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To Share Messages from my Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' and my 'Angels All Around Us' Desk Calendars

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone: I am not sure that this message will transmit, but I just had to try because I so loved this message today from Leslie, along with all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2006
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      Hello everyone:
      I am not sure that this message will transmit, but I just had to try because I so loved this message today from Leslie, along with all the others she shared with us.  In fact, I now have so much Elvis stationery in my files, thanks to Leslie, Vivian, Roberta and Angel Judy, all of  whom I know has shared stationery in the past, and anyone else who might have shared some with me, I find that I now need to make a file just for that stationery alone.  Because I still cannot access my stationery files in the normal way, I am going to just keep all of these in my OE stationery files until that gets fixed and I know I will be able to access them in the right way.
      Anyway, I just felt led to use this today because I love this song it seems to go with the message from my Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' desk calendar, which is 'I eagerly look forward to the future.'  
      Isn't that part of what the future is about -- having dreams and goals and having them come true?  At least that is part of what looking to the future means to me, along with a chance to make things better for myself, those around me and even attempt to make them better for the world by doing all I can to conserve energy, conserve space, save the planet and keep peace in my heart all the time so I can transfer that peace to everyone I meet. 
      Now for the message from my 'Angels All Around Us'  desk calendar for today is:  "The first recording of angels is really from a time of Zoroaster, about the fifth century B.C.  An angel called Good Man came to him, came to the prophet as a messenger from God.  Angels always appear as messengers; this is their function." ----  Malcolm Godwin
      Maybe that was the original reason for angels being created, but that reason has been expanded so much any more so that now they are not only messengers, but guardians, guides, helpers, watchers and so many other things to those of us who believe in them and want them in our lives daily.   My only regret about angels, so far, is that I often do not call on them for help when I should or as much as I should, even though I know they are standing by and will give their help when called upon and also that I have not yet had an angel encounter.  In addition, while I sense them or feel them, I have never seen one, although I know, with all my heart, that they are always with me.  In fact, I had someone at class last Wednesday night tell me I had three around me at that time.  She told another woman she only had two, so maybe she really was seeing them.  I do know, though, that lately I have felt like I needed more help because of all that is going on with people I know and love, so maybe I need an extra one or two to help me out now.  I do believe that we are each given one guardian angel at birth and that we are sent as many as we need during certain times in our lives, and that they are sent to us by God (who or whatever you deem God to be in your life) and under His total control. 
      Now let me say that I hope you are all experiencing a beautiful day - it is absolutely beautiful here even though we had tornado watches all around us last night.  Today the weather is just as it should be, warm and spring-like, with greenery all around.  I have not planted any plants this year because I had such a problem with them for the last two years.  Right now I am not sure whether I will or not even plant tomatoes because I had to purchase plants two times last year since the first ones died.  As I have  said many times, I most definitely do not have a green thumb.  And I hate that because I am so desirous of planting some plants on one side of my front yard to keep the leaves off of my porch.  I have tried different plants for the past three years and none of them have grown, mostly because that part of the yard is in the shade more than the sun because it is under the overhang of my porch roof.
      So if anyone has any idea of any kind of plants that will grow in a place like that, for sure, please let me know because I am willing to try anything, hopefully something that will grow and not die this time.
      Again, I hope you all experience the greatest and most special day possible.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      June 2005

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