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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Dear Loving Pure Love Friends, Leonard Wilkinson forwarded this message to another list, and it is very much worth sharing with everyone. It seems a marvelous
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2001
      Dear Loving Pure Love Friends,
      Leonard Wilkinson forwarded this message to another list, and it is very much worth sharing with everyone.
      It seems a marvelous description of life coming into it's own, and analogous to the revelation of "eating freely from the tree of life".  This is the rebirth, resurrection, enlightened soul.  This is one who has become whole, containing the Heart, Spirit, and Consciousness of All-That-Is.
      Thank you, Leonard.  Please send us the url link to the website.
      Love, Polly

      Discovering the God Goddess Within

      The Buffalo Species and the Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"
      February 2, 2001

      We, the Buffalo Species, wish to address a pertinent issue in the
      human dance, which is the ongoing and underlying desire to find GOD
      or GODESS as a deity to be worshipped outside of oneself. It is our
      wish, and in our agreements with the Red Seeded Race of which all of
      humanity is related, to assist humanity in awakening. In so doing, we
      wish to explore this thought-form of an external God or Goddess and
      it's origin in greater detail. We shall explore such thought-form in
      the hopes that more humans shall transcend the need to find God
      Goddess outside of themselves and rather come to understand that they
      are and have always been God Goddess within.

      Long ago, a race of humans was seeded upon Earth. This race came from
      the Sirius star system, and came with agreements to support Earth in
      holding her ever increasing frequency in preparation for attaining a
      state of a star many thousands of years into the future. All humans
      are related to this red seeded race of humans that originated from
      Sirius. Such humans had ongoing telepathic connection to all other
      humans upon Earth along with all kingdoms. Such humans understood the
      intricate dance of global energy that they were apart of, and did
      their part to support Earth as a whole. Such humans knew that they
      were a conscious species.

      What is a conscious species? A conscious species is one that is
      incarnated into individually, and as such, each form holds a part of
      God Goddess All That Is. Because each form is individually incarnated
      into, each form therefore holds an aspect of God Goddess All That Is.
      An aspect knows it is not the sum-total of God Goddess All That Is,
      for the sum total would exist only as all aspects stood as a united
      force outside of any one individual form. However, any aspect does
      indeed understand that they are a part of the whole, a part of God
      Goddess All That Is expressed in and through an individual form.

      In understanding that one is a part of God Goddess All That Is, one
      has no need to seek God Goddess outside of oneself. Therefore,
      worship of deities outside of oneself was not prevalent in the
      experience of the original seeded race. For the seeded race
      understood that no single human aspect is more of a God Goddess than
      any other aspect. Nor was any one species more of an aspect of God
      Goddess than any other species, as each indeed contained part of God
      Goddess All That Is.

      As such, the seeded human race was humble, and yet powerful. An
      aspect of God Goddess holds the holographic remembrance of the whole
      of God Goddess All That Is. Therefore each aspect incarnate in human
      form could draw upon the entire hologram of God Goddess All That Is
      for the purposes of evolution. As such, each aspect was a channel or
      vessel for the power of God Goddess All That Is in the holographic
      remembrance of the whole of which one is a part. The Red Seeded Race
      was not powerless, indeed they were powerful and could draw upon all
      of the power of God Goddess All That Is as necessary. They also
      understood that they were a part of the power, a part of the whole,
      and therefore were humble in such an understanding.

      Along came another race of other humans. Such humans had separated
      from the whole long before they came to Earth. Such humans came from
      another star system known as the Plieades. Such humans had already
      fallen into a separated off state in which God Goddess was not
      honored in all other species. Such humans experimented and distorted
      the seeded red race by enslaving them. The seeded red race would not
      do the work that the Pleiadian's wished, as they were not interested
      in being enslaved in the remembrance of the truth of their "God
      Goddess-ness". Therefore the Plieadians created yet another paired
      down race of humans with less genetic material from their own genetic
      strain to do the work that the seeded red race refused to do.

