know perfection.

      Great blessings to all healers.

      Love, Polly
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