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  • Constance Kosuda
    Alliance for Justice wrote: To: ckosuda@yahoo.com From: Alliance for Justice Subject: Full Court
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      Alliance for Justice <AllianceForJustice@...> wrote:
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      Subject: Full Court Press: How Courts Affect You
      Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 16:35:55 -0600

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      Alliance for Justice introduces Full Court Press

      Through its Judicial Selection Project,
      Alliance for Justice has worked for more than 20 years to raise public awareness about the importance of the federal judiciary at all levels.
      For many people, though, most court decisions remain intangible and obscure.

      To complement our ongoing work and to
      demonstrate more concretely the effect that judges favored by so-called "movement" conservatives are having on American law and life, AFJ will
      begin publicizing noteworthy decisions through a new project called Full Court Press (http://e2ma.net/go/230674076/187101/5333554/goto:http://www.afj.org/fullcourtpress.html).

      Full Court
      Press (http://e2ma.net/go/230674076/187101/5333554/goto:http://www.afj.org/fullcourtpress.html) will keep you up-to-date
      about the rapidly increasing number of judicial opinions that unjustifiably restrict rights, undermine legal protections,
      and adversely affect real people.

      Until now, many important court decisions
      have escaped notice, except perhaps for a brief mention in a legal publication. Full Court Press (http://e2ma.net/go/230674076/187101/5333554/goto:http://www.afj.org/fullcourtpress.html) is an effort to bring these court decisions front and center.

      We will pay particular attention to
      opinions written or joined by Supreme Court justices and lower court judges whose appointments have been part of the right wing's on-going
      effort to dramatically reshape the law.

      Full Court Press (http://e2ma.net/go/230674076/187101/5333554/goto:http://www.afj.org/fullcourtpress.html)
      is part of AFJ's broader effort to help the American people and their elected
      representatives understand that the courts address an expansive range of issues that have a real effect on all of our lives, and that many rights and
      protections we take for granted are under threat.

      AFJ looks forward to providing you with this informational tool,
      and to receiving your help in promoting Full Court
      Press (http://e2ma.net/go/230674076/187101/5333554/goto:http://www.afj.org/fullcourtpress.html) and the important information it contains.

      Here are several noteworthy rulings handed down in recent

      Gutting a Law Intended to Protect Children with Disabilities

      a Nixon-appointed federal judge ignored contrary decisions from other courts and ruled that a Medicaid-dependent, Florida girl with severe
      disabilities had no right to challenge a state agency's decision to deny her a power wheelchair, even though her doctors had deemed it medically
      necessary. The girl's disabilities include paraplegia, developmental delay, scoliosis, Arnold Chiari Malformation, cloacal exstrophy,
      hydrocephalus, caudal regression, spina bifida and a tethered spinal cord. Click here to find out more

      Giving a Pass to Decades of Blatant Discrimination

      On March 9, 2006, the Fourth Circuit, the
      most conservative appeals court in the country, issued a split 2-1 decision that effectively denied 1.4 million "low income, impoverished, and
      disadvantaged African-Americans" an opportunity to remedy decades of racial injustice. The opinion was authored by Bush I appointee Karen
      Williams - often mentioned as a potential Bush II Supreme Court nominee - and joined by a Bush II district court appointee.

      in 1911, and continuing until 2000, when the practice officially ended, the Jefferson-Pilot company charged African-Americans higher rates than
      whites for industrial life insurance policies. Despite the plain prohibitive language of post-Civil War anti-discrimination laws,
      Jefferson-Pilot boldly argued that the practice was "a wise business decision based on mortality tables showing that African-Americans had shorter
      life expectancies and were thus higher life-insurance risks than similarly situated whites." Click here to find out more

      Fourth Circuit Conservatives Erode Environmental and Public Health Restrictions on Mountaintop Removal ...

      Last month, by a 5-3 vote, the full Fourth Circuit refused to reconsider the decision
      of an all Republican-appointed three-judge panel that makes it substantially easier for mining companies to engage in the environmentally hazardous
      practice of blasting away mountaintops to extract coal. The five judges who chose not to disturb the panel decision?
      All conservative Republican appointees. The three who voted to rehear it? All Democratic
      appointees. The decision was the third time in five years that an all Republican-appointed Fourth Circuit panel unjustifiably
      reversed a West Virginia district court order that would have enforced appropriate legal restrictions on mountaintop removal. Perhaps that says
      something about the importance of the party of the nominating president. Click here to find out


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