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  • Patti
    Hello sweet Nachi yet again: Sorry this is late but your message did not arrive in my in-box until late yesterday afternoon, and I did not have time to respond
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Hello sweet Nachi yet again:
      Sorry this is late but your message did not arrive in my in-box until late yesterday afternoon, and I did not have time to respond before now.
      I loved the words in this message and have to say they reminded me of the words in the book "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway."  I hate to admit it but I feel that I still have too many fears that need to be overcome, mostly things that I am afraid will happen.  I do not consider myself to be a real worrier as I do not spend all my time worrying, but I do consider myself to be very concerned, about certain things, that I am always afraid will happen, things that will change my life in some way and most of them related to my son, who I know is not living the life I would like him to live and who does not walk close with God all -- something that really concerns me.  I know he is a man and has to make his own decisions and walk this own path, but I just cannot seem to let go of my concerns about the decisions he makes and the path he is walking, mostly because he is so negative and so unhappy with hi life.  So that is probably my greatest fear -- that something will happen to him before I can make him see that even with all the problems and concerns in life, it is still beautiful and we should all be grateful just to be to be alive during these times of so much joy and so much change.
      Be that as it may, I still love messages like this because they all have a morale, and include things we should all remember every day we are alive.
      Continue to enjoy your day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Bonjour Nachi,
      Ready for your thought of  the week? Today, I have a joke
      for you. Read on...

      Three guys were walking in the desert when the came across a
      canyon that they couldn't cross. They thought they would
      never get around it when all of a sudden a genie pops out of
      nowhere. "You look like decent men, he says, I'll help you
      get across this canyon. All you have to do is jump off and
      yell what you want to be."

      The men think about it for a while and they say ok. The
      first guy jumps off, says "eagle", and he flies to the other

      The next guy jumps off, says "butterfly", and he flies to
      the other side as well. 

      The last guy is really scared of heights and he tells his
      friends (on the other side) he can't do it. But they
      convince him. So he shakingly walks up to the edge of the
      canyon, he jumps off and he screams "OH SH*T!"

      Marie's comment:
      That illustrates pretty well the power of fear, doesn't it?
      Here are three strategies you can use to deal with it.

      ~* 1- Learn from it. Fear rarely is purely irrational; if
      we're afraid, there's a reason. Find that reason, and create
      an action plan to put all odds on your side. Simply.

      ~* 2- Accept your fear, break the inertia, get started, and
      accept to be awkward. Lower your standards temporarily, just
      to give yourself the latitude you need to get going.
      Sometimes, just taking the first step is extraordinary, and
      there are certain things that we can learn only from
      experience. Plus, when our fear is very intense, it's almost
      impossible to master it completely; so the best strategy may
      be to simply move forward and accept in advance that we
      won't be "perfect."

       ~* 3- Another approach is to "do as if." To do as if you
      were not afraid, as if you were sure to succeed. To put your
      fear aside and set your mind to success. This strategy
      requires a generous dose of mental strength, but it
      completely neutralizes the fear.
      Obviously, you want to use that strategy as much as
      possible, but especially when you HAVE to be on top of your
      game (ex.: job interview).
      Hope that helps.

      Enjoy your week, Niranjan!


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