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    March 1, 2006 Dear Readers, Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com . If this email has been forwarded to
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      March 1, 2006

      Dear Readers,

      Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com.  If this email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, please email suzancaroll@...  and place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.  You may also click UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of this page.

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      Dear Open Hearted Ones,
      We, the Arcturians, have returned again to assist you with:

      Blending the Polarities of
      Conditional Emotions/Unconditional Emotions


      From the perspective of your ego, you do not HAVE emotions, emotions HAVE you!  Hence, you ARE what you feel.  However, as Soul/SELF enters your physical form and you mingle Spirit with Matter, you slowly but surely realize that your emotions are actually messages from your physical body to the Captain of your earth vessel. 

      While ego is Captain, you are so intermingled with your emotions that they can not be observed.  However, as your Soul/SELF becomes Captain, your emotions can be objectively viewed as messages about the wellbeing of your inner and outer physical reality.

      Just as the control panel of an airplane warns the pilot that it is “flying too low,” your emotions remind you if your resonance is too low. When you are feeling sad, angry, or afraid, the “control panel” of your earth vessel shows a “blinking red light.” These uncomfortable emotions indicate it is time to raise your vibration, as there is danger that your expanded consciousness may “crash.”


      The question is, how do you we raise your resonance if you feel “bad?”  Actually, all you need “do” is to remember that YOU don’t feel bad, as YOU are Spirit.  YOU are living in constant Unity and Peace within the FLOW of Unconditional Love from All That Is. It is your physical vessel, made of the same vibration and matter as Earth, which FEELS bad, or good. Your SELF, who is of the same light and vibration as the many differing dimensions of Soul, FEELS Balanced, Unified and Peaceful.  As soon as you realize this fact, your human suffering is revealed as illusion, and you remember who YOU are. 

      Your ego/self operates primarily on beta brainwaves and has access to only  about 1/10 of the control panel, your brain. On the other hand, as you integrate your Soul/SELF and ego/self, and allow Soul to Captain your earth vessel, your control panel operates on alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves.  With these higher brainwaves you can access the entire “control panel.”  When you are “flying too low,” your resonance drops to beta waves.  As a result, you lose access to the greater amount of stimuli that is being sent to you from your body AND from your Soul. Consequently, it behooves you to “fly above the turbulence.” 


      Beta brainwaves are similar to AM radio, which is amplitude modulation, and can only receive a signal from the physical resonance, with the louder messages being easier to receive than the quieter ones.  Unfortunately, fear is a very “loud” emotion as it threatens your survival, whereas love is often very “quiet.”  Therefore, it is easier for your ego to receive fearful messages than loving ones.

      On the other hand, the higher brainwaves are similar to FM radio, which is frequency modulation, and can receive different frequencies. Hence, they can receive the Unconditional-Loving, multidimensional messages from your Soul.  Just as “AM” and “FM” signals resonate in the same space/time, so do the transmissions you receive from your physical and non-physical realities. 

      In order to raise the resonance of your earth vessel, and expand the reception of your “control panel” to receive multidimensional stimuli, you need to activate your higher brainwaves through meditation, prayer and imagination. Fortunately, as you “download Soul” and blend the polarities of Soul/SELF and ego/self into Oneness, it is easier to retain the FEEL of higher consciousness in your everyday life.  

      Different emotions also activate different brainwaves, as your emotions are “elevators” for your resonance. Uncomfortable emotions, such as fear, anger and/or sorrow, make your resonance go “down” into “survival mode,” and you devolve back to the roles of “hunters and gatherers.”  On the other hand, when you feel joy and love, your consciousness goes “up,” and you resonate to, and receive, the Divine Love of the higher frequencies.  In this manner, fear-based emotions activate lower brainwaves, and love-based emotions activate higher brainwaves.

      What if you believe that you can’t choose your emotions?  What if your emotions “have you” rather than you “having your emotions?”  This is where your thoughts can help you or hurt you.  Your thoughts can echo and confirm your downward-sloping emotions, such as, “Oh no!  What if___ happens?”  Then it is even more difficult for your control panel/brain to receive assistance from your SELF, as you are forced deeper and deeper into “survival-mode.”


