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Fw: Bears

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    Dear Loved Ones: Bears: All Bears Keeper of the personal dream, Balance in the tonal world, Teacher/Interpreter of the dream Keeper of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2006

      Dear Loved Ones:  
      Bears:            All Bears         Keeper of the personal dream,
                                                     Balance in the tonal world,   
                                                     Teacher/Interpreter of the dream
                                                      Keeper of Dreams
                              Black               Shadow dream (at affect- nightmares)
                                                      Teaches us to open nightmare into light
                              Brown             Teaches us how to take daydream into light
                              Grizzly             Grandfather dreamer, interprets all dreams
                              Koala               Control Emotions, achieve stability in                                                             dream
                              Polar                Mind power, career in dream
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