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The Rainbow Path ~ #023 - 2 March 2006 ~ Our Journey Home ~ YOUR SELF CREATION WILL EVOLVE EVERY TIME YOU SING IT

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  • Rainbow Jag Gy
    Today s Music is: You are My Sunshine ... I am Nobody,you are Nobody -it is when we reach this state that No Body and No Body unite and become the Eternal
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006

      If you have YOUR STORY
      You know who you are
      was something that inspired you
      It is still someone else's song
      This is like writing a
      that you can put to music and
      Sometimes when I am walking back to my house from the Office (about 1km)
      I find myself singing words that
      The more YOUR SONG
      (A word of Caution - You will get Very High when you do this so it is not recommended when you are driving or need to be On the Ball)
      Doing this is a Group takes you
      Beyond the beyond as you
      LET GO and the Words JUST COME
      For any who have watched the Drew Carey Show
      "What's My Line"
      The "Announcer" gives a subject and the performers make up a song as they go alone
      To do this you need to be FREE in yourself
      At the end of this message I am going to
      Loose Myself and
      Create a Personal Power Song
      (Music You are My Sunshine)
      You can borrow and modify it if you Like
      I want to feel
      and I do
      Poh Choo visited me Yesterday and collected some Crystals I had made for her
      (and as we have not seen each other since October last year it was very nice to see as opposed to chat)
      When we connect with someone special
      We KNOW and FEEL GREAT
      We care in a special way
      and want each other to have the same feeling
      I know when I see either Elin or Poh Choo I feel that I am the luckiest Person on Earth to have such beautiful people as my Special Friends
      When I see Gaele its the same but that's a lot harder as she is 8 hours away by plane (I plan to this month)
      I will eventually see Chela face to face but she is really a long way away (20 hours flying)
      So in MY POWER SONG I think they are going to be a part of it
      (I just phoned Elin and Poh Choo to be sure they know the Tune ~ Poh Choo's Comment Everyone in the World Knows that Tune)
      I share myself Lovingly with You
      How lovingly do you share yourself with the special people in your life
      Remember we receive according to what we share
      I Love You ALL
       (c)Rainbow JagGY (Rainbow Path)- 27 February  2006  
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The Rainbow Path with all as you are guided in your heart·Who comes to mind as you read Rainbow Path? -They need the message and You are the messenger?


      The card’s description:

      It is believed that the ritual of the ‘belly dance’ was originally to celebrate the ritual of the childbirth process. The dances were originally by women for women. The dancers honoured not only the sacredness of the childbirth  process but the Divine Energy of the Feminine. The dancer sheltered the soon to be mother as well as welcoming new life. The process of childbirth is painful but the joy is an incredible emotion when the child arrives. Unconditional love completes the union and bonds everyone in the ceremony of birth. All pain, fears and anxiety are forgotten with the rejoicing of new life. Our own lives are such a journey, as each step while not quite as spectacular as our entry into it takes us on a wondrous journey of discovery. We quite frequently ‘forget’ to honour the feminine energy within us and without whom we would not survive the beginnings or entry into the next stage of our development. The colours in this card are of particular significance as we explore the pink of the heart and unconditional love – the green for the heart of healing – the yellow for the intellectual knowing and the balance of left and right brain – blue of course for communication, both with others and ourselves – gold is for the abundance  in our lives on a spiritual and physical level. The bubbles represent the magic – the mystery – the emotional joy which transforms the mundane into the excitement of the experience.


      The card’s divinatory meaning:

      This card is letting you know that it is time for spontaneity to be allowed into your life. Let the child energy re-emerge where there are no restrictions of time and like the little child have the freedom to express yourself without fear of retribution. Release the ego – understand the meaning of humility. Accept love as does the small child – without the need to use power, control or greed. Know that all your needs will be met and supplied. Each sound you make is heard and will be answered. This is a card of joy – of optimism – and the joy within when you are in truth with yourself. Know and understand self – know if you first  love yourself then all other love is met without cynicism

      I feel like sunshine
      'cause I am sunshine
      The world it does belong to me
      I am so happy
      so very happy
      Many loves my life do fulfil
      I thank you Elin
      I thank you Poh Choo
      and Gaele I know not what
      I could do
      to show how much I do truly love you
      You make my sunshine so bright
      True love it does fill
      my very being
      True love it feels so very good
      as everyday I give thanks to Heaven
      Elin Poh Choo and Gaele
      I love you
      And on the days when
      some tears do fall love
      I know its only part of life
      as when I have love
      that pure life love
      all my days with sunshine are filled
      I want to share this
      true love with others
      I want my life to always shine
      so every day I
      can be the true love
      that brings the sunshine
      to all that I love
      Now as I sing this
      my own creation
      and Chela sing it now with me
      I want to see you and very soon Love
      Please share your sunshine with all of us NOW

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      Today's Music is:  You are My Sunshine

      I am Nobody,you are Nobody -it is when we reach this state that No Body and No Body unite and become the Eternal Soul. Meditate and realize we are all No Bodies,only messengers of GOD,with divine souls in beautiful packages -masterpieces of the supreme artist.