      This slave race was indeed obedient, and indeed did all of the work
      that the Pleiadian's wished. However, this slave race also lost all
      remembrance of the fact that they were an aspect God Goddess in form.
      As a result, they perceived God Goddess outside of themselves and
      worshipped their Plieadian "masters". The slave race viewed their
      Plieadian masters as God Goddess and they themselves as less than,
      subordinate, finite, and ultimately to be used. This is the root of
      such belief systems in God Goddess being "without" along with all
      thought-forms of worship, subordination and usury in the human dance.

      Over time, and due to much destruction, the seeded red race and slave
      race blended genetic material. The blending is so extreme that there
      is hardly one human incarnate today that cannot trace their roots to
      the slaves themselves along with the seeded red race. All humans will
      find that they also hold heritage to the Plieadian "Gods" or Annanuki
      themselves, as the Plieadians interbred heavily with the slaves.

      The Plieadian race extended their life through the slaves.
      They "drank of the slaves blood". This was the elixir of the "Gods"
      that extended their lives thousands of years beyond the normal life
      span of a Plieadian in so doing! Immortality became the goal, and
      indeed more and more slaves were sacrificed for the blood to sustain
      the lives of the Plieadian "Gods"! And so one can see from this why
      the slaves perceived them as Gods for they outlived all slaves.
      Slaves had a 500-year life span, and the Plieadian Gods lived upwards
      of 18,000 years. Immortality and Godliness became associated in such
      a thought-form.

      True God Goddess does not seek to live forever. True God Goddess does
      not seek immortality. The red seeded race knew true God Goddess
      within, and could not understand the thought-form of the Annanuki
      Plieadians. Why would any human that undersstood themselves to be an
      aspect of the whole of God Goddess All That Is, and understood their
      multidimensional connections and relationships outside of form, wish
      to live forever? Consciousness doesn't die, it moves on to other
      experiences outside of time and space and form when the lessons are
      complete. No lesson takes 18,000 years to be understood beloved!

      The Annanuki wished to extend their life forever because they had
      entered a state of forgetfulness of their multidimensional
      associations. They ceased to remember that they were a part of the
      whole, a part of God Goddess All That Is. And in so doing, they
      sought to be worshipped as God Goddess and created a slave race to
      fulfill upon their desire. They also used the slave race to sustain
      their lives without regard to how such a dance would effect Earth and
      all species upon her.

      Earth is a consensus reality. A consensus reality is made up of all
      species that co-reside upon Earth. Each species contributes their
      thought-form to the whole of Earth. Any species, such as the
      Pleiadian's and their incubated slave race therefore contributes
      their thought-form to the consensus known as Earth in the act of
      residing upon her. And so as the thought-form of God Goddess became
      externalized in the Plieadian dance, so it became externalized for
      all species upon Earth. Such is the nature of the inter-relatedness
      of all things within a consensus reality.

      How did this effect each species? Ah, this is an interesting thing
      and Buffalo would like to explain. Each species suddenly believed
      themselves less than God Goddess as a result of the thought-form
      transferred into the consensus through the Plieadian slave race. In
      so doing, each species subjugated themselves to humanity upon the
      physical plane. Why does humanity "conquer and pillage" earth? Why
      does humanity dump toxic wastes in Earth's waterways? Why does
      humanity believe itself superior to nature, and nature some sort of
      inferior form of genetics? This is only so because each species
      allowed it to be so within their own thought-form.

      Each species upon Earth is transcending such thought-form at this
      time in their planetary evolution known as global ascension. As such,
      each species is awakening to the fact that they are indeed God
      Goddess in form. In so doing, the dance that has plagued Earth and
      almost cost Earth her continued evolution is coming to an end at long
      last. Mankind will need to come into balance and remember that they
      too are God Goddess in form and that all species upon Earth are God
      Goddess in form, or mankind shall perish. Mankind shall perish as
      there shall be no longer any resonance to hold their presence within
      the consensus known as Earth. Earth is no longer willing to subjugate
      herself to the human dance beloved! And so the human dance must
      change, or it shall cease to be.

