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To Share Words from Dr. Kimberly Marooney's Angel Love Cards of Devotion, Faith and Grace for Today

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone yet again (and this time I meant to use this stationery because that is where my thoughts seem to continue to go -- to friends): The card I drew
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
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      Hello everyone yet again (and this time I meant to use this stationery because that is where my thoughts seem to continue to go -- to friends):
      The card I drew for us all today is the one on 'Worthiness,' which is something we should all feel about ourselves.  As someone who did not feel worthy of love from anyone, even God, for many years, I know the meaning of this word now that I do, so this is a subject that is very close to my heart.
      "Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words.  It is a constant of awareness of oneness with God." ---- Peace Pilgrim, American religious leader (1908-1981)
      "Everyone is worthy of God's love.  God is always wide open, waiting to embrace you.  (That is not what I was taught as a child; I was taught that when I made a mistake or was bad, God would punish me, which made me run from Him instead of toward Him for many years!)  The Lord is your best friend and is calling you home to his presence.  He is waiting for you to take a step toward him.  You are worthy of his (and God's) love.  Nothing you have done changes that.  God sees only the light and love in your soul.
      "The Angel Worthiness emanates from the presence of God's personal love for you.  This angel's greatest desire is for you to live in God's love.  To help you connect with the personal presence of God, this angel brings you the qualities of humility and devotion that are needed to experience your worthiness in God's love.  To discover your feelings of worthiness, try kneeling in devotion and prayer, asking God to touch your heart with his love.  As you pray, the Angel Worthiness kneels beside you in humility and with the desire for you to be touched by the love of the Lord. 
      "What is your sense of self-worth connected to?  Is it dependent on how much money you have?  Some symptoms of this are feeling superior or better when you have more money and ashamed or inferior when you don't have enough.  Is your sense of self-worth connected to your appearance?  A sign of this illusion is that when you look good, you feel good, and when you have a blemish or your clothes are shabby, you feel embarrassed.  Perhaps your home or car affect how you feel about yourself.
      "How does your behavior influence how you feel around other people and with God?  When you feel depressed, does your appearance reflect that?  Do you wear your worst clothes and neglect yourself, justifying this behavior by saying it's 'more comfortable'?  Take action specifically against that tendency.  Every day, dress attractively.  If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the Lord.
      "True worthiness is a quality of the soul, the truer part of you.  The soul has total self-love and is worthy of the love of God.  This experience is much deeper than current concepts of self-esteem.  It is related to your connection with the source.
      "When you experience God's love, you simultaneously feel love for yourself and for others.  Openness and receptivity are part of worthiness.  Feelings of vitality and passion --- a feeling of being alive --- are yours when you approach the Lord with an open (and receptive) heart and mind.
      "There is a sense of 'Yes' in worthiness.  "Yes, Lord, I will do as you ask."  In an open and receptive state of worthiness, you can hear the Lord's will.  What God asks of you may be frightening, but you can take your angel's hand and ask for courage.  The Lord provides everything you need to succeed in what he asks of you.  The Lord will fill your heart with love and your mind with intelligence when you say 'yes.'
                           Actions to Attract
                     the Angel Worthiness
      ~    Meditate to connect with the deeper state of self-love within your  soul.  Play the song 'Breath of Heaven' by Amy Grant on Home for Christmas to help you feel the qualities of humility and devotion that can connect you to worthiness.  In that state of connection, search for actions that you can take in your life to put a stop to your expressions and feelings of being unworthy.
      ~    In moments when worthiness has triumphed, or at times when you want to feel encouraged and strengthened, play the song 'Life Uncommon' by Jewel on Spirit.  Ask the Angel Worthiness to help you recognize and appreciate your best qualitires.  Write about these qualities in a journal.
      ~    Take action to find the truest qualitires of worthiness within yourself.  Assess how a sense of unworthiness in capturing you and choose instead actions that will bring change.  Pray and meditate as you take these actions, asking the Angel Worthiness to help you find God's love for you, your love for yourself, and your love for others.  The love is there, just waiting for you to seek it.  Here are some ways you can do that:
           *    If you have neglected yourself, improve your own appearance by getting a haircut, touching up your hair color, or coloring your hair for the first time.
          *    To feel cared for, get a manicure or a pedicure.
          *    Take a relaxing bath if you are feeling anxious.
          *    To let go of old ways and find newer qualities within yourself, organize your closed and give away old clothes.  Keep only the clothes that you can use and help you feel worthy.
          *    Give away everything you have around you that you don't use, that doesn't fit and that feels old to you.  Give the things you no longer need or use to others who can benefit from them."   
      Once again, I have received a message that I really did need, not as much as I did in the past, but just to reinforce the things I have learned since I met my first spiritual mentor in 1982 and he started me on my true spiritual path.  I loved this entire message because all of the words spoke straight to my heart and my soul and am so glad that I drew this card for today.
      Even though I have been in the midst of removing clutter from my house and my life since New Years and my resolution to clean up and clear our clutter from my life, this message was just a reminder that I need to continue with my action and even try to speed them up a little.
      I am so grateful every day that my wonderful spiritual mentor, Lafayette, made me see that I was worthy, I was special and I was loveable because meeting him and learning at his feet totally changed my life.  I admit that I still stray ever so often and wonder just how worthy I really am, especially when I have been hit by a Cosmic 2 X 4, but, always without fail, the thoughts that Lafayette put in my mind those many years ago find their way back to the top of my mind, and I remember once again that I am worthy, my life is worthwhile and, like all of us are, that I am a special child of a loving, caring, forgiving God who loves me totally and unconditionally no matter what I might have done or what I might have felt in the past.  I thank God every day for using Lafayette as a conduit to remind me of these things when he did and for continuing to remind me of them every single day.
      BTW, once again I did not have this music, so if anyone out there has these songs or any other songs by these two artists, please share them with me when you have the time.
      For now, I wish you all a day of continued blessings, peace and joy, touched by love in every part of your life.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Because I did not have the requests songs, I used one called 'Breath of Life' instead.  Of course, it would have been better to use either the Amy Grant one or the Jewel one, but since I did not have them, I just used one that I felt would be a substitute today.  
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