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To Share Lousie Hay Message, Angels All Around Us Message and Angel Love Message for Today

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  • Patti
    Hello all of you very special people: I believe that Vivian Parson shared this great stationery with us, so I am using it today in honor of the angel of today
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Hello all of you very special people:
      I believe that Vivian Parson shared this great stationery with us, so I am using it today in honor of the angel of today which is the Angel Purity.   Can you imagine any angel being purer than this special angel?  So thanks, sweet Vivian, for sharing this stationery so I could use it today.
      First of all, though, I want to share the first day of March message from Louise Hay's 'I Can Do It Calendar.'  Remember this thought for  the entire month of March:  'This month, whenever I have an idea and am sure of what I want, I turn it over to the Universe to take care of.  "Universe," I say, "you can do it!"
      Now for the message from my 'Angels All Around Us' desk calendar, which is:  "A truly angelic message leaves us confident, no anxious.  No matter whether the message is a joyous one or a sobering insight, we feel an inner sense of confidence that the content is appropriate for us and that it harmonizes with what our deepest spirit know to be right and true." ----- Eileen Elias Freeman,  Touched by Angels
      As I said, I am starting to use some new cards today, also made and created by Dr. Kimberly Marooney, except these are set up as feelings of divine devotion, faith and grace from the Angels of Love.  She tells us that using these cards is supposed to be nondemoninational so that everyone can benefit.  You can adapt this material to your own personal needs.  For example, if you are Christian and Jesus is your Lord and Savior, use the work with these cards to find a deeper and more personal relationship with Christ. If, as you read the words from these cards, you find terms that do not resonate with our, adapt them to your needs.  When you read 'God', for example, substitute whatever name you use when you think of the ultimate spiritual being or force in your life.  In whatever directions your beliefs are focused, adapt this work accordingly and use those parts that help you.  (And as I have been told so many times in the past, just discard or disregard those parts that do not help you or that you do not feel are useful.)
      That said, then let me get to the message for today from the card I drew for all of us, which is from the Angel Purity.
      "It is astonishing what force, purity and wisdom it requires for a human being to keep clear of falsehoods." ----- Margaret Fuller, American writer, lecturer (1810 - 1850)
      "The Angel Purity will guide you to the pure love within your soul.  Pure love is unconditional, or free of conditions.  Pure love is free of self-motivated interests.  Pure love is free of fear and clinging.  Your soul is pure love, pure truth and pure light.
      "The purity of your soul is buried beneath layers of feelings that are the  result of situations you have experienced in life.  Are you upset with someone?  Sift through the layers of what you feel.  What is on top?  What is under that? Keep going through the lawyers of feelings until you find the part of you that really cares for that other person.  That is the truer part --- the part that knows only pure light, love and truth.  Work through your problem from a place of pure love.
      "Perhaps, for example, a member of your family has a negative outlook on life, and that attitude influences the way this person talks.  Your reaction is to become agitated and judgmental toward this person; you can't stop yourself from making cryptic or cruel remarks during conversations.  Here, the feeling on top is agitation.  Beneath that is judgment.  Beneath that is anger at the person for evoking emotions in you that trigger cruel behavior.  Why are you having these negative feelings?  When you drop into a deeper place in your heart or soul, can you find love for the person?
      "When you respond from a place of genuine caring, the situation can change dramatically.  Look beneath the layers of negativity and turn conversations toward topics that really matter.  Ask questions to encourage an openhearted experience of genuinely caring for each other.
      "If you don't like a person, then find something that you can respect.  The soul loves everyone and can find things to respect even when you might not like the false qualities that come out in a person's actions.  The individual underneath the falseness is someone like you, someone with a pure, loving and  truthful soul.  What can you do to encourage a more authentic relationship?
      "What situation has you searching for purity?  Are you stuck in layers of feelings, unable to find the pure love in your soul?  Are you so self-absorbed that you can't feel for others?  Meditate.  During meditation, pas through the layers of your feelings, searching for the pure love and light within your soul.  Follow your desire to move through these layers until you can experience your soul's pure love.  Play selections from the music recommended throughout this instruction book to help you move through feeling and discover the pure love and light within your soul.
                 "ACTIONS TO ATTRACT
                  THE ANGEL PURITY
      ~  Contemplate the questions and points in the description of purity to gain an awareness of how your  reactions and negative feelings prevent you from genuinely caring for others.
      ~  The next time you find yourself reacting negatively to someone, stop.  Drop into a place in your heart or soul that cares for this person.  Ask questions that will encourage a more authentic relationship.
      ~  Meditate to get through the layers of your feelings, searching for the pure love within your soul.  Play Chloe Goodchild's "Thy Will/Jaya Bhagavan" on Devi.  (And just for information, I do not  have this music!)
      ~  During meditation, search for a prayer that will help with your specific situation.  The prayer might be something like this:
      "Dear Angel Purity:
      "Please help me find the pure love of my soul.  Help me look at this situation through the eyes of my soul so I can see the pure truth.  Guide me to find wise solutions that will benefit all concerned."
      I found these words today very interesting and have already learned the action of going to person's soul to find the true person and something to love rather than resent when I meet someone I do not like.  While we want to like everyone, we will meet people along our way that we do not like for some reason or that we just tolerate, and it is in those cases that we really need to go to their soul so we can change our outward feelings and beliefs.
      As I said, I could not find the suggested music, so I am just using one I always love to use -- Angels of the Healing Waters.
      I hope that some of you, at least, enjoy these new cards.  For me, I think they are going to be very useful as well as extremely thought-provoking.
      Continue to have a blessed and joy-filled day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      "Angelic" by Leanne 

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