      Each species has been effected by human thought-form. Do you know
      where parasitic insects come from? As the Plieadians began to drink
      the blood of their slaves and the seeded red race, they became
      parasites that preyed upon their human brothers and sisters. Any
      thought-form in a consensus reality expressed by one part of the
      whole automatically is transferred to the whole of the consensus. As
      the human thought-form that was parasitic came to be, nature embraced
      such a thought-form and suddenly parasitic forms of insects and
      species evolved and became present upon Earth.

      Do you know where the "black widow" came from? The Plieadians
      developed elaborate sacrificial rituals of lovemaking followed by
      death and then drank the blood of their slaves. As this experience
      became a part of the consensus of Earth, a species whom devoured
      their mate upon love making such as the "black widow" spider also
      came to be.

      Do you know where "poisons" come from? The Plieadian scientists
      sought poisonous substances to control their "slave" populations, and
      as such substances were developed, the thought-form of "poison"
      became prevalent upon the consensus known as Earth. As such a thought-
      form became present, nature responded by creating poisonous plants
      and substances upon Earth. One will also note that poisons and their
      antidote grow within a few feet of one another in your forests. Why
      is this so? Well, the Plieadian scientists also created an antidote
      to their poisons and it was shelved in their warehouses right next to
      the poisons!

      Do you see how nature responds to human thought-form? It mimics human
      thought-form as humans being a conscious species are designed to
      direct thought-form upon whatever planet or star that they are
      incarnate upon. The human species is a conscious species. The human
      species was designed to "think" certain thoughts and transfer them to
      Earth for the purposes of evolution. Such were the agreements between
      Earth and the seeded red race.

      Within ascending humans of the seeded red race early in human
      history, thoughts were altered in the act of evolution, and such
      thoughts became global in nature through the consensus reality
      thereby assisting Earth in moving up in vibration. Such corrections
      allowed for an increase in vibration of the sum-total of Earth as a
      result of human ascensions. This was the original purpose of the red
      race coming to Earth to assist Earth in rectifying that which had
      caused many falls in consciousness and vibration as a consensus many
      years prior to their original seeding.

      The subsequent invasion and take-over of the Plieadian race had the
      opposite effect of dismantling what the seeded red race had
      accomplished in their early ascensions and adding new and more
      disastrous thought-forms to Earth than Earth had ever known. Such
      thought-forms brought forth decline after decline in vibration over
      time, leading to a state of being that is very painful to all species
      upon Earth in present time.

      Those whom are ascending in human form are correcting the mistakes of
      their Plieadian predecessors. The Plieadian race is your race as a
      human upon Earth, for they blended with all other humans upon Earth.
      To say that the Pleiadian's are outside of oneself is a great lie. As
      humans ascend, they shall address their Plieadian inheritance and all
      karma held therein, and release it in full. They shall also address
      all of the slave karma and release it in full. As this is
      accomplished, the original inheritance from the red seeded race can
      be brought forth to fulfill upon its original mission, which is to
      ascend and assist Earth in ascending.

      Each human must process their own ancestral karma in the act of
      ascension. We have had many initiates write us in argument with the
      facts that the Buffalo Species are presenting in their series of
      articles. We would like to state that each human has their own truth
      surrounding such experiences. Each individual truth is held within
      one's own genetics. Therefore it is up to each human to explore their
      own karma from Plieadian, slave or the seeded red race lineages to
      understand what their truth is. When Buffalo writes, Buffalo accesses
      the collective knowledge obtained thus far through ascending humans
      likewise examining such things in their own evolution. Such records
      are not held within Buffalo, they are held within the human form, and
      they are indeed your own records as a species. We choose therefore
      not to argue about such things, but rather direct each to explore
      their own truth within.

      As one ascends, one embraces a new thought-form. Our channel has
      brought through the symbols, which she has called the "Language of
      Light" (see the "Language of Light" upon our web site for more
      information). The Language of Light is a language that contains the
      information on ascension that when downloaded allows one to release
      karma from one's own personal inheritance. The information also
      triggers the human form to transmute itself into a biological form
      that is related to the original seeded red race, which is known as
      the "crystalline" structure. Much more has been written of the
      crystalline structure in our channels earlier material, and we wish
      not to delve into this any further other than to say that ascension
      cannot occur without biological transmutation.

