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Don Camillo

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  • nachiketan
    Dear All, Namaste, When I was just a child..I browsed through many books..and through them all I found many people, God to be my friends..family. It did not
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      Dear All,
      When I was just a child..I browsed through many books..and through them all I found many people, God to be my friends..family. It did not matter if they didint existed in the real world..for me they lived in my heart.
      I feel we create our own creed, religion and cast, and our own God..by how we love, how we open our hearts to the light to come in..and transcend through us..mirroring on other hearts..
      One of the many Authors that I loved the most..there was one who revealed to me Lord Jesus in a never before seen light for me. He was Giovanni Guareshchi.
      He wrote simple books that had humour, life, fragrance of the soil and spirit. These books had profound truths in them..and something that could anyone who read them to God..through the simple yet beautiful divine truths shared in them.
      He didint set out to be a philosopher or spiritualist or with a presumption of knowing things as they were.. What I loved in his books the most is that they had the vastness in them and the beauty..honesty..but none that overwhelmed you..none that imposed on you as how the big books of knowledge do..it just rose on you like a child..with fun, delight and smile.
      I love things as simple and natural as they are to be..and maybe thats why I feel more in books, people, places that come unassumingly and share their magnificance without air, pretence..with casual yet thoughtful love. 
      Don Camillo and Peppone were the two sides of the same coin(It was a famous series of Book that we Wrote as Don Camillo Series Books)..two characters that had their differences and likes..and the Jesus in the stories was, is so utterly lovable and approachable. Its like You could almost touch Lord Jesus and be friend with Him.
      I am not a Christian..so I can not see Lord Jesus as Christians see Him..but the Way I see Him..is More Humane and More simple..someone who is made of the soil of the earth and of spirit inside us..
      For the lovely character of the soil of Italy and its people who seem so close to be earth people in these stories..people who could be coming from any land..but they'd be just the same..sharing the essence and instincts that we all have inside us..
      There are other books that He wrote outside of this series of Book..and they too were just as funny and true to life..
      If You havent meet Don Cammilo as yet..You may read the stories at this site. I hope You'd love them as much as I do.
      There was this time in the world..where things were simple..people were uncurrupt in their heart on most of the whole..when you could expect  to have soul in a book or song..and not any annoying noise with bad words topped the charts. when movies had stories that touched our heart..a time when you could expect decency and grace even from strangers.
      Times have surely changed..even the children of this era dont come as innocent anymore..and the things that troubled the society's  teens are now before the eyes of children. The world seems to have moved on so fast..and even though I did not belong to that old era, age, time..I feel so much to be a part of it there and then..than now.
      Well..I have spoken for long today..I hope You had the time to read it..
      With Much Love & Many Blessings,
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