      On the other hand, if you think from your Soul you can choose to take one long moment to search inside your self to find the FEEL of your Soul.  As you allow Soul/SELF to be the new Captain of your earth vessel, Soul can ask, “What is really happening?  What information is the control panel of my earth vessel sending me?”

      Likely, Soul will hear, “Raise your resonance.  You are flying too low.  Fly your consciousness above the turbulence.”  If your ego can hear your Soul, it will likely hear, “Please allow me, your Soul, to assist you.”  Then, you can simply relax into the FEEL of your Soul/SELF.

      It is also helpful if you take a few moments before you begin your stressful day to practice calling within to your Soul/SELF. Then you can follow the FEEL of Soul as you go about your day. If you can place your SELF forefront in your consciousness at the top of the day, it will be more accessible when you are in the midst of the “jungle” of everyday life, where fear repeatedly threatens to lower your resonance.


      Your desires are also an offshoot of your emotions, for how you feel about yourselves determines what you believe you deserve. Once your Soul/SELF has entered your ego/self (Spirit into Matter) your desires change because the vision of your reality changes. Once you perceive your world through the Eyes of Soul, ego’s physical body becomes the vessel through which you can fulfill your earthly Purpose.  At that point, your desires arise from SELF, rather than from your limited ego.

       Furthermore, when your SELF is the initiator of the reality which “you” are creating, the concept of YOU expands from a group of individuals to a member of the collective consciousness of your planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and dimension.  Your emotions then become the FEEL of your True SELF within, around, and beyond your separate, limited ego.  You FEEL, and therefore become, your SELF.  As the polarities of the FEEL of your self, your 3D earth vessel, merge with the FEEL of your Multidimensional SELF, the 3D hologram begins to visibly degrade.


      Your thoughts can be trained to lie to you if it is necessary for your survival, whereas your emotions are your true reactions to the reality to which you resonate.  Your thoughts can lie and tell you that you deserve to suffer.  However, your emotions tell you that suffering is NOT enjoyable and NOT something that is a good reality to choose.

      Your mind can lie because you have unconsciously trained it to lie, so that you could believe the illusions that are largely intolerable to your Soul.  As an indoctrination of your many lives on third dimensional earth, you accepted the illusion that you are limited in your abilities and separated from your Spirit.  On the other hand, your emotions cannot lie.  Instead, they tell you that limitations and separation from SELF are NOT acceptable.

      When your thoughts are limited to the 3D Matrix, you resonate to a low frequency, while your uncomfortable emotions, which are the fearful reactions to that reality, further cement you into the third dimension. It is this kind of limited thinking that separates you from the FEEL of your Soul/SELF. 


      Fortunately, your uncomfortable emotions are still accessible to your control panel, so that the red blinking lights can notify you that “You are flying too low!”  Yet, if you do not accept these emotions as a warning to “fly higher,” they only serve to verify that the world is a dangerous place, and you must “go into survival mode.”  On the other hand, if you can recognize that your emotions are “elevators for your consciousness,” you can choose to take the elevator up.  If you can “think” from the consciousness of your Soul, you can resonate to its higher dimensional matrix and FEEL the Soul’s emotions of joy, inner peace and compassion.

      There is, of course, a catch.  In order to think from your Soul/SELF, you must be able to FEEL your SELF within your self.  You must be able to REMEMBER that you DESERVE this FEEL of Soul within you, ACCEPT this FEEL of Soul within you, and therefore, ALLOW this FEEL to navigate you through your daily life and into, as well as through, the process of planetary ascension. 


      It is “time” NOW for you to recognize that you DESERVE to FEEL whatever you feel, ACCEPT that your feelings are your true reactions to your inner and outer life, and to ALLOW your emotional yearning for peace and joy to elevate your consciousness.  When the voice of ego says, “You really shouldn’t feel that way, or you don’t really feel that way, don’t think, “Yes you are right, I shouldn’t feel that way.  I should feel the way THEY told me to feel.”