      Why is this so? It is the biology that holds the thought-form of
      slavery, or victimization, or usury, or abuse. The biology is a
      living hologram that holds records of every incident that has ever
      occurred in human form, both upon Earth and upon all dimensions that
      the human form is related within your creation! As one begins to
      transmute the biology, the karmic keys to one's inheritance can be
      transmuted and released in full so that the new paradigm of unity can
      emerge within one's thought-form along with one's embodiment.

      A unity-based body does not age, it does not decay, it does not know
      illness, it knows a life span that is ageless and can ascend to the
      next dimension. What humanity knows with only two strands is not
      unity based, is disunity based, and as a result leads to the current
      dance that humanity knows along with the experience of aging, disease
      and death. The Annanuki also knew an ageless form, and through
      certain practices of vampirism learned to extend their lives through
      feeding off of others, feeding both of the blood and of the chi. Such
      forms of life extension do not honor, and this is not what the unity
      based genetics is for. Unity based genetics are for the purposes of
      evolution and ascension beloved, not immortality through vampirism.

      Humanity takes more than they give as a whole, much like the Annanuki
      that fed off of their own slave race, taking of them and giving
      nothing in return. Humanity takes resources that Earth requires to
      ascend. Your governance is still bartering gold to other star systems
      in exchange for technology. Gold holds the vibration necessary for
      Earth to ascend, beloved! The Annanuki likewise bartered off so much
      of Earth's resources that the ice shields could no longer be
      sustained and they collapsed becoming your oceans!

      Humanity pollutes Earth with its technological waste. In a similar
      fashion, the Annanuki polluted Earth with their non-resonant
      technological waste. This required the experience of the breaking of
      the ice shields to cleanse Earth with the "great flood" and creation
      of your oceans. Such present-day toxins will likewise require
      transmutation by all species in order to ascend. It is for this
      reason that all of the changes to Earth's surface are now a
      requirement, for how else are we to transmute the toxins humanity has
      left behind? Many humans will live to experience such disasters in
      the form of natural occurrences, some dying or being injured by them.
      This is only so because of humanities contribution to such a
      creation, and yes humanity shall experience the inherent difficulties

      This need not be so for those whom are ascending. Those whom are
      ascending are rectifying such problems in the human dance in the
      choice to ascend. In the choice to ascend, one ceases to take more
      than they give. How is this so? As a human form is modified to hold a
      higher vibration, one gives chi to Earth in a co-creative dance or
      exchange with nature. As such, an ascending human ceases to take more
      than they give and contributes their part to the overall ascension of

      An ascending human gradually re-learns to work in collaboration with
      nature. As each human opens to hearing the messages of nature, they
      will be attuned to when the natural disasters are to occur, and shall
      vacate such regions long before such a thing occurs in the physical.
      This requires opening the heart chakra in the act of ascension, for
      hearing nature requires the ability to love.

      Communion, or the dance of soul and form in an interconnection to all
      of Earth and God Goddess All that Is, is accomplished through an open
      heart. As the heart opens, one can begin to hear nature, along with
      one's owns soul and then may follow such guidance from within. An
      open heart feels deeply. An open heart may weep and weep and weep as
      one reviews the karma surrounding one's ancestry. Allow the weeping,
      allow the feeling, for as one cleanses the pain, there is room for
      the joy, beloved.

      As one opens the heart, one comes into contact with their soul. The
      soul is held in a cavity behind the etheric heart inside of the heart
      chakra. Most souls have never had contact with anything outside of
      the cavity once having entered the form shortly before or after
      birth! Do you know how separated off and lost such souls feel having
      been contained inside of a vessel in which no one can hear or
      communicate with them? As the first contact is made, great joy along
      with great pain may be felt. However, as first contact is made with
      one's soul, the beginning of the end of all feelings of loneliness,
      isolation and separation also comes forth.

