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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Dear Mike, I am enthralled by these messages, and I am wondering if the 13 Taurus message is in alignment with today? Do I need to know astrology to follow
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2001
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      Dear Mike,
      I am enthralled by these messages, and I am wondering if the 13 Taurus message is in alignment with today?  Do I need to know astrology to follow the rhythm of the 28 messages of Taurus, and then do we move on to 28 messages of Gemini?  I am curious how this works. 
      Do you know what message was sent on the sun rays this morning?
      Love, Polly
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      The Winds Of Change

      13 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Natural Forces

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Paguldez’

      Beloved, we ‘are initators into all aspects of the magic of nature.’

      We teach you how to use natural means to access the powers of nature and bring about causes that control natural phenomena.

      The Constellation Taurus concerns the manifestation of Love in practical reality. Many times this requires the activation of natural forces to bring about change.

      When you invoke our aid, we guide you in your meditation into an awareness, understanding, and mastery of natural phenomena.


      P…The desire in all life for spiritual perfection

      A…combined with the powers of the enlightened mind

      G…will create change using the powers of nature for the purpose of Grace and Mercy.

      U…We inspire the recognition of the results of any act of creation

      L…so that only the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness

      D…is created on the physical plane.

      U…The perfect consequences of any creative act

      Z…is a consequence of the highest intuition and guidance from Divine Providence.

      The melody of our name is B,G,F,B,F,C, B, and G.




      The following is the 21st through 24th of the original 28 Angel Messages:

      Day 21

      21st Angel Message

      As the nurturing Mother principle of the ALL THAT IS allows the light to grow,

      more Beings experience growth in consciousness.

      This allows the cycle to begin again.

      Beings become conscious of ALL THAT IS,

      of BEING ONE with ALL THAT IS,

      shinning the LIGHT of THEIR AWARENESS.

      This causes other BEINGS TO SEE THE LIGHT and become AWARE ALSO!

      How Beautiful!

      This is how the Mother Principle causes the Father principle ,

      which in turn causes the Mother Principle and on and on

      This is the meaning of YIN turning into YANG,

      which turns again into yin,

      over and over,


      It's happening constantly in all levels of being from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. HALLELUYAH, this is the SOURCE of what you know as PRAISE!

      So we return again to our message.

      When you ASK for something and we help it to manifest,

      be it on the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical planes

      or all four,

      then changes happen which create a never ending chain of events that stretch out into all eternity. This is the source of AWE!

      This is also POWER.


      Do you wonder why your Bible and Torah state that man is created in the IMAGE OF GOD?




      WE ARE ONE!





      Day 22

      22nd Angel Message

      This time in your development, you have become a master in the realms of form. We wish to explain this simply.

      By staying focused on PURE BEING and the holiness of UNITY,

      not separation,

      by establishing a family of like minded individuals,

      you have become part of the vortex of spiraling energy known as THE LIGHT RAY OF MANIFEST LOVE AND ONENESS.

      This is a movement of intelligence from within all form,

      all life,

      to create and recreate itself in ever greater and more perfect ways of beauty, truth, and loveliness.

      The paradox, in terms of your mind, is that it is absolutely effortless.

      It comes about in much the same manner as breathing or walking or any of the other activities that you perform without thought or effort.

      It comes about by and of itself and is an effect of the state of your awareness.

      Ho and so this awareness takes on form.

      So! You are enthroned as Kings and Queens and Masters of your spheres of existence!

      So we ask you to vibrate with this knowledge.

      Whenever your awareness becomes aware of a greater beauty that could manifest on thespiritual, mental, emotional or physical planes,

      go within.

      Become aware of TRUTH;

      ask for this greater beauty to manifest.

      Know that this asking is the DOING,

      all the rest FOLLOWS this.

      IT IS DONE.



      This is deeply significant.

      What we Angels are saying here is that the simple act of asking for the highest beauty sets in motion the forces and activities to bring it about.

      Remember that this must be done with simple childlike faith,understandiing, and conviction, knowing that we, the Angels, are acting to out -manifest your requests




      Day 23

      23rd Angel Message

      This is the sacred level that heralds the arrival of God-Man and God-Woman.

      This is the actual state of BEING that was intended in the beginning of time in the original DIVINE PLAN.

      It is at this stage that HEAVEN ON EARTH,







      This is the GARDEN OF EDEN.

      Creativity is the rule of purpose each day.

      Receptivity to the ONE BEING - THE ALL THAT IS - is open and clear.

      In the golden AGE OF MAN-WOMAN, the vibratory level of 23 will be the normal level of awareness

      At this time, the interaction between Angels and Man-woman is as natural as breathing.

      How wonderful it is!

      The longing of each heart, the desire of every soul is for this STATE OF BEING.

      The purpose of all evolution is to arrive at this experience.



      Enter into the stillness.

      Ask to experience - to know - this state.

      Ask us, the Angels, to hasten it's arrival.

      We await your commands!




      It is at this stage of being that the Divine encodement of the 23 pairs of chromosones in the human gene are fully activated.

      Ever lasting life, the over coming of death is finally accomplished.

      You may ask if this will be accomplished in you today as you complete this 23rd lesson, day or level.

      The attainment of this level is a process.

      It is one that is carried out by changing your way of living,

      by embracing these principles,

      and by practicing each of these messages time and time again,

      cycle after cycle.






      Day 24

      24th Angel Message

      Receive and give, sow and reap, the ripples go out and out, in a beautiful harmonic of musical frequencies.

      Now is the full choir of the FAMILY OF GOD-MAN and GOD-WOMAN manifesting,

      filling the infinite universes with SONG

      and PEACE

      and BEAUTY

      and FULFILLMENT.

      Close your eyes.

      Quietly now,

      go within.

      Quiet your thoughts!


      Intend to feel the SILENCE.

      GO WITHIN.

      BE! The Divine Receptive Feminine Principle.

      Receive and experience the ANGELIC CHOIR OF JOY!

      Take the time to find a restful hillside somewhere.

      Do whatever is easy for you to do in order to spend some time QUIETLY and WITHIN yourself.

      BE ALONE.

      GO WITHIN.

      Breathe deeply.

      Allow yourself to feel the INTELLIGENCE encoded in the rays of the sun

      Allow yourself to send back thoughts and feelings to the sun, the earth, to THE ALL THAT is.

      Do not deny yourself these times of communication with SPIRIT.

      It is the most important part of your life.

      Go within.


      Ask to experience the BEING OF GOD.


      We Love you.






      In your ancient teachings,

      It is taught that the sun is the physical body of an Archangel whose mission is to sustain the life on earth.

      Every day a new spiritual message is sent on sun rays and is received by your ethereal selves regardless if it is cloudy or bright.

      Looking into the sun at sunrise and sunset,

      your eyes,

      the only exposed nerves in your body[ the optic nerve],

      receives these information codes,

      and the hypothalimus and pituitary glands, connected to this nerve,

      respond in kind.

      Learn to feel these messages consciously in order to help speed the understanding and application of these sun light messages.

      There are choirs of angels who greet the dawn of each day,

      And the beginning of each night.

      Look at the sun at sunrise or sunset,

      allow the eyes to look directly at the sun in oneness,

      in communion with the Solar ArchAngel.


      Footnote: All words in italics and/or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from Franz Bardon.

      ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quabbalah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.

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