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Just to Share Louise Hay and Angel Words for Today

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone, and a gracious good afternoon to all: As I said earlier today, I had no idea when I would get home. Because I had to wait an hour for my
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006
      Hello everyone, and a gracious good afternoon to all:
      As I said earlier today, I had no idea when I would get home.  Because I had to wait an hour for my stylist to get there and then an hour for Handi-Ride to pick me up, I was gone two hours longer than I had planned.  In addition, my computer tech, Chris, called while I was gone and said he may not make it over tonight due to having to work overtime tonight.  So at least I got home in time to see him -- if he makes it tonight, that is -- and maybe even in time to delete my all of extra messages before he gets here.
      I think that this stationery might have been made for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it reminds me a lot of Spring because of all the gifts in this bouquet -- fruits and flowers.  Since it was 75 degrees here today, even though it is supposed to go down to 39 tonight, it really felt like spring to me, and reminded me that spring is on its way in the not too distant future.  However, today was just a fluke and tomorrow the temps are going to be back where they are supposed to be -- in the 50s, which will be about a 20 degree drop.  Be that as it may, even though this was a fluke today, it was a real pleasure to be able to enjoy such great weather, even for just one day.
      That said, let me get to the messages for today.
      From my Louise Hay, 'I Can Do It' desk calendar for today:  "I allow my income to constantly expand, and I always live in comfort and joy.  I create my own experiences in life.  LIFE IS FUN!!
      Now from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar for today:  ""Angels are always nearby, ready to encourage us through inspiration, lighten our hearts and remind us that where there is life, there is always joy."  ---- Terry Lynn Taylor, Angel Days 
      Finally, from my Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace, the card I drew for all of us today was the on Angel Determination."
      "...With man this is impossible,
      but with God, all things are possible."  ----- Matthew 19:26
      "During times of great challenge, it is easy to become discourages.  Having faith in something greater than yourself and a vision of the bigger pictures can help you remain determined during difficult times.  Faith and prayer are a powerful combination in any situation.
      "The Angel Determination was sent to protect Daniel when jealous co-workers accused him of breaking the law.  As punishment, Daniel was locked up with angry lions overnight.  Daniel's faith in God and his determined prayer called the angel and kept the angel by his side.  The next morning, when it was discovered that the lions had not harmed him, Daniel was taken out of the lion's den and acquitted of wrongdoing.  Gifts of love, reverence, appreciation and wealth resulted from Daniel's determination when he faced the challenge of betrayal.
      "What challenge are you facing?  Challenging situations can create opportunities that lead to a better life with more love and deeper, more fulfilling relationships.  Do you have faith that a benevolent force will come to your aid?  How could you use faith and prayer to fortify your determination in the situation?
      "What is the bigger picture in the challenge?  Ask the Angel Determination to help you look beyond  your part in the situation and find a gift.  Maybe you are walking away from an abusive relationship or self-destructive habits.  Perhaps qualities of your soul, like compassion or faith, are rising to the surface as a result of your determination.  How can the bigger picture help you find the wiling determination to keep going  during difficult times?
      "Many situations in life seem impossible.  When you want to give up and quite, ask the Angel Determination to help you find faith in something greater than yourself and to open the doors of your heart so you can receive help.  You are not alone; you will receive help if you ask with a determined sincerity, just as Daniel did.
      "One strategy when you are up against an impossible situation is to increase your determination in another area of life.  Gaining control over one area positively influences the area where you might lack control.  Physical exercise is a powerful and positive action in this situation.
      "During strenuous exercise, such as running or using a cardio machine like a bike or a stair stepper, you have to push through blocks.  After a few minutes, you feel out of breath and tired.  Perhaps your legs hurt.  You don't want to go on, but if you can gather the willing determination to keep going, you may reach a breakthrough and get a second wind.  Energy flows through your body; the pain stops.  You can breathe again; you feel elated.
      "Pushing through mental, emotional and spiritual blocks can have a similar effect.  Gather your willing determination to keep going.  Find a way to push beyond 'having it your way' so that whatever is blocking your energy can open.  Perhaps you need to let go of wanting to be right and focus instead on finding a solution.       
      "Your willing determination opens the flow of spiritual energy that helps pain and presents surprising solutions.   People you bump into provide the help you need.  All at once, you just know what to do next.  During great challenges, ask the Angel Determination to help you step into the flow of energy that can help you in surprising ways.
                                            "Actions to Attract 
                                      the Angel Determination  
      ~  Identify the qualities of your soul, such as determination and faith, that are emerging during your experience.  In a journal, write how these qualities help when you  are discouraged.
      ~  If you are in a conflict, change your attitude toward the other person and focus on finding a solution.
      ~  When you feel discouraged, dance to the song "Don't Give Up' by Abraxas Pool.  Dance until feel strengthened, encouraged and determined to succeed.
      ~  Gain control over one area of your life by exercising.  When you come up against blocks, call on the Angel Determination to help you break through.  As you learn to push through blocks in physical exercise, apply what you are learning there to the challenges in your life to help you push through those blocks as well.
      ~  Always ask for help.  Pray:
      "Angel Determination,
      "Help me find faith in something greater than myself.  With this faith, help my heart to open so I can receive help.  Guide me into the flow of  the Holy Spirit that is offering to protect me, heal me and present surprising solutions to my problems."
      Again, I did not have this suggested midi.  In addition, I did not have any midis that dealt with determination.  So instead I decided to use this one called 'Faith, Hope and Victory."  While I know this is not quite what was suggested, I thought the title was a good one anyway, a title that might well go along with this message.
      I hope you are all experiencing a beautiful and blessed day, followed by a stress-free and joy-filled evening and then by a night of peaceful, restful sleep.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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