      Where do the feelings of loneliness and isolation come from? They
      come from the soul that cannot be heard, but the feelings of soul are
      still felt by the form. As one peels away the layers of armoring
      surrounding the heart, one eventually reconnects with the soul inside
      of oneself. The soul within is nothing but an aspect of God Goddess
      All That Is, and is indeed the God Goddess within! The God Goddess
      within shall strive to reunite with the God Goddess All That Is that
      lies without. This occurs as shattered aspects of soul are retrieved,
      one layer at a time, as one ascends in vibration.

      Vibrations are held surrounding Earth like layers of an onion. Within
      each layer are pieces of one's soul that shattered as Earth and the
      human species declined in vibration. As one ascends into a particular
      bandwidth of vibration that one's soul was lost within, the soul
      without can be reunited with the soul within, and the two expand
      together. As each layer is recovered, and expands and expands, in
      time the soul within and without connects to God Goddess All That Is
      again. In so doing, one ceases to feel alone or separated off ever

      In the tracking of initiations and genetic materials that our channel
      has defined from her own experience of ascension, this requires
      Initiation 1800 or embodying 1800 strands of DNA to heal the rift
      between the soul within and God Goddess All That Is. (See "Articles
      section" and Ascension Transmissions I, II & III upon our web site
      for more detailed information about the initiatory process). It is as
      initiation 1800 is embodied that an ascending human begins to
      understand enough thought-forms within the Language of Light to
      communicate with the Great Central Sun and God Goddess All That Is

      If you could imagine that God Goddess All That Is speaks a different
      language from the human species upon Earth. This makes it impossible
      for God Goddess to understand the human dance, and humanity to be
      heard by God Goddess All That Is. Much like the many foreign
      languages that developed in different regions within the human dance,
      there are many dialects or languages between star systems and within
      God Goddess All That Is.

      Many have come to understand that Earth has now entered the Great
      Central Sun in recent weeks. As such, Earth is bathed with the
      thought-form of the Great Central Sun now, however, Earth has had no
      ability to understand or attune to such thoughts. The Language of
      Light was developed by all species upon Earth as a bridge between the
      distorted language that Earth had fallen into over time and the
      language of the Great Central Sun. All species whom are ascending are
      embracing the Language of Light in full to allow ongoing
      communication with the Great Central Sun as it was entered.

      As one embraces the Language of Light within their personal
      ascension, one ceases to feel alone any longer. Many initiates
      studying with our channel will attest to this fact, and it is a
      glorious experience to feel filled from within and connected to all
      things upon Earth and God Goddess All That Is again! Why is this so?
      This is so because they have embraced enough of the Language of Light
      in their personal ascension to allow themselves to connect with the
      Great Central Sun, and in so doing, their soul no longer feels
      separated off any longer! The God Goddess within has united with the
      God Goddess without in full!

      Where did the distorted thought-form upon Earth come from? Well, the
      Language of Light is close to the Lemurian tongue of the red seeded
      race. As the Plieadian race interbred with the seeded race, the two
      thought-forms and languages also blended. It was in the blending of
      the two languages that the thought-form of Earth became too distorted
      to communicate with anything outside of it's own boundaries. As such
      Earth has experienced a very long period of separation herself as a
      consensus reality. This is coming to an end at long last as the
      Language of Light has been reestablished in full, and it allows for
      communication with the Great Central Sun again. So it also shall be
      for each human that likewise chooses to ascend and embody the
      Language of Light in this lifetime.

      How does a given human dance change as the God Goddess within is
      connected with, and meets the God Goddess without? Ah, this is hard
      to explain, as each experience is as valid as the next of such an
      occurrence, and each very different. However, there is the overriding
      truth that each experiences whom comes to understand that they are
      God Goddess in form, that they are a part of the whole of God Goddess
      All That Is. Such humans cease to subjugate themselves to another
      ever again, and likewise cease to subjugate another to themselves

      What do we mean by this? The current human dance is based upon
      dominion. The 9 to 5 job is the result of subjugating oneself to
      one's employer. Unhappy marriages or relationships are the result of
      subjugating oneself to one's spouse or partner. Unhappy family
      experiences are likewise the result of subjugating oneself to one's
      mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, aunt, uncle, child or
      grandparent. As one ceases to subjugate themselves, they will cease
      to be subordinate.

