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Angel Patty.

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    I wanted to reply to you on your message on your friend yesterday. I find that sometimes when a situation comes up like your friend. The friend just may not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2006
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      I wanted to reply to you on your message on your  friend yesterday.
      I find that sometimes when a situation comes up like your friend.   The friend just may not of being able to handle that emotion that may have been triggered.  
      I am guilty of this one.  Lucky that I have a friend that allows me to go off in my own little world and drift back when I am ready to talk about things again.
      Even if this person doesn't come back into your world.
      Charish the moments you shared.  Know that in the eternal world.  All those feelings will be forgotten and the spiritual person takes  light back into the friendship.  
      I am very bad at trying to make friends with people.
      I allow very few in my life.  But I am getting better.
      When someone comes into my life.  I go to them with no expectation.  And take it only for the moment.   If it grows with each day. Then I am blessed.  
      But I try not to look at human emotion as  my judge.
      I try and remember the spirit of the person ,  The person they may not be aware of yet. 
      my oldest friendship is 20 years.  And she said way back then that she saw me as I was.  Not the person I was projecting.   I love her.  For she never gave up on me.  When I gave up on myself.  Now I try and see life the way she does.  So I can stay in the daily awareness of potential in all people.  The true self. 
      Look at our group.  Wow!  what talent.  What love.  What forgiveness.  That is what we try and inspire to those we touch.
      If we find people that don't have those  qualites.  We pray for them.  We give it to God to heal their hearts tell they find the light again.
      Trust me.  I've turned on and off the light several times.
      Now. I pray I may have the Godly energy to leave the light on. 
      But if it goes off.  I pray others remind me to turn it back on. 
      Support is really where it is at.  Maybe she needs your support.  Reach out one more time and remind  her you are there.  Let it go.  See if she comes back in time.   But never say good by.  Just see you soon.!   
      hugs, Patti Angel!   Keep shining.   Roxy
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