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To Share the Message from the Daily Word for Today

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone yet again: Because this is the first day of April, I would like to share some extra message from this wonderful booklet with all of you today.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Hello everyone yet again:
      Because this is the first day of April, I would like to share some extra message from this wonderful booklet with all of you today.
      First, I wanted to share affirmations for April which are:
      For Inner Peace:  "The Christ of my being is a sanctuary of peace.  I am centered and calm."
      For Guidance:  "I rise to new heights of understanding, through the Christ Spirit within me."
      For Healing:  "I am renewed through the Christ within.  I express health and vitality in mind and body."
      For Prosperity:  "The Christ in me is the wisdom of my soul that enriches my thoughts and my life."  
      Now there is also a special poem by Lenaire Grigsby entitled "Sunrise" I want to share today:
      "In the stillness of the moment
      From the darkness comes the dawn.
      Yesterday what seemed important
      Just as suddenly is gone.
      Now the sun lights up the heavens
      All around a golden hue.
      Once again fresh hope is given
      As a gift we can renew.
      Try to linger in the present.
      Sense the beauty of the day.
      Appreciation brings contentment.
      Understanding shows the way."
      What beautiful words of  hope and promise I found this poem to be for me today!
      Now for the actual daily word message for today.  I used this stationery depicting an Indian maiden praying because I could not seem to locate any others that showed someone in prayer which is part of today's message.  I am not sure, but I think I snagged this from either one of Vivian's, Patches', Angel Judy's or Roberta's messages; I am not really sure which one.  But I do thank whoever shared it in the first place so I would have it to use with today's message.
      The daily word for today is 'Contribute.'
      The daily word thought for today is:  "I think and act in ways that help others in matters great and small."
      Now for the rest of today's message which is:
      "As a child of God, I have something to contribute each day.  I have gifts to give, talents to share and resources to offer.
      "I always begin in prayer and let Spirit guide me from there.  I may be led to assist others with my financial resources, or there may be other situations in which my skills, experience and energy are needed.  My positive attitude sets the tone, and my prayer life supports my efforts.  I move where divine guidance leads me.  Using qualities of creativity and imagination, I think and act in ways that help others in matters large and small.
      "I am grateful that I can contribute (I just wish I could contribute more than I am able to do now each day!)  I appreciate that my gifts, along with the gifts of others, may fill a need in someone's life and in the world.  I am happy to try to make meaningful and lasting contributions to others.
      "Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you have received." ---- 1 Peter 4:10
      Boy, does that message hit home for me because it is what I try to do, each and every day, share contribute what I can and share what I feel might be of benefit to others.  I think  that is one of the main reasons why we have all come together through this forum called the internet, just so we can all come together and share whatever gifts we have or whatever words of wisdom we feel will brighten someone's day or maybe even enrich their lives.
      With that, I am going to bid you all adieu for now so I can take a short rest from entering data.  My hands are getting a bit stiff so  that means they are probably in need of a short rest at least, like the rest of my body.  Besides, as soon as it cools down a bit outside, I am going to hose down my carport to get rid of all the debris that has been collecting there for the past few weeks.
      I do hope you all continue to enjoy your day; that it is filled with hope, promise and fulfillment of planned goals and that it is touched by love in every way you might need today.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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