      Subordination of one's will as an aspect of God Goddess All That Is,
      is the result of "slave mentality". It is slave mentality that causes
      one to either subordinate or dominate over another rather than
      allowing another along with oneself their own truth. As one ceases to
      subordinate to another, one may cease to dance with the other! This
      may mean that one leaves the job that they hate, or leaves the spouse
      that causes their unhappiness, or leaves the family behind to create
      a "spiritual family" that is based upon honor. And isn't this most of
      all what the human heart wishes for? A family of others that honors?
      A partner that honors? A job that is fulfilling and that one loves?

      In the beginning, perhaps there will not be many humans that can
      honor the few humans whom are ascending at this time in history. This
      is one reason that our channel has founded her organization "The
      Spiritual School of Ascension", to allow other ascending humans to
      connect through her "Group Mastery Program" or her events known
      as "Masters Conclave". However, we of the Buffalo species along with
      all species upon Earth can be your family beloved! We live in honor
      and welcome all other humans wishing to dance in honor with us! And
      so we invite you to connect with us, dance with us, and learn to love
      and live in unity again. Perhaps we, the Buffalo kingdom shall be the
      bridge into a new family of humans that will one day dance with you
      in joy.

      We the Buffalo Species understand that we are God Goddess in form. We
      honor the God Goddess within each human that is awakening unto this
      grand truth. We invite you to find and uncover your own God Goddess-
      ness inside of yourself. In so doing, you shall find your own unique
      truth and pathway "home".

      So often, we see our human brother and sisters seeking teachers or
      gurus to find their way "home". We state that no guru, no teacher,
      can possibly open one to one's own soul. Opening to one's own soul
      requires inner work, inner processing, and inner releasing of the
      pain that caused one to armor one's heart from childhood. Most humans
      shut their heart at a very early age. Often by age 2, most human
      children seal their heart and never open it again for the entire
      lifetime! Although this is sad, one can go back in time to the moment
      when they chose to seal their heart shut because life was just too
      painful, and begin the process of opening the heart in full. Although
      this is not an easy process, as enough of the heart peels open,
      contact with the God
      Goddess within can and shall occur.

      In so doing, one shall begin to hear the messages of their own soul.
      As the messages of one's own soul pours forth, one shall become their
      own teacher, their own guru, and this shall allow one to find their
      way through the labyrinth of spiritual evolution. No one can do this
      for another, and no one better knows where one needs to be or what
      one's path is other than oneself. As one attunes to the messages of
      their own soul, one shall be guided from within. As one learns to
      follow one's own internal guidance implicitly, one shall find their
      way "home".

      Sometimes such guidance comes through one's nighttime dreams,
      sometimes through the telepathic communications of one's thoughts.
      Sometimes such communications can be ascertained by body level
      knowing or a "gut level feeling" that this or that is one's truth.
      One method to access body level knowing is known as applied
      kinesiology or "muscle testing". (See "Following One's Truth"
      under 'Messages of the Earth Mother" upon our web site for more
      information on how to muscle test).

      There is a huge seduction amongst teachers and healers of all kinds.
      The seduction is that you "need them" to find your way home. In
      reality, you need no one other than your own connection to your own
      source or the God Goddess within. Following another will take you off
      course, beloved. Following another is the method of the antichrist to
      assure that one does not ascend, does not find their way home,
      because each path is so unique, so distinct, that if you follow in
      the footsteps of another you shall get lost within your own journey!

      There are many in your movements today that are not of the light.
      Each of such humans can be easily uncovered for what they really are
      with a few simple tests, and Buffalo would like to divulge these
      tests to our human brother and sisters. Give this test to each
      teacher or guru that you have admired and chosen to study with or
      take workshops from, and see if indeed they pass, beloved. For such
      beings that are antichrist in nature vampire their audiences. They
      take records, they take information, they hoard for themselves all
      that one knows to be true. Why do they do this? Because they are
      antichrist, and an antichrist has no truth, only the truth that it
      has confiscated from others.