      Instead, you need to close your eyes and take a deep breath, so that you can FEEL your SELF inside you.  Then you can ask your SELF, “What DO I feel?” At that point, you can take a moment to discriminate between the FEEL of ego and the FEEL of Soul.  Through calibrating your attention to the FEEL of your inner Soul, you can activate your higher brainwaves and expand your consciousness. 

      Your ego tells you how to FEEL from the perspective of your 3D core beliefs, challenges and limitations.  When you consciously choose to FEEL from your Soul, you can experience the Bigger Picture of your Soul/SELF.  Therefore, take a moment to FEEL your SELF.  When you feel your Soul/SELF within, you can say, “I know my ego said_______, but my Soul/SELF says______.  What do I want to believe?  Whom do I choose to be the Captain of my earth vessel?  Which reality DO I deserve?”


      When you FEEL your SELF, you can BE your SELF.  Then ALL of your DOING can come from the core of your BEING.  Your emotions lose their polarities of good/bad when you begin to FEEL your SELF inside of your self.  Then your emotions become “energy in motion” between your ego/self and your Soul/SELF. 

      Your Soul/SELF then uses this energy as the building blocks for the creation of your NEW reality. 

      In your new reality, your thoughts are the essence of the greater mind and the creator of the matrix for your universal hologram.  Therefore you need to choose your thoughts carefully.  When you speak your thoughts, you ground them in the physical dimension.  “In the beginning was the word...” Your words—SOUND—are the creator of form, the matrix, upon which your emotions—LIGHT—can attach.  When the LIGHT, energy of your E-motions, attaches to the SOUND, form of your thoughts, you activate the matrix for LIFE! 


      When you are conscious of your thoughts, you can choose to unify your individual thoughts with the thoughts of the Collective Consciousness to create a collective matrix. When you FEEL your SELF, you can attach the LIGHT of the unconditional, neutral emotions of your Soul/SELF to the SOUND of the matrix of the Collective Consciousness. It is in this manner that you, in unity with Gaia and all her inhabitants, shall create planetary ascension.

      The emotions of your Soul/SELF are Unconditional because they are not reactions to the physical world of separation and limitation.  Your SELF responds only to your true Multidimensional Essence.  Within your SELF, you are FREE of any outside conditions, as nothing is “outside” your SELF.

      Unconditional Emotions are free of the influence of responses, such as:

      I am happy when “they”- - - 
      I love them when - - - 
      I am afraid if - - -
      I feel sad when I lose - - -

      Unconditional Emotions arise from the CORE OF YOUR BEING, such as:

      I am happy because I AM.
      I love, because I live my life from the core of my SELF.
      Inside my SELF I see all fears as 3D illusions.
      I have no sorrow, as I create my own reality.
            Therefore, if I lose something, or someone, it is because I am complete with that experience.
      My SELF FEELS my self in a detached manner.
      Therefore my SELF can be compassionate for my self.
      Because I have compassion for my self,
      I can have compassion for ALL life.
      Because I have compassion for ALL life,
      I can detach from the lessons and illusions of others.

      From this kind of thinking you can understand and embrace the thinking of
      Detached Compassion, such as:

      I feel life as a circular Flow of Light spiraling in ever-expanding cycles.
      A new cycle is commencing.
      I stand between that which is ending and that which is beginning. 

      I AM inside a VOID.
      Inside the VOID,
      I AM inside my SELF,
      who is inside my self. 

      I have experienced many cycles,
      within the ONE moment of the NOW.
      Within THIS moment, I AM Free.

      I AM free Because I AM Detached.
      Because I AM Detached,
      I AM Compassionate.
      I AM Detached Compassion.



      Individual ego/self is bound by habit and programming. Unified Soul/SELF is free of ALL individual, third dimensional programming and the habits/addictions that stem from that indoctrination. When Soul enters the physical form, it replaces the ego’s “known, finite reality” with the Soul’s “unknown, infinite reality.”  This shift bombards your consciousness with new, and completely different, stimuli.  With the constant incursion of these new stimuli, your habitual emotional reactions to life are greatly disrupted. 

