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To Share Messages from Louise Hay and Angel Messages for Toda

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  • Patti
    Hello everyone: Finally, I feel comfortable sharing these messages with all of you. I decided to use this cute stationery that Lisbeth shared with us a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      Hello everyone:
      Finally, I feel comfortable sharing these messages with all of you. I decided to use this cute stationery that Lisbeth shared with us a few days ago because it is just so cute.  Even though the message today is on beauty, I still find a lot of beauty, mostly just pure cuteness, in this cute angel stationery.
      That said, let me get to the messages for today.
      From Louise Hay's 'I Can Do It Calendar', the words for today are:  "Whatever I am guided to do will be a success."  
      While I agree with doing those things we are guided to do being a success, I really wonder about those things that we want to do or that our ego wants us to do.  What kind of guarantee of success we have with those things?
      Now from my 'Angels Are All Around Us' desk calendar, the words for today is:  "I intend to die in a tavern; let the wine be placed near my dying mouth, so that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, "God be merciful to this drinker!"  ----- Walter Map 
      Remember that I am just the messenger, and that messages like this one are always sent 'tongue in cheek' because  I really don't think we should abuse our bodies in that way since we are told that our bodies really are our temples.  But then, when you think of it: how much difference is there between overdrinking and overeating.  They both do great damage to our bodies, so since I don't want to sit in judgment of anyone, I will just hope that before this man or anyone dies, wherever they dies, that they turn to their God, whoever that may be in their lives, for some kind of help.
      Now for the message from Dr. Kimberly Marooney's 'Angel Blessings' cards for today.
      The card I selected for the group today is the one on
      Iofiel' who is the angel of beauty, and is from the Second Order of Angels, Manifesting Angels.
      "Ye who believe!  Celebrate the praises of God,
      And glorify Him morning and night.
      He it is who sends blessings on you, as do
      His angels, that He may bring you...into light....
      ----- Koran, s.xxxiii 41-43
      "Iofiel' (Eye-o-fee-el) means 'beauty of god.'  Everything divine is natural, beautiful and eternal.  True beauty is always new, never going out of style.  When attuned with your Eternal Self, you express the harmony that is your unique reflection of God.
      "The beauty of God lies hidden within the density of our material world.  Iofiel is here to help you experience a new depth of beauty.  When you look ask others, see through outward appearances and connect to their eternal truth.  In this way, you help them feel and align with their own truth.  
      "The essence of art, poetry, books and music is within the heart of the creator.  Words fail, colors lack the vibrancy, sound cannot reproduce the full vibration, our bodies simply cannot receive or convey the full spectrum of beauty that is available.  Only the heart and feelings can comprehend.  You will be amazed at the  rich heritage of beauty on the inner realms just waiting for your discovery.
      "Begin with yourself.  How do you feel about how you look?  If you are uncomfortable with the word 'beauty,' then substitute the word of your preference.  How do your home, car and work area look and feel?  Your environment reflects your ability to express your true beauty.  If it does not make you happy, it is time for a make-over.  First, look within to identify the emotional baggage clogging your ability to radiate your inner divinity.  Do you justify an unattractive appearance by thinking that 'looks don't matter, it's what is inside that counts.'  Do you compare yourself to impossible standards and feel inadequate?
      "On the other hand, do you have excessive vanity, making fears of inadequacy?  As you acknowledge and heal your wounds, take action in your physical world.  If you have been excessively vane, cut back to the absolute minimum with simple clothing, hair, face and nails.  If it is time  to improve your appearance, get a new hair style, make-up (when appropriate), and clothes  that make you feel attractive, comfortable, passionate and alive!  Exercise regularly and take care of your body.  Find your own standard of beauty based on self-love, appreciation of your natural qualities, authenticity and your uniqueness.
      "Give your home and work spaces a make-over  too!  Discard or give away what you no longer use.  Thoroughly clean everything to experience t he special energy in a room that shines.  Consecrate your environment to the angels with a Blessing and Naming Ceremony.  Add some little touches like fresh flowers, incense, essential oils, potpourri, candles, music, pictures and colors that make you feel good; seek cozy things that make you feel comfortable and at peace.
      "If you don't have these things, do you blame lack of money?  More unworthiness!  While you get to the root of your limitations, be  creative and resourceful.  Go to secondhand shops, watch for specials, keep your eyes and ears open.  Ask friends for help; they may no longer want something that might be perfect for you!  Do a clothing exchange.  Use trade schools for inexpensive personal services or dental work.  Ask Iofiel to open your heart and mind to receive.
      "Beauty is an energy system of loving light vibration.  Take time throughout your day to appreciate beautiful things.  See through outer appearance of everything to the beauty within.  Angels exhale the most exquisitely fragrant odors of nature which are imbued with an exhilarating quality like nothing else on Earth.   Invite this energy to be part of your daily life and feel it revitalize and soothe you.
      "Every time you aspire to create something beautiful ---- rearrange, paint, clean, sculpt, write, craft, design, or draw ----- ask Iofiel to help.   She will stimulate your creative genius to free your vision from its prison of convention.  As the hand of God guides your own, the rhythm of the angels shall become yours and  together you will create a work of infinite beauty.
      "Beauty goes beyond are to affect the structure of your community as reflected in architecture, streets, parks, law and relationships with other people.  This is the ideal and the standard by which to judge all things.  Lack of beauty and love can easily be seen in deteriorated buildings, homeless souls, abused and abandoned children, substance abuse, litter, violence -- you know the list.  Ask Iofiel to help you bring beauty to life.  Heaven is more than a place; it is the consciousness of God.  What can you do to bring Heaven to your part of the world?
      Music:     Palestrina, Missa De Beata Virgine 
                       Sizanne Ciani, Velocity of Love 
      Again I did not have this music, so I made a selection from my midi files that I hope you all enjoy.  As those of you who have attended traditional churches know, this selection is called 'For the Beauty of the Earth.' 
      All I can say today is that this message really hit me between the eyes and made me realize that I do not have as much beauty in my life as I should, most of that being my own fault.  This message really gave me a lot to think about and a lot of ways to make changes in my life so it will be more filled with beauty.
      With this message, even though I hate to say it, this is the last of these particular cards, and I am going go miss them so much.   While I already have a new card deck to share with all of you -- this one on messages of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace from the angels but not on the angels, I will miss these messages because I have learned so much from all of them.  I just hope that somewhere in all of these words I have shared that some of you have learned something new and have maybe found some words to help make your lives better, more meaningful and much more fulfilled, as they did for me.
      Continue to have a blessed and joy-filled day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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