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  • Mike Macklin
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      Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 2:23 PM
      Subject: 16 Taurus The Angels of Creative Genius

      16 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Creative Genius

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Tardoe

      Beloved, traditional paradigms have run their course and their original helpfulness has now become liabilities. This is normal. Paradigms evolve just as does everything else in creation.

      More sacred ways of approaching the environment, the use of time, understanding feelings and relationships, nutrition, technology, profession, art, and science etc. are birthing themselves in the sons and daughters of God.

      The original blueprint for heaven on earth requires that paradigms reflect the majesty and splendor of Divine Perfection and Harmony. Pioneers in paradigm shifting are under our guidance and protection. We work with artists, writers, craftspeople, inventors, scientists, and anyone who must utilize creative genius for the purpose of creating successful outcomes, security, and contentment.


      T…Remarkable inventive ability helps interests to blossom, improves memory,

      A… and nurtures artistic talents to the level of enlightenment.

      R…This is done in mental perfection with total creative autonomy.

      D…The laws of creation and access to all knowledge birth artistic expressions and rituals

      O…to evoke successful situations which are characterized by infallibility and a feeling of security and contentment.

      E…By listening to one’s inner voice and gifted with special clairvoyance, the outcome is to grow and develop visions into new material forms.

      Here is our story:

      Nancy wanted beauty. The ugliness of her environment when shopping, working, or going out on the road had put her spirit and soul into a state of starvation. She had to have beauty in order to breathe, in order to stay alive.

      She wanted to turn her home and her yard into a state of paradise. She prayed for help. With limited financial resources, skills, and materials, it would take a miracle to accomplish all that she wanted to do.

      The Angels of Tardoe heard her prayer. The next day they inspired her to wander out behind the utility shed and look at the old pieces of tin roofing that had been lying there for years. She instantly began to see a vision in her mind’s eye of a small Japanese type teahouse out in the wild thick privet hedge that grew in the back of the yard.

      She grabbed the post hole digger and dug four holes to form a rectangle about six by eight feet under the thickest part of the overhanging branches. The back holes were about 24 inches deep and the front ones were about 12. Then she stuck in four old landscape timbers. Next she found a couple of old weathered two-by-fours and put them atop the posts in front and in back. A few dozen nails later and she had a tin roof with a gentle downward slope towards the back.

      Grabbing her box of acrylic paints, she began to paint flowing patterns all over the posts and the under side of the tin roof. It took all day, and when she was finished, it was beautiful. She found a couple of old chairs and a few small tables, arranged them and hung windchimes. She found a kerosene lantern and hung it with a piece of wire from a nail on of the two by fours. The privet boughs covered the little teahouse and hung down protectively all around. It was a magic, private, secret little place.

      She took her book out there to read. Every now and then she would look up and notice another plant, another bird, another butterfly. A deep peace descended upon her. She had a place of her own in nature.

      She kept getting flashes of inspiration and made a special meandering path from the house to the teahouse. She paved it with golden straw and lined it with monkey grass and Altheas.

      Often she would use the little teahouse. The privet got even higher and she planted roses which began to climb in a wild tangle, reaching for the sun. She planted sunflowers and eagerly learned the names and healing properties of the native plants that grew all around. She gave away her lawnmower and made more wandering pathways through the ever increasing foliage.

      Bit by bit she used up every scrap of old wood around the place. With nails and brightly colored paints, she built birdhouses and arbors for the roses and flowering vines. The yard had become a paradise for her and the wildlife.



      T…High inspiration, the musical note F. Fire element, will, desire, feel warmth. Brown-black color. Centered in right kidney area.

      A…Wisdom and enlightenment, the musical note G. Air element, mind, thought, feel ease. Light blue color. Centered in lungs.

      R…Freedom and independence to follow inner guidance, the musical note C. Air element turning into earth, mind and form, feel ease and weight. Golden color. Centered in left side of nose.

      D…Mysteries of Creation, the musical note C. Fire element, feel warmth. Dark blue color. Centered in right ear.

      O…Divine Justice, the musical note C. Earth element, feel weight and gravity. Ultramarine blue color. Centered in throat and windpipe area.

      E…Universal consciousness, the presence of God everywhere, musical note D. Akashic element, feel God-penetrating-all. Dark violet color. Centered in spine.



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