      These emotional reactions to life create neural programs because neurons that fire together, link together. For example, if you become afraid every time you talk to your boss, you will respond to his or her presence with fear, even if there is no reason.  This response occurs because the stimulus of “my boss” has created a fearful feeling so many times that the two events have become linked in a “neural partnership.” 

      The problem is, if you feel fear every time you see your boss, he/she will unconsciously FEEL your fear and wonder if you are “up to something” for which you are afraid you might get “caught.”  Then your boss will become suspicious and maybe even angry at you.  In this manner, your fear has created a “self-fulfilling prophesy” which further reinforces your program of “Boss=Fear.” This neural partnership (thought of boss—reaction of fear) created this program with the habitual response of thinking, “Oh no.  There is my boss,” connected to your emotional reaction of “fear.” 


      Luckily, you can choose to neutralize old emotional patterns of fear, anger and sorrow by consciously choosing to interrupt these programs and observe them from your SELF. With this objectivity, you can choose to respond, rather than react, by blessing your old (negative charged) “reaction” with the (neutral charged) “response” of Detached Compassion. In this manner you can disengage old neural connections.

      For example, when you see your boss and experience a rush of habitual fear, you can take a moment to FEEL your SELF inside your self.  From within your SELF you can FEEL Compassion for your Boss and radiate it onto your old reaction of fear.  In this manner, you can create new connections, such as “Boss=Compassion,” that are based on your expanded, multidimensional SELF rather than your third dimensional ego.      

      In this fashion, you can neutralize your fear with your Compassion and create new “programs of behavior” arising from your Soul/SELF, rather than your ego/self.  Furthermore, your SELF can help you realize that since you are the one who created your old reality, YOU are the one who can create a new one.


      As your emotions are no longer “spent” on reactions to habitual patterns, your beliefs in limitation are diminished and your creativity expands, as old habits, which have become addictions, dissolve.  Your habits become addictions when they are based on deep, unconscious attachments to a known “feeling.”  This known feeling turns into an addiction when it is used to replace a fearful or unknown, unconscious feeling. 

      This “unknown” feeling evokes such fear in your unconscious mind that you refuse to allow it to enter your conscious mind.  Hidden emotions are your “Enemies Within,” “snipers” waiting to attack you when you least expect it.  If you are afraid to explore your inner “unknown,” you seek the familiar in your outer life as well, even if this choice limits you or separates you from SELF. 

      On the other hand, when your Soul/SELF becomes your “point of view,” old habits and addictions can be observed with Detached Compassion.  Instead of you needing to repeat old addictions, it is the “previous owner” of your earth vessel, ego, who is temporarily trapped in an old behavior. It is your SELF who will release this trap.


      In the fifth dimension and beyond, emotion has transformed into “energy in motion” (E-motion).  This energy in E-motion flows from the infinite, higher dimensions to increasingly bathe your earth vessel with Light from the INSIDE. This inner Light allows your E-motions to “FLOW” rather than “re-act,” thereby permitting you to “Live in the FLOW” of the higher worlds.

      The trick is to be conscious of your ever expanding inner reality so that you can choose to attend to (put your laser beam focus on) the new stimuli and ignore (stop attending to) the old stimuli.   As you consistently choose NOT to attend to your old emotional reactions, your ego’s indoctrination is replaced with the Soul’s inspiration. Then your emotions no longer need to be warnings.  Instead, they are the FLOW of Universal Energy that you receive from your SELF and ground in your body, as well as the body of Gaia.

      This Flow constantly reminds you that “YOU are NOW Soul,” the true Essence of SELF that has decided to enter the 3D Game for the final play of Planetary Ascension.  However, you must be patient, as each one of you must first attend to your personal E-motional creations. 

      As each of you awakens to your SELF inside you, you can learn to create the hologram of your reality as seen through the “Eyes of Soul.” Once done, you can connect your “personal puzzle piece” to the Grand Puzzle of Planetary Ascension.  For this reason, you must wait, even if you are tired, until the “TIME” when critical mass is attained.  Luckily, because you are the planet, you are PATIENT.


      You are now ready to begin the integration of your Throat Chakra.
      We will return, as we will NEVER leave.
      The Arcturians


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