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Fw: *~Spiritually Speaking~* Angel Therapy For Insecurities

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    Angel Therapy For Insecurities By Doreen Virtue The angels recently told me as I was channeling information for a new book, that it s very important for us all
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006

      Angel Therapy For Insecurities

      By Doreen Virtue

      The angels recently told me as I was channeling information for a new book, that it’s very important for us all to ask for emotional protection. As you probably know, our free will means that the angels can only help us if we ask. There’s dozens of ways to ask for angelic help. The method is secondary to the fact that you DO ask.

      The angels say that if we’ll daily ask for emotional protection, they will protect us from our own emotions. They say insecurity pours harmful energies outwardly, which then coat our bodies. This energy, once coated on our bodies, begins to attract situations and relationships which confirm our feelings of insecurity.

      There’s no need to go into fear about this process. Instead, take the daily action of asking for your angels’ protection. They will definitely give you this help.

      Here’s what the angels said to all of us. At times you feel insecure about your worthiness. You wonder if you’re loveable. You worry that no one really loves you or even likes you, and you feel all alone. These are the times when we stand closest beside you, shielding you from your own outpouring of painful emotions. These energies, if they were allowed to surround you, would attract painful situations not of your own conscious choosing.

      Because you have chosen to work closely with angels and have asked us to protect you emotionally, we are shielding yourself from yourself at times. Your human phrase would be that at times, “you are your own worst enemy.” That’s because when you feel unlovable, you begin to attract situations and relationships which confirm that belief.

      It’s destructive to indulge in self-pitying thoughts and emotions. Yet, we understand every human succumbs to such depths. Insecurities are akin’ to slipping while rock climbing. It’s important, the moment you catch yourself falling, to call for help and reach for your life line. We are your immediate help and love is your life line.

      We are here to catch you whenever you fall. However, your free will dictates that if you wish to suffer with miserable conceptions about yourself, there’s nothing that even God can do to interfere. We stand idly by, sending you loving rays of hope. Yet, unless you accept these gifts they slide right off you.

      Today, let’s work together to heal old patterns of insecurity. Yes, it’s normal to question your self-worth at times. Yet this doesn’t mean that you need to invest any more time in this destructive pattern. Instead, now’s the time to break this hurtful habit with our help.

      Call upon us the very instant you become aware of self-deprecating thoughts or feelings. We’ll buoy your faith that you, just by virtue of the fact you were born, are completely lovable, loved, likeable, liked, worthy, and worthwhile just for being who you are right now. And that’s a fact!

      An Affirmation to help with this: “Today, I work with my angels, to replace my prior habit of insecurities with new empowering habits of realizing my value as a human being. The more I value and love myself, the more I can value, love, and help others. Angels, thank you for protecting me physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in all ways.”

      Message From The Water Light Beings

      Shelley Yates and her four-year old son were driving in Nova Scotia when her car hydroplaned into a lake and began filling with frigid water. Her power windows wouldn’t roll down, so Shelley and her son were trapped.

      Shelley found herself on the other side, where she was met by several light beings associated with water. The beings assured Shelley she and her son would be fine, and not to worry. The beings then gave her some information about her mission, and fifteen minutes later rescue workers pulled Shelley from her car and resuscitated her. The first thing Shelley did was to tell the rescue workers that her son was also in the car. So they pulled her son out, did their best to resuscitate him, and took them both to the hospital.

      Shelley’s son was put on life support and given a one percent chance of living. Doctors recommended that Shelley remove the life support, saying that her son would most likely be a “vegetable” if he lived.

      But the light beings continued to talk with Shelley. They told her not to remove her son from life support. They would instruct her how to heal him.

      They asked her to have people who loved her son come to visit him, in sequences of twenty to thirty minutes. During that time, each person would send love to the boy, and act as an aura donor, to rebuild the boy’s aura. Shelley defied hospital visiting hours to accomplish this. Her son woke up from his coma to the disbelief of the doctors who still claimed that the boy would never live a normal life. But the water light beings continued guiding Shelley through the healing process.

      Today, Shelley’s son is seven years old and healthy. He shows no signs of short or long-term damage.

      The light beings told Shelley that we can use the same process to heal the world, with the same miraculous results as with her son. She was given a date of July 17, 2007 for an energy healing vigil in which as many people as possible will send energy to the Earth’s grid system.

      When I visited Shelley’s website, I was immediately connected with the water light beings. They told me that those who visit Shelley’s website will connect with the energy of these water light beings, who are gentle and entirely loving. The light beings will then prepare your energy for the July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT healing vigil. It’s a very uplifting and healing experience to connect with them.

      This energy vigil is a beautiful example of how we all can come together with a common purpose. I hope you will visit www.firethegrid.com and consider preparing to join us for a beautiful experience of healing and communion.

      Doreen, known as the "Angel Lady" is a well-known author, lecturer & world traveler. For info and seminar schedules visit her website at  www.angeltherapy.com You can call Doreen toll-free in the U.S. by dialing 1-866-903-8255 

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