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Rainbow NuAgape ~ #167 - 4 February 2006 ~ The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love ~ living with Integrity and Forgiveness

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  • Rainbow Jag Gy
    Today s Music is: An Inspired Moment ... I have chosen to take care of you When you are most vulnerable! At your most helpless - our ESSENCES mingle And I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006
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      Today's Music is:  An Inspired Moment

      I have chosen to take care of you

      When you are most vulnerable! At your most helpless – our ESSENCES mingle And I show you the place of Plentiful Joy !

      With my Magic Plume Collar of Flight I come to you from the Source of All Vitality.


      Ultimately the way of the Spiritual Warrior must be about living with Integrity and Forgiveness
      Remember "Integrity" means
      I Need Trust Empathy God Respect In love Toward You
      Includes Ourself and all others
      I was discussing with Elin Yesterday how "Man" likes to think GOD has delegated powers of Punishment to others on His / Her behalf
      and how when God gave us FREE WILL, God would not override His Gift by Punishing us let alone delegating PUNISHMENT RIGHTS to others
      (God will however send us signals which may be very painful when we are doing things that are not beneficial to us and others soul journey)
      Our "Job" is to Live in Personal Integrity and Forgiveness
      Certainly when others are HURT then Civil Law has to Protect the Weak
      But when Consenting adults do things together then they are answerable TO GOD alone 
      Living a Life of Integrity means we HURT NO ONE
      Living a life of Forgiveness ensures we grow every day
      IN LOVE
      by leaving the past behind us every minute
      (And remember Forgiving the Person does not excuse the act nor require us to put ourselves in a position where we can be hurt over and over again - Our right of Free Will decides who we associate with and in what form)
      I also had a discussion with someone in Malaysian Airlines about the WHISTLE BLOWING policy they had introduced and how the Malaysian Culture was incompatible with an announced policy to weed out corruption and incompetence especially when the most senior were exempt from Punitive Action even when The Whistle was blown and further in a nation where Race is a super Sensitive issue, if an employee of one race BLEW THE WHISTLE on an employee of another race
      We could see consequences no one wanted
      We first must be CLEAN in our Hearts before we start BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON OTHERS
      and encouraging this action is not an action of INTEGRITY or FORGIVENESS
      I am reminded of the words of JESUS
      Let he (she) who is without Sin cast the first stone
      When we fight against INJUSTICE we have to be sure we do not create or condone other injustice
      So when 11 Elderly Chinese Friends some aged over 60 were arrested for Playing Majong over Chinese New Year and had their heads shaved Bald by the Malaysian Police (who still see nothing wrong in their actions) we wonder about INTEGRITY in the Malaysian Police Force who have just be subject to a Royal Commission on Police Lock Up Procedures and Forcing a Woman to Strip and Squat and on the same days the Government announces the Top Police are to attend three days of "Human Rights" Training (Lectures)
      I wonder if the Palestinian Situation is adopting these guide lines
      I wonder if the Iraq situation is being handle this way
      and many others to numerous to mention
      Wait a Minute
      Am I living this way?
      Are You Living this way?
      I am trying - I may not always succeed but I am trying each day
      ARE YOU????
      I LOVE YOU

       (c)Rainbow JagGY (NuAgape)- 4 February  2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share NuAgape with all as you are guided in your heart·Who comes to mind as you read NuAgape? -They need the message and You are the messenger?

      Trust your Vibes - Its a Team Effort

      It’s time to connect with your tribe (other six-sensory people) to help you gain even more confidence in trusting your vibes. The best way is to send out a vibe of your six-sensory spirits into your life. You’re not all by yourself there are many soul mates waiting to connect with you. You just have to send up smoke signals so they can find you. The way to do it is to come out of the closet, excited about your new psychic muscles and celebrating your vibes. If you do support will show up in the most unexpected places! It’s the modern way to live.

                Guide your psychic playmates to you by opening the door and letting your light shine. Ask those friends, family members or co-workers whom you enjoy if they ever feel intuitive. Go where sensitive, six-sensory people gather – lectures, book signings and workshops – and introduce yourself. Pray for support to show up. Ask god to connect you with new playmates. This week look for team players and make a date to check in with one another and compare vibes on various subjects. Play “I wonder if …” just for the fun of it, stretching your psychic muscles daily.

      Elin has written her Personal Story on Her Haj (Pilgrimage) and the lessons she learnt. I will share it soon as a separate E Mail. It is a big document but so it is accessible to all I will keep it in the body of the email instead of as an attachment. It is very rare for a Muslim Women to share of her heart so openly. Elin shares with her heart to inspire others especially Women regardless of their Religious Belief to Listen to God's Voice as opposed to the Voices of Others.
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