      1.Does your teacher or guru perceive themselves as having the "only
      truth" about this or that subject? There is not only one truth, only
      a mosaic of truths that each contributes a piece to and comprises the
      whole. No one human holds the whole truth, for each human is but a
      part of the whole!

      2.Does your teacher or guru "control" their following? If one is
      clairvoyant, the control can be seen as an octopus of energy coming
      from the teacher or guru's crown chakra to each student's crown
      chakra. It is this connection that causes each student to subordinate
      their truth to the teacher or guru, and it is how the teacher or guru
      controls the following.

      3.Does your teacher or guru believe themselves "special"
      or "superior" and others "inferior"? All humans have issues. All
      humans have patterns that are non-loving, non-supportive, non-giving.
      Is your guru or teacher willing to admit to their own "humanness?"
      Are they willing to admit that they are evolving, as you are
      evolving, and that each is learning along the way? The teacher and
      student are one beloved, and both learn from each other in the dance
      of evolution. One is not superior to another, both are vital and can
      support one's dance home if both choose to evolve together.

      4.Does your teacher or guru believe themselves to have "mastered?" No
      human has mastered anything in 40,000 Earth years (120,000 humans
      years)! Humanity has declined and declined in vibration with no
      ascensions that were complete coming forth in well over 40,000 years.
      How could your guru or teacher have mastered when no human has done
      so in so long that the path of mastery has ceased to exist? At best,
      the teacher or guru is mastering their own path of mastery, but this
      does not equate to having "mastered".

      5.Does your teacher or guru expect you to worship them, place
      pictures of them upon your alter, or deem them "God or Goddess" in
      human form? Beloved, all humans are God Goddess in form. No human is
      better than any other human. The trade off of worshipping another is
      that one loses their way, loses their information to the teacher or
      guru, and then fails to go home. Is this what you want?

      6.Does your teacher or guru gather others by the hundreds or
      thousands for events? Ah, this is a tough one because one wishes to
      be part of a new spiritual community, a new family.

      If so, what are they doing? Are they vampiring the audience for their
      own gain? Are they taking your chi along with everyone else's? Are
      they taking your records along with everyone else's? Without your
      records, you cannot ascend nor find your way home, beloved. Such
      gatherings do no good other than retaining the control that the
      teacher or guru has always held over their following, and strips all
      others of their truth.

      There are hard points to make, perhaps, from the perspective of our
      audience. Buffalo has agreed to assist his human brothers and sisters
      in awakening. Therefore, we ask you to wake up! You are God Goddess
      in human form. You have always been God Goddess in human form. We
      guide you to quit giving your power away to authorities of all kinds,
      whether such authorities be metaphysical, spiritual, medical,
      governmental, or educational. You are your living truth, your living
      hologram, as a member of the human species. Your own ascension and
      future therefore lies within your own hands. Only you can choose to
      awaken yourself and find your way home!

      Buffalo is here as a guide, as a support as a brother and sister to
      the human species. We take not of your records. We take not of your
      chi. We choose to support your choice to ascend by providing a bridge
      into communion with nature. This is what we have agreed to and will
      fulfill upon with the human species.

      Likewise, our channel seeks not to take of your records nor your chi,
      but asks that you awaken and ascend. She asks you to gather at her
      events only if you are guided from within and by your own truth at
      critical moments in Earth's ascension to release human karma so that
      Earth may continue to evolve. And beyond this she wants nothing from
      anyone other than each find their own truth and live it, breathe it,
      become it, and find their own way "home".

      We invite you to intend to ascend. We invite you to commit to
      becoming your own teacher, to becoming your own guru. We invite you
      to live your life from the heart, and from your own knowing! As the
      heart opens, life becomes a joyous expression of communion, oneness,
      unity and joy. In the experience of the communion, one will follow
      their heart through the labyrinth of difficult moments of
      transcendence back to the joy, love and communion again and again.

      One day, not too long into the distant future, each whom is willing
      to transcend shall enter the gates of heaven. And we buffalo shall be
      standing at your side at such a moment, ushering you into the new
      community of unity between all species. Until such a time, we will
      support you in all ways that we can.


      The Buffalo Species

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